Lubov Suka (Chapter 14)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 14

While Julia was driving back home she supressed more tears and tried to concentrate on the busy traffic. Still Ivan's last words ached in her heart. It was obvious that he had lost the joy of life and he was about to give up himself. It was difficult for the young woman to understand the situation even though she also had made through some hard times in her lives before. But Julia had never lost the joy for her life. Instead of giving up she stood up again and fought successfully for the new targets. Now she wants to give back the same feeling to Ivan. The singer want to show him the beauty of life and that it's worth it to fight for.
He was the one who made ​​her to an international superstar. Without him, Julia couldn't enjoy the current luxuries. Without Ivan she had never met all the lovely people. Moreover without Ivan she had never the chance to enter the half of the world with her own feet and see all the beautiful things which many towns and cities have to offer.

The singer drove the Porsche in the rented garage which was equal to the house of the apartment. She turned off the car and leaned back for a moment to take a deep breath. When she was closing her eyes the brunette was focused on the crackling of the warm engine and the background noises of the lively life in the Moscow streets. Countless memories of the past were running like a movie in her head.
She could hear her own childish voice when she was talking to Ivan for the first time and she could see his delighted face expression when she had told him that she will enter in the group t.A.T.u.. Julia wants to see this smile again in Vanja's face.
The singer opened her eyes slowly and took blindly the handbag from the passenger seat. After she went out off the car she closed it and made her way into the apartment.
As the petite woman entered her apartment she was looking at the clean floor. Julia sighed and shook her head briefly. It was obvious that Marina had cleaned everything again. Even though Julia had told her already several time that she doesn't need to do it. But the hardworking nanny never stops. On the sideboard was a note:

"Hello Julitschka ,
I  went with the kids to your parents. After a big walk with Viva I left her in your apartment. But unfortunately I had no time to feed the dog.
Greetings and kisses , Marina "

Julia took the note and called the name of her dog while she went into the kitchen. The Jack Russel lady softly padded out off the bedroom. When she saw her owner Viva waved friendly with the little white tail.
The brunette filled the bowl with dog food and put it next to the water bowl. Julia stroked softly over the head of her dog .

"Bon appetit, Viva! " said Julia, smiling about that Viva greedily devoured the dog food with a big appetite.

While Viva was licking clean the bowl with the dog food Julia was cooking some green tea. Then she sat down on her sofa and turned on the television. She pulled off her black boots; threw it listlessly in the middle of the room and leaned back to relax. She was flipping desultory through the TV channels and took the tea from the table. Julia sipped at the warm drink and noticed that any TV show could actually change her mood. Neither her favorite show 'The Comedy Club ' brought a smile on her lips . Her thoughts were still with Ivan .
Viva suddenly ran out of the kitchen right in front of the door and was looking up. Julia looked after her dog. As the doorbell was ringing at the same moment she wrinkled the forehead questioningly. After this day Julia actually didn't feel like to open the door.
She was standing up with a loud moaning, put her tea back on the table and rubbed with the palm one last time over her tired face. When the singer opened the door and saw the unexpected guest a sigh came over her lips. As Viva saw the loud squeaking Olga, the Jack Russell immediately ran into the bedroom. Julia observed her dog escaping from the guest. Just as she turned around Julia got a huge hug by Olga.

"Olga,... today it's very inappropriate..could you..maybe.... " Julia stuttered and was covered by the white fur. But the woman didn't even heard a word of what Julia said. She was pressing the singer one last time against her body; then she entered the apartment with a such a self evidence.

"I have fantastic news ... " Olga cheered with her shrill voice and raised in vain her by two white-gloved hands in the air.
Julia rolled her eyes and took a deep breath as she closed the door. She accidentally inhaled a cloud of the expensive perfume. The brunette felt her lungs burning due to the intense smell. The brunette was coughing so hard that tears were running in her eyes.

Olga put her black crocodile leather bag on the glass table and sat down on the sofa. She crossed her long slender legs so much that she could easily perform in a circus with these acrobatics.

"Do you have some champagne in the house? I would like to drink with my glamor sister! There is something great to celebrate!"

Julia pulled a chair up to the glass table and sat down with some distance across from Olga. She pulled the cup of tea to her side and shook the head with an artificial smile. Once again the singer didn't think about to offer something to drink her uninvited guest.

"What? You've no champagne in the house? You're popular all over the world. There's always something to celebrate, Julitschka." Olga giggled out loud and kept her vanity hand over her mouth .

Julia wrinkled her nose and raised an eyebrow. She had to smile about her planned counter.

"I just started my solo career and as far as I know I didn't have a hit in the charts yet. So there is currently nothing to celebrate. Therefore I have no champagne in the house."

Olga thought about that statement for a moment , but waved off .

"Well ... " she said irritated and took something out off her crocodile leather handbag.

"You had birthday recently, right?"

Julia just replied with a quiet "aham ... ' and her eyes widened as she remembered that she hadn't invited Olga for her birthday.

"Didn't you celebrate?" asked the Luxury Queen curiously and presented half-hearted the present to her so-called glamor sister.

A loud cough was heard from the brunette. As Julia looked up to a bottle with the light brown fluid she was desperately searching for a suitable response. Her eyes were fixed on the present and she turned the bottle a bit nervous in her hands. As she didn't find a good answer Julia tried to change the topic.

"Thank you for the perfume. Very thoughtful of you . Do you like perfume, too?" Julia was grinning exaggerated that her cheeks hurt briefly.

"Yesssss!" squeaked Olga and within seconds she was back in her glamor life. The plan to divert from the birthday party was a success..

"A few days ago I bought the same perfume. And I love it ! It smells so wonderful. I love it so much that my bottle is almost empty."

Julia couldn't resist a short laughter by this imagination and cleared her throat. She was talking through her teeth "Oh really?...Well that's ... " Then she took a deep breath and saved more words.

Olga suddenly jumped up from the sofa and bend over to Julia and asked her to smell the perfume at her neck. But she was leaning automatically back as a new cloud of perfume came closer. With that gesture the singer made clear that she had perceived the smell of the perfume.

"That's great, isn't it?" Olga squealed once again and tore off the bottle out off Julia's hands. As she held the perfume bottle in the air and made ​​allusions to spray it all around the apartment Julia jumped with big eyes from her chair.

"NO!!" She screamed and pulled of the bottle from Olga's hand.

Olga was surprised by this unusual reaction.

"What's going on with you? Star allure or what?" Then she was laughing so loud that the thin glasses in the cupboard gave back her echo.

"Yes ... maybe ... " Julia sighed, almost relieved and sat back on the chair. She held the perfume bottle safely with both hands .

The singer was looking at the clock. It was 20pm and the evening seemed to be very long as Olga took out off her handbag some new designs of her fashion collection. After four years she finally made it. Her cousin Chapurin will present a draft at its next Fashion Week. However Julia was pleased by this information. Thus she wouldn't attend at this year's fashion show for the autumn collection. It was obvious that this will be an important evening for Olga and she will certainly be so happy and proud of her fashion collection that it's impossobile to bear her behaviour.
After three hours Olga decided to go back home. When Julia closed the door she turned around and leaned her body exhausted against the wall. A slight painful groan came over her lips as she bumped with the back of her head against the hard wall. For one moment she was wondered whether she had headache of the penetrant smell of the perfume or because of the shrill and loud voice of the luxury queen.  Julia had opened all the windows in the living room and went to the bathroom to brush the teeth. The day came to an end for the young mother. She hadn't even strength anymore for a quiet hour in front of the TV.


  1. It's really good but we want a someone chapter when are Dima and Julia together :) .. Please :) ..But it's good :-) ..

  2. Hello :) I can promise the next chapter will be about Dima and Julia and it becomes more serious between them :) Thanks for your reply!