Lubov Suka (Chapter 27)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 27

The next day Julia woke up late in the morning. On opening the eyes the radiant sunlight that poured into her bedroom gave a nasty headache to the young woman. As soon as she felt a sharp pain in the head she rolled groaning over to the other side to avoid the glare. Her body felt as heavy as she had run a marathon throughout whole Moscow.
The hideous discomfort let Julia remember how much champagne she had drunk the night before. Immediately after the brief memory of her liberal and cheeky behaviour last night on Kirkorovs birthday party she regretted not only her current physical condition. Julia recalled briefly Dimas tensed facial expression as he has left a little displeased the restaurant.
Julia got an unwell feeling in remembrance when she exposed completely stoned her true feeling with a tactless and obtrusive kind in the public toward him. Specially because Dima was more cautious after his last public relationship, she feared that the strong influence of alcohol will obviously tempt large consequences with it.

Her eyes wandered down from the bed to the nighttable where her purse was of the last evening was standing. Julia had to think about Katja, who had fortunately cared about her in the middle of the night. The brunette could only vague remember the last hours of the evening. But so far she was able to remember also here her behavior towards her concert manager was almost unacceptable. Julia crawled with the elbows to the other side of the bed and was moving very slowly no to trigger more headaches.  With an outstretched arm, she touched her purse only with the fingertips, leading to a result that it fell to the floor.  A short groan was heard. Julia was so mad that she accidentely hit the forehead against the mattress which the young woman immediately regretted again.

With her ​​last strength she finally pulled the purse off the floor and searched blindly for her iPhone which hadn't received any new messages.
When she had send a fairly neutral message to Dima Julia rolled back onto the back and stared at the ceiling. Even though she knew an apology was inevitable the woman was hoping fervently that Dima's mood had changed and would forgive her any indiscretion of the previous evening.
The longer Julia was waiting the more sleepy she became again. Her body was completely powerless and only the smallest memory of the sinful champagne evolved a carousel ride in Julia's stomach.
Several times she fell asleep for a brief moment. The intuition of Dima's distanced behavior tore her downright out of the twilight.

A knock on the door made ​​her heart beat faster in seconds. Without thinking any longer Julia was sure that the unexpected guest had to be Dima. As she got out of bed she pulled over the white bathrobe while fighting against her discomfort and the unstoppable dizziness.
The audible impatient knock at the front door forced the singer to hurry up but when she was opening the door, Julia didn't look in the hoped-brown eyes of Dima. The last strength just fade away in seconds and the discomfort returned quickly.

"Vlad?" she asked softly and was stunned by the visit of her ex boyfriend.

Vladim looked at the petite woman and felt instantly that she wasn't in the best condition.

"What are you doing here?" she asked. The slightly derogatory tone signaled she was less delighted about this visit.

The woman had desired Dima to visit her. But the ex boyfriend knew her well enough to deal with her swaying mood.

"A while ago we've talked about that I'm going in the Gorky Park today with the children." 

She repeated in a whisper the name of the park and furrowed perplexed her brows until she remembered the agreement.

"But the children are not here ..." murmured the young woman and took a deep breath as the headaches became stronger again.

Since a slightly cool wind blew into the apartment she asked him to come into the apartment. When Julia closed the door and walked down the corridor she tried to straighten her curly sticky hairs. This proved to be problematic because the curls were quite glued of the previous day. In that moment she didn't want to imagine how awful she must look like. Completely exhausted Julia sat at the kitchen table and rested her head in both hands.

"There were probably a few glasses too much last night, huh?" Vladim scoffed with a smirk.

No sooner had he uttered this sentence Vladim expected a vigorous counterattack. But his ex girlfriend was apparently so upset that she only replied with a weak growl. A sign that made ​​him imagine how bad she must feel with the hangover right now.
He took two cups from the cupboard naturally and cooked tea.

"I'm sorry. I think I have mixed up the days. I thought next week you were supposed to come. I don't know why I said that you can come over to see the children today," apologized Julia sincerely and gave Vladim a regretful glance.
On the other hand her ex boyfriend didn't take mistake seriously and gave her to understand that his visit has been a good idea anyway due her unwell condition. Julia had to admit with a smile about his warm right words.

While browsing through the refrigerator Vladim noticed that was hardly to find some food in there whereupon he made Julia immediately aware about it. It was an unusual image. In the time when they have lived together in this apartment everything was always well organized and it was not think about an empty fridge. Vladim got the feeling that her life has fallen apart. Since their break up it was completely out of balance. However the woman responded casual with the theme and explained that it's not worth it to buy some food because she's currently not so much at home.
Vladim tried to accept the statement and put the finished tea on the table. Julia thanked with a smile, pulling the hot drink closer and stir the tea until the sugar had loosen completely.
Meanwhile Vladim was looking for some headache pills in the cupboard. With a glass of water he handed her the medicine, which Julia gratefully accepted in grumbling voice.

"Why did you shot down yourself down last night?" he asked curiously as he sat also on the table.

But Julia just shrugged with the shoulders; tried to avoid fast movements with her body and especially the head. After taking the pills with a gulp of water, she told about the yesterday's evening.

"First it was one glass, then two, then three. It all happened so fast. Everyone wanted to drink with the other one. At some point you just lose the overview. The atmosphere was good and then it you drink quickly more than your body can take,"
she explained with a monotonous tone.

With an incredulous expression he looked at the hung over woman and shook his head with a grin. Every movement in the tight dress nipped at her body. Julia stood up carefully and told with grumbling tone which she will undress. With slowly slurping steps the brunette walked to the bedroom. The way was through the apartment a great effort due to the unwell feeling in the abdomen.
No sooner she sat down on the edge of the bed the woman noticed that she couldn't take off the dress. The day before Marina helped to close the zipper on the back.

"Vlaaaad!" cried Julia, what made her voice almost fail.

She snorted annoyed through the nose and waited until her ex-boyfriend came into the bedroom.

"I've been waiting for it.." he laughed. His tone was almost spiteful.

With a deft movement he opened the dress and wanted to go back in the kitchen when Julia holds his hand and asked him to bring her some comfortable clothes. In the meanwhile she pulled completely exhausted the transparent dress from the shoulder. However as Vladim paused his ex girlfriend rolled the eyes.

"C'mon, don't look at me so dumbfounded. It is not the first time that you're seeing me naked. Come on, come on ...", forced the young woman sternly with a waving hand.

Without a word he was looking in her cupboard for matching clothes and opted for a gray tracksuit. He carefully laid it on the bed and took the dress which Julia had taken off.

"Won't you take a shower?" asked Vladim and stared bashfully at the wall as the woman took off her panties.

"No ... not now .." murmured Julia.

"But maybe you'll feel a bit better afterwards?"

"No!!" she hissed irritably.

"Do you need a new underwear?" 

"No. It's enough for me like that. Moreover I won't go out today..."

The quick responses and the less ladylike appearance showed a deep impression about how bad Julia had to feel.

"I'm gonna wash my hair now ..." growled the singer when she was walking only in underwear to the bathroom.
Vladim took a deep breath and swallowed. He avoid to ask more question not to make her explode. Even though he didn't understand why she was washing the hair and not taking a shower.
Julia washed her hair at the sink arduously because of the unstoppable headache. While the conditioner made ​​her hair smooth again the singer washed her face and removed the rest of the make-up of the previous day.
The own mirror image was hardly bearable where the the last night was to see which was long and exciting. The eye rims let her look older. The day cream should calm the dry skin a bit and the hair conditioner tame the curly sticky curls which could be tamed only with much effort. For this reason she decided to dry the hair with the hair dryer and smooth them with the straightener.
No sooner had she entered the kitchen after the long procedure, the woman was surprised by the news of the day.

"Yesterday evening you supply some bad headlines again." Vladim grinned and showed the cover of the Russian daily newspaper which he had brought before the visit.

It seems as if she has forgotten the hungover mood within seconds and Julia startled horrified at the article. A quick shoot when she was kissing Dima wildly on the balcony. A reason enough to grab the iPhone and newspaper to call her singing partner.

"The newspaper of today?" Julia asked completely headless.

Vladim frowned.

"Of course. It's obviously not from yesterday. Before I came to you, I bought the newspaper. Actually I wanted it so read in the park, when the kids playing in the playground." 

Julia put the newspaper back on the table and ran up and down when she had dialed Dima number nervously. But she could only hear the mailbox and left a message in which she asked to contact or message her quickly.
Vladim had observed the situation and was surprised by the hasty reaction and the continuing confusion. With a frustrated gasp Julia sat back on the chair and drank the last sip of the meanwhile cold tea. Her fears had been confirmed faster and much worse than expected. The woman laid the head in her hands and kept on looking at her iPhone. Even though he was curious about the reason for her tension the man didn't dare to ask. Vlad flipped uninterested in the newspaper while looking several times to his silent ex-girlfriend.
After flown over the last page of the newspaper, he took a deep breath and suggested to cook something.

"I'm not hungry ...", Julia answered defiant; still looking on the iPhone.

"You need to eat something..then you'll feel better. Moreover you should sleep a bit", Vladim tried to explain.

"I can't sleep ..." the brunette growled more stubbornly.

Vladim ignored the snotty answers and began to cook. Meanwhile Julia took the MacBook out of the bedroom, sat back in the kitchen and browsed through well-known Russian websites. But to her horror the singer found out that not only in the newspaper were published the latest pictures of her and Dima.
The more articles she could find the the greater was the bad conscience. The usually restrained Dima was was visibly named and shamed in public.
She ignored his fears, hurt his feelings and broke the promise. It seemed as if the alcohol had help her to show show up all her true inner feelings towards him. The drunken exposing was undoing now. It took her breathe away just by the imagination how mad Dima could be because of her behaviour.
Even though she had already written a message to her singing partner, the woman took the iPhone once and again sent him a message.

~"Dim, I'm very sorry for what I did last night!! My behavior was totally inapposite!! Please forgive me !! Please !! I want to talk to you about it ... I feel so bad !!! Talk with me !! .... "~

Julia secretly hoped that he will contact you very soon. The lasting waiting for a message was really a pain. The uncertainty made ​​her totally nervous.
Vladim served the pasta in a tasty tomato sauce. Even though Julia had no appetite she tried to eat as much as possible and the subsequent fatigue weaken the last reserves of strength. After dinner her ex boyfriend cleaned the table and suggested that it would be better for her to go back to bed again.  For the first time Julia didn't argue. The unease and the hungover mood eventually led that she followed his words. When she drank some water Vlad told that he will go back home. Julia put the glass back on the table and grabbed his hand quickly.


He looked into her hopeful blue eyes, replied only with a curious look. The brunette asked earnestly if he could stay with her. It was almost impossible to escape her pleading gesture. Vladim still didn't know what exactly happened on the Kirkorovs birthday party between her and Dima. But he was aware that the evening didn't end well. However he wasn't so tolerant to share one bed. After a short thought he finally nodded.

"I'll stay with you until you are asleep!" promised Vladim.

Julia was pleased with this compromise and thanked with a relieved voice.

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