Lubov Suka (Chapter 1)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 1

A slight storm was blowing through Moscow and the lights illuminated the dark streets.
The white powdery snow covered the city of the tsars. In a small side street a metal door opened of one old building.
Two giggling persons went out of the house. As the cold storm caught their warm bodies they immediately came closer.

"That would be disastrous when you get a cold,' the man suddenly said in a serious tone and wrapped his arm around the tiny woman.

"It surelly won't happen when you keep me like this", Julia said, even a bit shy and pushed her body softly against the muscular upper body.

They went on the sidewalk of the Leningradskiy Prospekt, a huge and busy street in north-west of Moscow.

"So, your boyfriend should be here and picking you up, right?"
The young woman took her phone and checked if she missed any call. But there was no message left.

"Yes, he should be here already. I'll call him. Maybe he's in a traffic jam. We've Friday evening, it's possible."

Dima observed the busy street and furthermore he kept his friend warm. The young lady apparently decided for the wrong clothes in the morning. Countless of cars and people were still around them.

"No", was her short answer.

Dima looked at her with a questioning gaze.

"He won't pick you up?"

"I don't know. He doesn't pick up the phone."

"Maybe we could sit in a bar to warm us a bit  up and wait till he arrives?"

Julia shrugged dissapointed.

"I don't feel like going in a bar now."

"That's uncommon." Dima smiled.

"I know. But we worked a lot today in the music studio and the fact he forgot to pick me up once again destroys my mood."

"I see..." Dima said and thought about any solution.

"Ok, you've got some options..."


"First you could call a taxi, second I will drive you back home, third I could invite you to my place or the last one would be a hotel room."

Julia smiled about that cute words and also abou the fact that he was a bit worried and gave her so many ideas.

"Thanks Dima, but you don't need to make so much expenditure just because of me. I'll call a taxi and drive back home."


Julia entered the common apartment of her and Vladim. She closed the door and heard voices of the TV in the living room.
The young woman stopped in front of the living room door and saw her beloved enjoying a movie. She was smashing the keys angrily on a small table in the floor.
Vladim frightened briefly and turned around.

"Oh...darling. You're here? I didn't hear you coming." Vladim said and put his drink back on the table.

"I know... and you also didn't hear your phone."

Vladim paused and took his mobile phone. But right in that moment as he held the phone in his hands he remembered that his girlfriend asked him to pick her up at 23pm in front of the music studio.
He stood up and wanted to hug her.

"Oh ...I'm so sorry baby...really."

Suddenly Julia pushed him away.

"Go..." she said angrily.

Vladim was a bit hurt about that. "C'mon..." 

Julia was about to enter the sleeping room as she felt his hand keeping her arm. But Julia pulled her arm out of his hands.

"Don't touch me!" she hissed and looked in his eyes.

"It's not the first time you dissapoint me like that, Vladim! You forgot me already before this week. It's not my fault that my car needs to be repaired!"

Julia left him with that words. She went in the sleeping room, took his pillow from the bed and pushed it roughly in his arms.

"You can sleep on the sofa tonight. I don't want to see or hear you!"

"Julitschka!!...C'mon...that's completely over the top!", the young man tried to defend hisself.
But his girlfriend didn't answer.

"I forgot to pick you up...ok two times already...I'm really really sorry for that. And I know it's cold outside. I'll put it right, I swear!! It'll never ever happen again...Julitschka...please!!" 

But it was in vain. Julia still didn't pay attention of his beggings.

"Baby please..." 

The only answer Vladim got was the loud slam of the door. He sighed.


Julia lay down on her bed. She was watching the roof for a long time. A warm tear dropped down her face. Since some weeks she felt empty and useless in her relationship. He didn't ask about how she was feeling, about her day or how her solo career was going. Vladim simply shown no more interest.  All this imagination hurt the young woman so much. She couldn't stop crying.
Julia wiped the tears from her cheeks and took her Iphone out of the pocket. As the display lighten up she smiled again.
During the lunchbreak in the music studio she changed the background picture of her phone. They ordered pasta with tomato sauce. In the picture was Dima and herself. He made some funny face with his 'tomato mouth' and Julia was about to put  pasta over his upper lip for creating a mustache.

Everytime Dima is around her she's can forgot the world around her. He's always in a good and funny mood. Julia feels like sixteen years old again. And actually she's in a good mood the whole day or even the day after when she hung up with Dima.
The young woman needed to smile about the 'pasta scene' again and took a deep breathe.
She opened the music playlist in her phone and played some demos they recorded today of their song 'Back To Her Future'.
She closed her eyes and listened to the instrumental. The melody gave her a cold shiver down her spine. While she was listening she remind the wonderful day in the studio. Sometimes she even had a smile on her face.
Julia was lost in her daydreams and totally focused on the music till a demo was played with their recorded vocals.

"...I close my eyes, still I can see you clearly... and it burst me up inside..."

Julia's heart suddenly started to beat really fast and she opened her eyes.

"...another night I miss you here besi...."

She stopped the demo immediately...

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