Lubov Suka (Chapter 15)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 15

After the last impetuous day the next morning Julia decided to visit the gym. With sports she could make her thoughts freely and thus gain new strength. After training she took a warm relaxing bath at home before she made ​​her way into the music studio. From the shelf she took the oil bath set which Dima had gift her for the birthday and decided on the almond blossom variety. Julia put some hot water in the tub and added a few drops of the almond blossom oil. When she took off her clothes the singer noticed a folded piece of paper on the floor which Kiper had given her yesterday at the brunch in Buffet CafĂ©. When she undressed in the evening it had to be fallen out off her pocket. Julia stepped carefully into the tub; leaning relaxed back and unfolded the paper.

"Hey Julchik ,
I'm very glad that we'll work together again. Here is my brand new songtext. I was thinking of a pop - dance track. What do you think? I'm waiting for your reply ... ;-)

It will be this way, or no way at all
Feel the movements with your Entire body
Like this or not?
You like it like that
Your eyes go tick-tock When you desire it
And I know exactly how you will come
We're so much alike , you're in my skin
Number 69, you gave it to me yourself
Your number is 69, and I'm in your skin
I want you to take me
Let's make the world spin , under us .
Let's twist the theme about love .
Come on, come on , bravely ( you can do it better than anyone else)
Come ( Someone has to)
Let's make the world spin ( you can do it better than anyone else)
Come ( Hold it , do not fall )
Is this right or not? Let's not think about it
Yes , I'll be on 100 , and you want to be my answer .
Shall we have sex or not? Let's not talk about it
And nobody wants to forbid us from having Prohibitions .
We're so much alike , you're in my skin
Number 69, you gave it to me yourself
Your number is 69, and I'm in your skin
I want you to take me
Let's make the world spin , under us .
Let's twist the theme about love .
Come on, come on , bravely ( you can do it better than anyone else)
Come ( Someone has to)
Let's make the world spin ( you can do it better than anyone else)
Come ( Hold it , do not fall )
I want to turn this earth
And all that I wan't , I must give
I want to develop this theme
And all that I want , I can not do it!
Let's make the world spin , under us .
Let's twist the theme about love .
Come on, come on , bravely ( you can do it better than anyone else )
Come ( Someone has to)
Let's make the world spin ( you can do it better than anyone else )
Come ( Hold it , do not fall)

Julia was pleasantly surprised by the text. Kipers writing style obviously had changed. This new style was literally made ​for her music as a solo singer. It was exactly the new idea of her upcoming single. A mixture of sex, seduction and passion.
With a smile the brunette folded the paper and put it back on the floor. She leaned back and closed her eyes. The scent of the almond blossoms rose in her nose and the singer could relax completely .
But after a while they had to think about yesterday's events again .
Firstly, the shocking news that Ivan may have to fight with a brain tumor. She knew Ivan since she was twelve and he had hardly changed. For this reason she was even more worried about him . Hey could pay with his life because of his stubbornness if he doesn't listen to the advice of doctors. He had never taken to any advice to heart. From anyone. But Volkova wouldn't be Volkova if she would just forget about this problem. It seemed as if his fate was now in her hands.
Secondly, she still had this emotional confusion regarding to Dima. There were still so many questions. Julia didn't even know if she wanted to know all the answers. Or should she just fall back into a new romance and have fun? However the mother of two children had responsibilities and couldn't afford more trivial affairs. At last her children need the role of a father. And Julia finally needs a strong shoulder to lean on. Whether Dima with his incessant urge to his music will be Mr. Right for the small family , was questionable. But he had an undisputed charisma what literally took her my mind. Which previously didn't reach a man in Julia's life.

Julia went out of the bathtube. She took her orange colored towel and dried her wet body. For the evening in the music studio the singer had choosen for comfortable clothing and slipped into a gray sweatshirt with a zipper and a dark blue jeans. After she had straighten her black hairs Julia took a dark eyeliner and discreetly emphasize her eyes.
Julia took the lyrics and walked out of the bathroom to put the piece of paper on her table. Before she left the apartment with her dog Viva she wrote a message to Elena Kiper.

~Elena .. you're fantastic))) Your text will be my new single ...)) I love it!! Contact Leonid )) Thank you so much )) - ! Julchik~

The last meeting with Dima was a while ago and on the way to the music studio the young woman became a bit nervous. By the imagination to see the singer again her abdomen started irresistible tingling.
The brunette parked her Porsche outside the door of the studio. When Julia got out off the car she noticed the young man's BMW. Even at the sight of his silver colored car Julia got some shaky hands. Now she was on her own. Her children weren't with her to divert Dima, like it was the case at the last meeting in Kuraby restaurant. When Viva also jumped out of the car, she locked the doors. The Jack Russell lady walked faithfully behind her owner.
Just when Julia was about to open the door of the studio, her hips were covered by two strong hands from behind. Julia jumped in fright and turned around. At the same moment she was smelling a familiar scent. It was this refreshing masculine fragrance which robbed all senses of her.

"Do you wanna go in without me?" he asked in his soothing dark man's voice. He set on his boyish smile which deepen some dimples in his cheeks again. Julia didn't know whether she had to breathe deeply because of the relief or if she wanted to inhale once again this sensual perfume.

"Dima ... why do you always scare me like that? I will get a heart attack because of you one day... " Julia said in a slightly agitated voice but smiled. She was actually glad about that he had frightened her. Thus she could cover her nervousness a bit.
"I'm sorry..." he apologized and made ​​a compassionate pout. But then he thanked his duet partner for a renewed cooperation in the studio. He opened the door and showed with an outstretched arm gentlemanly towards the floor to give Julia the entry in the studio. The young woman smiled and was pleased by this small attention. As they walked down the corridor Dima suddenly blared loudly the word 'Golaya ' . He was jumping right in front of the young woman pointing with both index fingers at her.

"What do you think of this song?" he asked. Hope shone in his brown eyes. However Julia only frowned and grinned . She shook her head .

"You just spoke so unexpected and loud that I didn't understand you." she laughed.

Dimas hopeful attitude changed and he promptly rolled his eyes . When Julia wanted to go further down the corridor he put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer.

"Golaya of Gradusy" he explained and his free arm wandered elegant through the air.
The petite woman looked next at him and was caught again in her daydreams as she studied his flawless face. When his deep questioningly brown eyes caught her the brunette smiled and came back to reality.

"So?" he asked expectantly. "Tell me...That's a good idea , right?"

Julia bit nervously on her lower lip a bit. She wasn't even five minutes next to Dima and she had already big problems to concentrate on the work. The young woman nodded with a played smile and tried to focus on reality.

"Sounds good, yes."

Dima was pleased about her agreement. He hit softly with his hand on her shoulder and started jumping to the next and last door to the recording room.

"Ladies first ..." he flattered with a charming smile . Julia nodded and smiled again. When they entered the room they welcomed the producer. Since Dima had been a while in the studio for today the producer had already prepared everything for the recordings.

"Have you decided? Will you sing Golaya now?" The producer asked. The two singer nodded.

Julia put her handbag on the black sofa and check one last time on her iPhone before tshe turned it off. Dima put his hands on the corner of the mixing desk. Due that he slightly bent over and the deep-seated dark blue polyester trouser a piece of his naked back flashed out.
Julia bit unconsciously on her lower lip when she was looking at his back and his strong upper body which was covered by the white tight shirt. When he turned she blinked with a graceful smile. The young man smiled briefly back and gave the brunette thus uncontrolled heart palpitations.
"Are you ready, Jul?" he asked . His voice was unusually gentle indefinable that no one knew whether tit was because of the concentration or his feelings regarding the work .
Julia nodded and the Russian superstars entered the recording studio. Dima took two black headphones from a small wooden table. When he gave his duetpartner the headphones their fingers touched. A brief moment both looked into each other's eyes. Their faces were expressionless, but her body full of tension. Dima cleared his throat and turned his headset into an appropriate size for him while Julia put the headphones around her neck. She was looking at the song text and trying to remember a few lines. But this was more difficult than expected because she had to look to Dima again and again because he was trying to open a knot in his headphone cord. Frantically Julia tried to remember the melody of the song. Although she had heard the song 'Golaya' so often when she was younger, Julia couldn't even remember fragments of the song now.
The young woman took a deep breath to get make her thoughts free again. Once again the brunette was looking next to him and had to smile when she noticed that his knot wasn't still loosened the headset. Julia made a step to Dima and took wordlessly the headphones out of his hands. While she was trying her luck to open the knot Julia could felt his gaze when she was looking every inch of her face. This moment made ​​the singer even more nervous and with a lot of effort she tried to focus on the knots of the headphone cable. When she finally opened it the petite woman lifted her head and looked straight into Dimas eyes. Their faces were so close that Julia could feel his breath on her lips.
The brunette was fascinated by his gaze. Captured by his presence. She couldn't find suitable words; smiled bashfully and pushed the headphones without a word against his chest.
While Julia went back to her microphone she set the headphones on her head and tried to ignore Dima. Through the large glass window was to see the sign of the producer to start recording. As the first notes of the song echoed through the headphones Julia took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment. It was hard for her to ignore Dima when he was completely captured by his music. His wriggling dance moves brought a big smile on her lips. Briefly she looked up at him and had to shake the head when Dima completely exaggerated moved his hips to the song.
It was a true phenomenon that he could change his mood within seconds. For this reason, it was more complicated to figure out what he really feels for her .
When he sang his lines Dima came up with small steps toward the brunette. Due to the serious dance moves he made ​​you feel like being on stage in front of thousands of people . The music was literally his drug . He was totally focused on it. While he was singing he moved his body with such a perfection like no other singer could do it in Russia. Julia couldn't stop smiling as he was completely into the music.

The complete recordings of the song 'Golaya' were done after four hours. The producer saved the important data on the MacBook and said goodbye to the two Russian superstars. Dima and Julia decided to stay for a while in the studio because he wanted to show her some new songs of his new upcoming album. When the producer left the studio Dima locked the door and groaned.
Julia sat on the black office chair and Viva immediately jumped on her owner's lap and called for some attention.

'I'm so hungry now! This work makes me so hungry!"

He suddenly turned around its own axis, stopped and pointed both index fingers on Julia who sat at the mixing desk and was stroking the head of her small dog.

"Pizza?" he asked, with this typical boyish cheeky smile. His eyes sparkled with optimism and hope .

Julia also had to smile; laid her head back thoughtfully laid her head back and shrugged.

"Mhh , I don't know. Actually I don't eat after 18 pm."

Dima frowned; shaking his head. He took to his iPhone out of his pocket and was searching for a suitable Pizza service near the studio. With a bowed head he looked at the young woman and had to laugh.

"Oh, the lady don't want to gain weight?"

Julia felt caught by this statement and put her tongue to the right corner of her mouth. The cheeky laugh from Dima stopped forthwith and he shook his head once again.

"Jul, you're making me going crazy with it .... "

She looked at him questioningly with an innocent look and put her front teeth on the lower lip.

"You have always to play seductively with your tongue .. " he continued, imitating this seductive gestures exaggerated like it was his kind. Julia bit her lower lip even more and smiled slightly for this victory . When Dima was staring at Julia's lips he had to take a deep breath again.

"Julitschka , Julitschka ... " Dima groaned and sat silently on the black leather sofa.

As she watched how he dialed the pizza service Julia had to think about his reaction. She had obviously skills to rob his mind too. After the last few weeks with feelings of insecurity , she finally knew a weak point of him .

"Jul!!" he yelled suddenly and the brunette winced briefly .

"Yes?" she asked carefully and finally had to laugh at his played serious facial expression.

He wanted to know what kind of pizza she would like to eat. Dima listed within a few seconds countless sorts of pizza. But then he looked at the petite woman from head to toe.

 "Or do you prefer a salad with some low fat dressing?"

Julia pursed her lips and raised one eyebrows. She nodded.

"Insalata Italia . Without cheese, please."

Dima rolled his eyes; shaking his head . A mysterious smile was spreading in his face and he ordered the menu.

"Ok one Pizza Quatro and one Insalata Italia with lots of cheese."

Julia widened her eyes. "Damn Dimka ! WITHOUT cheese ...!!!" she hissed and jumped next to him on the sofa. The singer tried to grab his iPhone to correct the ordered menu.

" Oh yes yes!! VeA lot of cheese .... " he repeated  into the phonewith a loud cheerful laugh. Before Julia could take his phone out of his hand , he squeaked loudly the address of the music studio through the phone and hung up. A louder laugh of Dima followed and he was bouncing happily with his bum like a little boy up and down on the sofa. The young woman looked at him with an incredulous look , but had also to laugh at the situation.

" You're so freaking crazy, Bilan... "

The young man laid his head to the side and tried to convince his duetpartner that this extra portion of cheese won't have impact on her slender body. Julia sighed and looked compliant to the ceiling.
The two Russian superstars were talking about tomorrow's qualification for the EuroVision Song Contest. With their common song 'Back To Her Future' they want to qualify for the preliminary round. During the conversation Julia got an idea for a matching choreography. She was explained the steps and Dima was thrilled and agreed by this idea.
When the door rang Dima opened it and took the ordered menus from the pizza service. Julia pulled the aluminum foil from her salad and looked at the big mountain of cheese. She looked up to Dima with a played nasty face expression. Dima was so amused about it and with a loud followed giggling he sat down  beside her on the black sofa.
As Dima biten off a large piece of pizza Julia had to smile. If they don't dined in public he was eating like an animal. This was his way of enjoying the food. Julia was surprised at how much fits in his mouth. Dima closed his eyes, groaning with pleasure.

"Hmmm ... so delicious ... really!" he mumbled while chewing.

A long piece of melted cheese hung down from the mouth to the chin. Julia leaned over and ran with her index finger over his chin .

"You've got something there..." she said in whisper when he opened his eyes again.

She looked into his brown eyes and wandered slowly with her finger to his lips. When he opened his mouth slightly Julia felt his hot breath and got goose bumps all over her body. His lips covered carefully the with cheese wrapped finger. Her pulse rate increased rapidly. The tingling in her abdomen became stronger and her face involuntarily told what she was currently feeling. Dima enjoyed this moment and went even a step further when he slowly sucked on her finger to release it from the cheese. Her eyes wandered slowly down from his eyes to his lips. Julia's breath was getting shorter and faster. Her body trembled of excitement and she stroke slowly the wet finger over his bottom lip down to his chin. His breathing became faster as Julia slid with three fingers across his neck. She carefully covered his neck with a hand and pulled his head closer until their lips touched. Julias pulse was racing and an almost unstoppable heat rose in her body. Now she was kissing Dima. And once again she could not control her emotions anymore. As he stroked with his strong hand over her thigh she automatically lifted her leg and put it on his lap. She pressed herself against the muscular upper body while his hands wandered from her hip to the bum. The kiss became more passionate. Their tongues played with each other wildly and an uncontrolled breathing of both was heard. Julia enjoyed every second of the kiss and the warmth of his muscular body. The young woman moaned softly as Dima briefly sucked on her lower lip. She kissed his lips one last time and slowly opened her eyes. She laid her hand gently on his cheek and both looked deep into each other's eyes.
Julia felt an ambivalent feelings which expressed simultaneously with thousands of questions at the same time.
She stroked lovingly her fingertips over his cheek and was lost in his dark brown eyes.

"Your pizza will be cold ... " she whispered with a smile. She leaned a bit to the table and grabbed blindly for the pizza box to take the last quarter of it. Her eyes were still engrossed in his eyes. She groped frowning around the box and realized that the pizza was gone. Dima also took a look at the table when he saw her questioning facial expression. He smiled and a loud laughter followed when Julia looked with big wondered eyes at her dog who was resting with a big belly on the floor. The owner looked guilty at Dima; apologized and offered her salad . But the young man refused this offer with a smile. He took the salad off the table and when he was leaning back  he carefully placed his arm around Julia's neck and pulled her closer.
He pricked with the plastic fork in the green salad with the white colored sauce and lift the fork to her mouth . She looked dreamily in his eyes .
Since a long time she finally felt happy again. Julia would like to stop the time and enjoy this moment forever. Dima was not only messy and obsessed with his music. He was also very sensitive and romantic. But the young woman had many questions to him anyway. While he took another piece of salad she gently stroked his upper arm.

"Dimka?" she whispered with a small glance to the salad.

"Yes?" he answered gently.

"Is there any particular reason why you bought all those heart balloons for Valentine's Day?"
She looked at him questioningly. His eyes were still fixed on the salad and was still poking kinda overhelmed in the food with the plastic fork. Just the soft hum of the mixing desk was to hear. Julia lowered her head slightly to catch his view and attention.

"Dimka?" she asked once again with a soft voice but the young man remained silent and she wanted to lure him with some humor.

"I see. You've done this already countless of times with many other women. I'm surelly just one of your numerous affairs ...", Julia joked with a smile but she was secretly hoping that this isn't true. She got no response again and Julia felt so miserable that she confronted him with those questions. She stood up from the sofa. The situation was so uncomfortable for her that she wanted to take her handbag snf leave the studio. Dima got up: took her hand unexpectedly and pulled her back.

"No! It was an honor for me to make you smile and give you such a pleasure on Valentine's Day. And you're not one of my countless affairs."

When Julia saw in his desperate eyes she became sentimental again and embraced him wordless. He gently stroked her back and laid his head gently on the head from the petite woman.

"I thought to do it because you have broke up with Vladim right before Valentine's Day. It has been a very bad time to end a relationship," he explained.

Julia took a deep breath and thought about his words. She lifted her head and looked at him questioningly.

"So you did it just because you had pity??" 

Dima frowned and shook his head wordlessly and  her face expression called for a detailed answer. He sighed.

"I love to see you smile.  It's a pleasure for me to gift you something  and seeing you smile," he said , looking a little nervous at the floor. He slowly raised his head .

" wan't a good idea? Don't you like the balloons?" he asked cautiously.

When Julia saw his uncertain look she ran her hand over his cheek and smiled at him encouragingly.

"Oh Dima ... of course I like balloons. I have told you that I love your idea. It was so beautiful. But I was wondered why you did that for me, you know?"

The young woman put her arms around his neck and looked deeply into his eyes.

"But there's something missing yet for a Valentine's Day present... " she whispered while her face came closer until she could feel his warm breath on her lips. The young woman was almost unable to move when she could feel this relentless tingling throughout the body.
"Did I forget something on Valentine's Day?"  breathed Dima. Julia nodded with a dreamy look and a small smile began to spread on her lips. Her unique gestures seduced Dima for another passionate kiss. He laid his strong hands on her hips and pulled the petite woman closer. When he deepended the kiss Dima slowly slipped his hand to her head and pressed his upper body carefully against the young woman.
They slowly glide to the floor. When Julia was on the floor he ended the kiss slowly. Julia opened her eyes.

"Would that fit to our performance?" he said with his boyish smile.

Julia took a deep breath with a smile and closed her eyes.

"This means its not a good idea?" he wanted to know.

Julia opened her eyes and stroked with both hands over his arms which were bend over her. The singer shook her head and laughed briefly. She put her hands around his neck and looked in his eyes.

"Bilan, if someone knows the Eurovision , then it's you. So, tell me one important rule of this competition?!"

He wondered and shrugged . "No hot kisses on the stage?"

Julia nodded with a smile. She ran a hand slowly down his neck to the chest .

"The hot kisses will be our secret ," she whispered.

"You 've convinced me!" he said and wanted to kiss the young woman again until from outside they heard footsteps approaching to the studio and the sound of  keys.

Dima jumped up from the floor and helped Julia to get up. In the same moment the producer opened the door of the studio. He looked at him and gave the singers a confused face expression.

"You are still here?," he asked in surprise .

Dima innocently patted the side of his trousers; shrugged his shoulders and pointed a finger at the food.

"Yes, we still have a bit of practicing for our performance ... and we eaten something... "

While the producer put the USB stick into the PC he gave them a skeptical look .  he shook his head Frowning, and told the singers that he had forgotten some data.

"We actually we wanted to go now, right Jul?" Dima said, turning to his duetpartner . Julia nodded and promptly took her handbag. Dima stuffed the paper and the rest of the salad in the plastic bag of the pizza service.

"Will you close the door and shut down everything?", yelled Dima when he was already standing in the corridor. The producer raised his hand as answer.

"Thank you. see you Soon!"

Julia called Viva who slept calmly on the corner of the sofa. The Jack Russel ran submissive behind her owner . The petite woman had to hurry to keep up with the long steps of the young man. She called his name but he didn't react. Julia ran and was finally able to put her hand on his shoulder and made him turn around . With a quizzical look she looked at him.

"What's going on with you? Since the producer came back in the studio you started being nervous and you were literally running out of the studio..."

Dima kept on going with small steps and paused initially. Then he stopped and took a deep breath. He told the singer that their little flirts shouldn't be in public. First Julia was hurt by this statement but nodded in agreement. She took his hand gently.

" I'm sorry. I did not want that you .. "

Dima shook his head .

"No Jul. you dont need to apologize. It 's fine. I enjoyed every second with you and I can't wait for to the day tomorrow when we also will spend some time together."

He gently stroked the back of her hand to calm her when he saw a slightly hurt expression.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow , okay?"

Julia nodded wordlessly. Disappointment due to the abrupt leaving was written in her eyes.

"You have to pick me up at my parents place. Tomorrow morning I'm gonna visit them," Julia said, her voice still sounded kinda depressed.

A soft 'OK' came from Dima. He took Julia's face in both hands and lifted her bowed head.

"See you tomorrow Jul." The singer said goodbye with a gentle voice and gave his duet partner one last kiss on the lips.


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  2. Thanks for your honest opinion. But I guess the the next part of this chapter will propably makes you even more happy ;)