Lubov Suka (Chapter 3)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 3

Julia went down the street and tried to call a taxi business. But unfortunately the number was occupied. Since she rarely use a taxi she just couldn't remember a phonenumber of a taxi central. So she kept on walking along the street and tried to forget about her awful start in the new day. Julia kept her eyes on the sidewalk and ignored the world around her.
Her face and hands began to freeze, though it was much warmer than the last days.
The spring was coming very slowly. Suddenly she noticed some wet drops which land on her jacket. The young woman was looking up to the sky and noticed the huge grey cloud over Moscow city which will bring some new sleet.  Once again she tried to call the taxi buisness. But it was still occupied. The sleet became stronger and Julia hugged herself to keep some warmth around her. She walked faster to reach the next underground station quickly and was thinking what happened to her and Dima this morning.
It was so hard for her to control this feeling when Dima came closer. This feeling, so strong and pumped with excitment. His smell, so familiar and soothing. His strong body around her made she feel so secure. Julia even smiled briefly as she was thinking about his deep brown 'puppy eyes' everytime he was looking at her with such a questionably gaze.

Suddenly a silver BMW drove slowly next to her. First she was looking on the flashing lights of the car. Then she turned around slowly and watched the car window which was opened.
Dima bent over a bit on the nearside and looked right in Julia's face.

"Hey, come in before you get sick", he shouted worried.

And again his gaze with the deep brown eyes pierced unintentional  through her body.

First Julia kept on walking and thought about what to do.
She need to admit that it was a wonderful gesture of him to be so worried and caring.
It's been a long time ago someone cared about her so much. Her ex boyfriend Parviz was exactly like that. But unfortunately he was like that only during her pregnancy with Samir.

She found this offer incredibly nice but on the other side she was a bit angry that Dima kept on 'stalking' her.
Dima was still driving in step speed next to her. Suddenly he was leaning over the passenger sit quickly and opened the door of the car and stopped. Julia was standing right in front of open the door and was forced to stop walking because of that. The young woman didn't feel well with the pressure Dima made on her. But he was just worried.

"Julitschka...come in now, please." Dima said still worried and almost begging.

She was thinking if she should take the offer and go in the car or to be stubbornly and consistently make her own way. She sighed and turned around to Dima. He gift her a little smile and moved his head to show her to  get finally in the car. Dima was hitting the passenger sit with his flat hand.

"Don't be so proud. In the end you just hurt yourself with that when you get sick. Moreover you won't make it right on time with the underground."

Julia sighed.

"Thank you," she mumbled and went finally in the car without looking in the driver's eyes once again.

"It's ok. I can't see you walking around here and getting wet because of the sleet.  So, tell me. Where do you need to go?" he carefully asked and took his navigation device.

Julia told him quietly the street where her parents were living.


In the car was silence, just occasionally you could hear the windscreen wiper. Julia looked out of the window and watched the busy streets of her hometown. 
Big grey clouds covered the golden city Moscow. While the young woman was looking at the countless raindrops which landed on the window, she breathed in this unique smell.
The car was filled of Dima sweet masculine fragrance. She breathed the woody vanilla scent carefully in and Julia could feel this melting warmth in her chest again which he felt everytime when Dima was close to her. It was like a firework for the senses. She could feel that Dima was looking at her again and again. But it wasn't only hard for him to find words to break the silence.

 After a while Dima started a neutral topic. 
"So...?"  he said  and cleared his throat. "...your daughter is playing tennis, right?" he asked carefully.

Julia turned the head to him and was smiling a bit. Dima was glad about that reaction. He he had suspected that it will be a good idea to hit that sensitive point which the young mother simply couldn't resist. 

"Yes, she's playing tennis since she's four years old", answered Julia quietly and was wondering if Dima was really interested in her daughter now?
Or was he looking just for a beginning of a conversation

Dima made a surprised face. "Wow, that's very early."

"Yes. It was her own decision to start with tennis. So we sign her in." Julia explained, still looking straight on the road.

"That's great."

Throughout the rest of the way to Julia's parents both remained silent again.
Not only Julia was very uncertain. Least the last word wasn't spoken.
Julia pointed to a small meadow which was in front of a big building.

"You can stop over there, near the playground", Julia said and grabbed her handbag.

Dima drove slowly next to the meadow and parked the car. The sound of the engine became lower. Julia looked quickly with a swiftly smile to Dima and opened the car. As she had one foot on the street she took a deep breathe and lean herself back to the sit.

"I'm sorry", she whispered and started to play with her hands nervously.
Dima didn't answer and Julia could feel that he was staring at her. She knew that those simple words weren't enough for an apologize.

She looked guilty at him and suddenly the words just bubbled out of her mouth.

"Actually this isn't the way I treat people. Believe me. Right now I'm so stressed...well no...I'm dissapointed. I think. I feel a bit lost, you know? And somehow I'm not satisfied with my monotonous relationship. Somehow I really really need someone who shows me love and supports me. Every day. Everytime I need it. I need someone who takes me in the arms and holds me. A shoulder I can cry on. I simply can't stop this longing and it's so important to me. Some years ago when I was with Tatu I didn't know how important this was in a relationship. Lena was there for me. She kinda took this 'caring' part when we were on tour.  And now...since I started my solo career, everything changed and things are still changing. I'm completely on my own now. I need to get used to this situation first. Maybe I overreact..."

Dima interrupted the young lady and laid his finger on her lips.
"It's ok. I forgive you. Just one thing: I'm here for you, ok? Always. Whenever you need me."

Julia nod silently and smiled a bit. "Thanks..." she whispered.
"Now you should really hurry to pick up your daughter or she will be too late," he grinned
Once again Julia was about to go out of the car. But she stopped and looked to Dima.

"Do you wanna join me? I would like to introduce you my family."
Dima mumbled and look straight ahead on the street.
"'Do you really want me to introduce your family in this inappropriate situation?"

"It doesn't matter." Julia smiled. "C'mon.."
"Well ok...If you think it's a good idea. You need to know what you're doing." Dima smiled back and went out off the car.

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