Lubov Suka (Chapter 4)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 4

The russian singers went out of the car and made their way to the old rustic door.
Dima looked up to the Apartment building and its surroundings. It was a rather calm street. Each house has a own little meadow and a black small fence next to the clean sidewalk.
Just two grey high-rises and the loud squeaky tram near the street reminded you that you're in Moscow.

"Are you grew up here?" he asked curious and looked at the details of the house.

"Yes. My parents are living in here since almost thirty years."

"Wow, that's a lot. Why they never moved away from here?"

"Why?" Julia looked at him and frown the forehead. "You don't like it?!" she asked wondered and opened the door.

"Oh no no! Don't get me wrong. I like it. But it looks...comfortable and scary at the same time. I expected more a modern building."

Julia laughed and explained her point of view while they went upstairs on the squeaky wood stairs.

"I love this place. I even would be a bit mad about my parents if they would decide to move away from here. In this house are countless of memories, you know? It's kinda like a flashback of my whole life when I enter the door. I simply can't imagine my parents will live somewhere else one day."

"I see..." Dima was looking at the green walls covered of numerous old paintings and handwrittings of Julia's fans.

"Did you try to wash it all away?" he asked wondered and let one finger slip over the cold and old walls.

"Yes! Some years ago my mum and me. But it's almost impossible. It'll never dissapear. Unless you're gonna paint over it. I guess. But the housekeeper will never do that. He's so stingy."

They walked across the creaking wooden stairs up to the fourth floor.
Julia opened the door of her parent's flat and Dima realised immediately a pleasant smell of food.

"Hmmm, that smells really tasty."

Julia rolled her eyes playfully and moaned. "Yes! And it IS tasty..." she said and giggled.

A little brown white Jack Russel ran towards her owner. The dog was jumping up and down along Julia's legs.

"Hey sweety!!" Julia squeaked, happily to see her dog and lift her up.

"Ohw, that's so cute. Is that your dog?" Dima asked and wanted to caress the head of the four-legged friend. But the cheaky Jack Russel growled a him as he came closer with his hand. Dima frightened and pulled his hand quickly away again.

"Wooow...this is a monster!" Dima said and went one step back from Julia.

The dog owner pouted briefly. Julia kept the dog still in her arms and kissed tenderly the soft head.

"Stop insulting my little princess. She always protects me. Her name is Viva." she explained proudly and smiled.

"I see. You should feed her or she'll eat some guests one day." Dima laughed.

"Mamaaaaaa" a little girl shouted and interrupted them.

She ran against her mother and hugged her very tightly. Julia immediately set her dog back to the floor and kneel down to her daughter Vika. They hugged each other silently.

"How's my little angel?" Julia asked softly and put the long blond strands out of the child's face to kiss her cheek.

"Fine!" Vika smiled happily. 

Then she looked up to the young man and grinned cheekily. Dima smiled back and was fascinated by the similarity between Julia and her daughter. The more Viktoria grinned the more he recognized the the slight wrinkles between the blue eyes.

The girl pointed a finger at him.

 "Hey, I know you from TV. I saw you already several times in there."

"Uhm yea...that's possbile. Well hey, I'm Dima.", he reached his hand to the small girl. He was kinda overhelmed but also very touched with the pure life which came out of the flat.

"I know,.." the girl said in a entirely convincing cheeky tone. "....and my name Viktoria!"

"I know..." Dima smiled back in the same way the kid was doing.

Vika laughed and ran out of her mum's arms to call for her grandmother. 

"Well..." Julia started her sentence with a proudly smile on her lips. "This was my daughter."

There were a lot of new impressions for him within a few minutes. He hadn't expected that his day will be like that. Dima took a deep breath and smirked.

"That's really obvious. There's no way for you to deny her. She's incredible lovely..."

 Julia grinned proudly and laid one arm around Dima's waist. The positive engery of the family let the singers plainly forget what happened so far at this day. Both looked at each other in a smile which let forget all occurred troubles of the day.
But Julia was about to fall into his deep brown eyes again until someone else came toward them. She cleared her throat and turned back to the little person who was standing in front of them.
The young boy was chewing on his toy-horse while he was looking up to his mother.

"And here we've my sweet prince..."
Julia said proudly while kneel down to her son.

"Oh, he's to say? Restrained?"
Dima asked and was surprised about the calm behaviour of the child. He kneel down either to the boy with the shy gaze.

"Well, just in the beginning and mostly with strangers. But once he feels comfortable he's a little cheeky one,"
the mother explained and caressed through the short dark hairs of her son.
Samir hugged her mother's arm and was hiding hisself a bit behind it. But he didn't stop to focus on the new guest with his small brown eyes.

"So, your name is ....?"
Dima asked curious and looked at the boy who was still chewing on his toy.
Samir didn't answer and looked to his mother. Julia was caressing his shoulder softly.

"So? How is your name?"
Julia repeated with a cheeky smile where you could see the tip of her tongue.
The boy smiled back but growled quietly and pushed his face against his mother's chest. But Julia pushed him gently away again.

"Nooo, c'mon. You can tell him your name. Dima surelly won't bite you! There's no reason to be so shy."
Dima smiled at the shy boy and stood up again.

"Ok, you don't need to tell me your name. But know what? I like horses. When I was in your age I had ridden a horse for the first time. Did you ever ride a horse?"
Samir stopped chewing on his toy-horse, smiled and shook his head.
"Ohww no? Then you should try that. It's a great feeling. And does your toy-horse have a name?"

Samir answered proudly and even forgot that he started a conversation with Dima.

"Novota?! Oh wow....such a beautiful name!! Did you choose it?"
Samir nod and smiled even more.

Julia couldn't believe that Dima was already able to talk with her son so quickly. It wasn't usual that Samir started talking with a stranger within ten minutes. None of her friends could talk to him soquickly. The mostly needed a long 'warm-up' of many weeks.
It seemed Dima had a special flair for children.
Viktoria suddenly stood next to her mother and put the oversized dark blue Adidas sportbag on the floor.

"I'm ready!!",
the blonde girl said with a bright smile and set her black baseballcap on her head.
Samir hugged his mother and looked up to her.
he started talking in a gentle voice.

"Yes darling?"
Julia smiled and caressed the small back of the young boy.
"Can I come with you?"
Julia took a deep breathe and looked  questioningly at Dima who stood shrugging at the door.

"If he wants to..."
he said understandingly. Julia looked at the clock that hung on the wall. Then she watched in her son's begging brown eyes again.

"Ok...but you really need to hurry. We're already very late. Take your winter jacket and the black boots with the velcro fastener."
Samir nod and ran happily back in his room.

"Mommy, will you stay and watch me while I'm playing tennis?"
Viktoria asked and moved her upper body from right to left in the same movement like her sportbag.
Once again Julia felt a bit overhelmed with the questions of her kids since Dima was her personal 'taxi driver' today. But before she could say anything Dima already answered.

"When it's up to me I would love to see you playing tennis. So, what your mother saying?"

Julia was even more surprised and was searching for her words.

"Well....of course.."
then she could feel this huge friendliness and effort Dima was giving her kids even though it wasn't his buisness actually to care about her privat life.

"Are you sure?"
Julia asked carefully and stood up again. "You really don't need to help me, it's not your..." Dima interrupted promptly with a smile.
"'s ok for me. When I say I wanna see your daughter playing tennis, then it's because I want to see her."Julia was very pleased about that and couldn't hold her lucky feelings anymore longer. She came closer to Dima and caressed his face briefly.

"Thank you so much..."
she whispered with a smile.

At this moment the young woman was thinking about what she was doing. She moved quickly her hand away and stopped breathing for a second. The fact that Dima didn't reacted neither in a positive nor in a negative way let her look like a fool. He was just looking at her with no clear facial expression. Julia didn't mean to touch him like that again. Especially not after what happened today.
But she was so happy about the fact he's supporting her as much as he can do, or even more he should do. In real none of her 'show buisness-friends' would ever think about to help her in that way.

"Julitschka...I'm really sorry that I couldn't welcome you earlier. I was so busy in the kitchen..."
suddenly a familiar person said, kissed her cheek and brought the singer back to reality.

"Oh hey Mum..."
Julia answered a bit confused and shown a little smile.

"And this good looking young man is...?"
Larissa asked playfully.
The young woman tried to cover up all confused thoughts and introduced her new singing partner.

"Mum, this is Dima. I've told you about our cooperation, right? And today he's helping me with the kids. Dima is playing my personal 'taxi driver'."
Larissa was quite amazed about that offer.

"So you're Dima.... my name is Larissa. I'm Julia's mother. I'm very grateful that you're helping my daugther and my grandchilds!"

"No need to thank me, Mrs Volkova. I like to do it. Your grandchilds are extremly charming."
Dima smiled bashfully.

Larissa lift her head a bit and shows with both hands to her daughter "...this was Julia's job..." As everyone was looking at her the affected person changed the topic immediately.

"Mum. I'll take Samir with me."

Ok, that's great. Will you come back when Viktoria is done with her training? I'm preparing dinner right now. Dad will come back at around 17pm. We can have dinner together if you want."
Julia nod happily and indeed she loved this offer because she couldn't wait to eat her Mum's delicious food again.

Suddenly Larissa took Dima's hand in hers.
"Dima, it would be a honor for me and my family if you could eat together with us. You're invited. See it as a little gratitude for what you're doing for Julia's and her children today."

He bowed his upper body a bit and lift Larissa's hand up.
"Thank you Mrs. Volkova. It would be also a honor for me. I'm here, right on time."
Dima said with his blushy cheeks and smiled.

Larissa answered. She turned back to her daughter and kissed her forehead.

"See you later my darling. Take care. But I think Dima will take care of you anyway..."
Larissa winked with one eye to the young man and went back to the kitchen.

"Of course...I will.."
Dima answered.
His pride could be heard in his voice. Julia was completley speechless. Her mother is actually extremely carefully and sceptically with each man her daughter is hanging up with. She lost so much trust because many friendships and relastionships end up in a momentous disaster. But with Dima she was extraordinarily open from the very first second she saw him.

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