Lubov Suka (Chapter 17)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 17

The next day Oleg brought his daughter to the Sheremetyewo airport . Before the singer went on tour with her duetpartner she had spent the day with her family. Julia had to say goodbye to her father already in the car because there was no free parking place left at the big airport. Oleg helped her to lift the big red suitcase out of the car and gave his daughter a goodbye kiss on the cheek.

'Take care of you my angel."

Julia nodded with a wide grin . "Well, Dima is with me" Julia replied winking with one eye at her father.
On the way to the airport her heart was beating uncontrollably again. As she walked through the revolving door the brunette took a deep breath and entered the big hall of the Moscow airport. Julia took a sheet of paper out of her pocket and unfolded it to compare the data with the large display screen at the wall. She headed to the specified switch and after she had left her suitcase in there the singer  went in the terminal to search her duetpartner. This proved as difficult when hundreds of people thronged to the many lined-up terminals.

"EEHH JUUUL!", It rang loudly suddenly a few steps behind her. When Julia turned around she noticed Dima in the crowd . He came up to the young woman and was laughing happily, obviously he was spreading his good mood around again. Julia smiled pleased and hugged the young man.

"This time I didn't want to scare you again ," he grinned mischievously and took his black sunglasses off his nose. In one ear he had still one part of the headphones where some loud music sounded out. With his gray hoodie and the same colored sweat pants he looked like an almost fifteen years old teenager. He wore sporty clothes very often which made ​​him look a few years younger and even likable . This was just one of his trademarks .

The petite woman looked at him and ran a hand through his short straight brown hairs.

 "Today you don't have your hairs styled," said Julia and put her head aside with a curious smile.

"I couldn't sleep ... " explained Dima; his voice sounded soft again .

The brunette made ​​a compassionate pout and wanted to know the reason for his sleepless night. Dima played a little nervous with his sunglasses and took a deep breath.

"Yesterday was so exciting. During the night I just couldn't rest at all. But I was thinking of you and listened to your music. Consequently the time passed by a little faster."

Julia was speechless. None of her former lovers came up with the idea to listen her music when the longing became unbearable. The young woman smiled sheepishly and ran silently over his arm.

The singers spent their remaining time until the check-in with extensive conversations about the upcoming days. When the signal to enter the airplane sounded they went with their team in the business class and made ​​their places comfortable for the five hours flight.
When the plane had reached a certain height and the passengers opened the seat belts again Julia took a brochure from the small textile bag which hung on the back of the seat of her front passenger. She flipped through the magazine until the singer found an article which reasonably interested her. Dima leaned back, relaxed, crossed his arms and his glance wandered on the article which his duetpartner was reading. Next to the artcile was pictured a half naked female model. He looked into Julia's concentrated face and had to smile.

"Jul?" Dima said and started to play with the two brackets of his sunglasses.
The brunette replied with a slight 'Hm?' and was still engrossed in the article.

"You like the same sex, right?"

Julia turned around with wide eyes and she looked innocently around.

"Yes?!," she answered and was surprised by this unexpected question.

Dima grinned; clearing his throat and finally turned his upper body to the singer.

"So, what kind of woman do you like? Blonde? Brownish? Red Head? Slim? Sporty?"

Julia wrinkled her nose and biten on her lower lip. Then she shrugged her shoulders and told him that the inner values ​​count for her. But this answer wasn't enough for the curious man and wanted to know detailed informations. The brunette shrugged once again and tried to avoid the subject.

"Come on Jul!! There has to be a picture of the women of your dreams!" 

"Dima!" Julia said and nudged him against the shoulder to make it clear that he should talk quietly. This encouraged him to continue harassing the young woman with his curiosity. He stood up and was looking around over the heads of the countless passengers. Unexpectedly he started to present female passengers as an example of Julia's potential 'dream woman'.

"Dimka!" she hissed as everyone's attention was focused on the two singers and pulled him by the sleeve back on the seat. The brunette rolled her eyes and sight.  But his starring and demanding gaze didn't leave her alone.

"I do not have a picture of your so called 'dream woman'," Julia told once again and crossed her arms.

Dima made  disappointing pouty lips and shrugged his shoulders.

"Women's life is always so complicated ... " murmured the young man. He took his hood and pulled it over his head and made himself comfortable on the seat. He felt Julia's rigid look and winked briefly with his usual cheeky grin at her. The brunette finally shook her head and sighed silently. She continued to flick through the magazine and came across a small article about Mitya Fomin. Julia remembered Dimas questionable statement in the mail about him. Now the time had come to find out more about his relationship with Mitya. She put the brochure on his lap and pointed a finger on the article. She waited eagerly for his reaction. Dima was motionless. Only his eyes moved roughly about the article. Julia repeated his statement of his former mail and wanted to know why he avoid this topic when she was asked him about the reason.

Dima took a deep breath.

"Now you want revenge, huh?"

Julia shook her head with a smile. "No, I'm just curious. Women are always curious...."

Dima put his head back against the sit and thought for a moment about what happened. He finally declared that he was friends with Mitya Fomin for several years. In his opinion, Mitya had changed so much that both are no longer on the same level. When Mitya touched his girlfriend's breasts on a Gala one day, Dima could never forgive this behaviour.
Julia was surprised by this declaration and was surprised by Mityas occurrence. She knew when a certainal alcohol level reached in his blood Mitya could be quite unconstrained. However she never thought he would go that far. This was also incomprehensible for her.

"What do you think of watching a movie together?" asked Dima and it was obvious that he wanted to distract from the sensitive topic. When Julia asked what kind of movie he wants to watch Dima took his bag from the floor and put it on his lap. She had to smile about how proud he was opening the bag and rummaged through his DVD collection. Finally he showed all of his movies in order .

"So, I have to choose: 'Men in Black', 'Space Jam', 'Flubber', 'Doctor Dolittle  and 'Rush Hour'."

Julia frowned and had to clear her throat at the sight of the ancient comedies in his hand. A smile finally spread across her face. She didn't want to ask if he has also more timely films.  This wasn't certainly the case. Once again she looked at each single movie and decided in the end for the comedy alien movie 'Men in Black'.

Dima smiled and was obviously pleased with the decision. He put the remaining movies back in the bag and took out his MacBook. When he started it Julia darkened the place while pulling down the shutter from the small plane window. The shining sun won't interfere the view on the screen. Just as she was looking for a suitable seating position to watch the movie Julia felt Dimas arm around her neck. When she looked at him with a smile he gave her a smile back and pulled her gently closer. Her heart started to beat uncontrollably that she could feel the pounding in her chest. She laid her head on his shoulder and was more concentrated to its proximity. Least she had already seen this movie several times in the recent years. Julia had always to smile when Dima was amused sincerely about the funny scenes. The young woman was happy about the desicion to accompany him on his tour.
Now she could enjoy every second with him and was even more pleased about its unusual openness for her in public.

The five-hour flight passed by faster than expected. With the ordered Van they drove to the 'Hotel Sibir' which was around 20 minutes far away from the airport. In Barnaul it was already midnight due to the three hours time difference and the streets were free. No sooner they had entered the box shaped luxury hotel.
Two workers of the hotel in black suits appeared and brought the suitcases of the Russian pop stars in the assigned rooms.
The lobby looked very bright due the small floodlights on the ceiling which reflected on the brown gray marbled wall and floor. In the waiting area of the serious business friendly hotel the visitors can sit next to a small fireplace decorated with Greco-Roman columns.
When the singers got their hotel room cards to check in they made their way in their suits.
In the small elevator Julia stood right next to Dima. When the door closed their gazes met up. As soon as Julia looked into the brown staring eyes the singer could again feel again this almost unbearable tension. Dimas eyes were slightly smaller and he deepened his glance into the blue eyes. At this moment Julia wanted to know about what he was thinking. But the sudden jerk of the elevator when it arrived at the next floor tore the singers from their little 'eyes - flirt'.
Without a word they walked down the corridor until Yana interrupted the silence. She announced that they will meet tomorrow morning at six clock in the lobby. The hotel rooms of the singers and the team were all on the same floor. While Julia was checking the right side of her card to enter her room she felt Dima's hand sliding briefly over her bum. In passing he breathed a soft 'good night' in her ear which gave her a cold shiver through her body.
Julia swallowed and wished him the same. Her voice was so quiet that she didn't even know if he had heard this. Dima winked an eye before he entered his room, which was right next to her suite.

Julia took a deep breath and finally put the card into the slot. When she came into the room she discovered her suitcase next to the bed which was covered with a silk bedspread. The circular red gray pattern on it were appropriate to the wine-red carpet on the floor and curtains on the big window.
The vibrant colors of the room were in a good combination with the white wall and its central wood border.

Julia opened her suitcase and looked for matching clothes for the next day. She decided for some light blue jeans and a gray colored 'Chanel' top. Since the top was too cool for the cold spring days in Barnaul she added a gray colored hoodie. All participants were tired of the flight and in less than five hours the alarm clock will ring again. After a shower Julia laid in her bed. She was completely exhausted and turned off the light from the bedside lamp.
When she had finally found a comfortable sleeping position the singer looked out the window. Watching the moon, which was always covered by thick clouds. The longer she stared into the moon the more her eyes became smaller and heavily. Just as she was about to fall asleep a loud knock scared her briefly. Julia paused for a moment and focused. But she could only hear the noises of  the road traffic outside. Just as she had recovered from the small fright and closed her eyes again a loud knocking was to hear again. This time the young woman was able to perceive the direction of the approximative unusual noise. She looked at the wall and waited for the next loud knocking. At the same time Julia remembered that next to her room was Dima. Thus she didn't need to think about it any longer and knew where the nightly disturbance came from. Her presumption was confirmed a few seconds later when the knocking was to hear again. Julia immediately crawled out off her blanket and slammed with her fist against the wall.

"Dima!!!! For god's sake ..stop it!!" the singer yelled out loud and her voice sounded playfully mad.

His laughter was loud and cheeky. Due this reaction she knew that Dima was in his crazy mood again and obviously the only one in the team who still had some energy left. Julia crawled back under the blanket and shook her head. There was this situation again. A moment from a serious into a childish Bilan.

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