Lubov Suka (Chapter 18)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 18

The next morning at the appointed time the singers and the team met up in the hotel lobby. The night was clearly too short for all involved. Meanwhile even Dima was kinda exhausted. Julia looked at the young man who sat on the dark red sofa. His arms were crossed, the sunglasses covered the tired eyes and the blue - gray striped beanie on his head shown that he was even too tired to style his hair in the early morning.

"Jul.. you're always looking great. It doesn't matter what time we have. How do you do that?" Dima asked curious while his glance wandered up and down over Julia. The brunette had to smile. Not only because of that statement. She had no sympathy for his weary tone.

"Maybe it's because I don't disturb my hotelroom neighbours until late at night!?" retorted the young woman self conscious and put on a sarcastic smile. As Dima remembered her reaction yesterday; had to laugh briefly and repeated in an exaggerated voice Julia's reaction.

Just as the singer took a deep breathe and wanted to counter the two singers were interrupted by Yana. Dima stood up from the sofa, pulled down his sunglasses and showed his tongue cheeky to his duetpartner. As he passed Julia pushed gently her elbow against his back. When the young man turned around he put his arm a bit rough around her neck and pulled her closer. Dima gave her just a dominant glance and lowered his arm slowly until it finally cupped her hip. Meanwhile Julia knew how she had to deal with his kind of humor but was a bit surprised at his sudden rough behavior. Actually the woman doesn't like such manners of men. It was surprisingly different with Dima. He wasn't just completely rough at this moment. His appearance was more energetic with a delicate level. Julia even had to admit for herself that she was impressed by this property.
Arriving at the hotel restaurant, the gentlemen was back and Dima let enter the women first while he kept open the door. The team strengthened in the early morning with a hearty breakfast. 

Afterwards they drove with the Van into the town hall which was in the city center of Barnaul where already some enthusiastic reporters were waiting for the two superstars. Since there had never been such an experienced duet in Russia for the EuroVision Song Contest for russia countless of questions were open from the media for the press conference. Despite of the tiredness Dima was always answering the tough questions with his charming humor.
Therefore Julia held herself generally back during the press conference and acted almost inconspicuous since the conference was also held because of Dima's future plans of his career and the upcoming new album. 

After the two hours conference and a small autograph session the stars made their way back to the hotel. There was an unusual silence in the Van. All participants were completely exhausted by the late arrival. Especially Dima. His eyes were visibly heavy as he looked out the window. Meanwhile Julia answered all new messages on her iPhone while she was looking again and again at him. She had to smile about his sleepy glance. He hardly tried to keep his eyes open. Even if he had bothered her last night she was a bit sorry for him. After all, he had hardly slept the last two nights. Julia put her iPhone back in her handbag and placed carefully an arm around his shoulder. She smiled at him encouragingly. In a soft voice the singer asked him to sleep and knocked with her free hand against her shoulder. 
By this gesture Dima had to smile. No sooner he pulled his beanie from his head; leaned his head against her shoulder and took his beanie as a soft 'pillow' for his face. Julia gently stroked through his brown hair, down over his face and rested her hand on his cheek. She leaned her head a bit against Dima's and asked in a whisper, if it was comfortable enough for him. He nodded slightly and put his arm around the waist of young woman. 
So far Julia had never seen him so exhausted and was completely thrilled by this peaceful and loving kind of the actual energetic singer. She was even more happy now to be with him on tour and was able to discover new unknown sides of him. Slowly Julia bent her head forward and smiled contentedly when she noticed that Dima was peacefully asleep. The brunette stroked gently his thumb over his cheek and enjoyed every second of his proximity. 

When the van stopped at the hotel entrance Yana turned around and was looking at the backs seats. She needed to smile about the sight of the two slumbering singers. During the last minutes of driving also Julia fell asleep. It was such a cute picture that Yana didn't want to wake them up. But unfortunately the next appointment was waiting for them. She stroked softly over the knee of the brunette singer until Julia finally slowly opened her eyes. The manager explained that they had arrived at the hotel and an unsuspecting gaze of her alternated between Julia and Dima. Finally, she winked at the brunette with one eye and got out of the van. Julia tried to come back to reality as soon as possible. She rubbed wearily with one hand through her face and took a deep breath. When she saw the still sleeping Dima on her shoulder the petite woman had to smile. She wanted to stay here so badly and let him sleep. Not only because she was exhausted. The countless flashlights of the reporters and the constant smile into the camera strained on each inch of her body. Julia's hand wandered slowly through Dima's soft brown hairs and she whispered gently his name. A low growl sounded but he didn't move and kept on laying stubbornly on her shoulder. The young woman asked him to to open his eyes. Julia stroked gently his head down to the neck. Though under these circumstances she made it even harder for him to get up. Dima purred with pleasure as he felt the sensitive touches on his neck and a smile spread over his lips. Again she whispered in a low voice that they need to get off the car because Yana was waiting already in the hotel lobby. Slowly with loud grumbling the singer sat back upright and rubbed both hands over his tired face. Julia grinned at the sight of his small, tired eyes and stroked one last time with the back of her hand over his warm cheek. In the end the brunette put his beanie back on his head and pulled it over his ears. One last time Julia patted his thigh to make him to stand up; took her handbag and got out of the car.

As the two stars had arrived in the hotel lobby Yana explained that they have rent the conference room of the hotel and let change the room in there so that the singers can rehearse for their performance for the last round of the Song Contest. Since this important day will be already in five days the two stars will have no other choice than doing the choreography in the hotels. Yana invited a professional dance teacher who will help them.

Julia looked with skeptical look at her duetpartner and wrinkled briefly her nose. She whispered to him that she hadn't packed any sportswear. Dima had to laugh by the imagination of a dancing Julia in the conference room being totally overwhelmed in her tight and daring clothes. Julia frowned and stared at him with a less delighted expression. The young man cleared his throat and thought about a solution. Finally he got the idea to offer her his own clothes, though they will be all slightly too big for the petite woman.
Even if she wasn't thrilled by the idea Julia didn't want to refuse this offer and followed the young man into his hotel room. Once there she froze for a second when the bruentte saw the messy room with countless empty packages of candy, clothes and numerous cables of electrical appliances. Her eyebrows lift upward and she stared open mouthed at the mess .

"Dimka ... you've just slept here for one single night..." she said in surprise.

The young man wasn't really embarrassed by his mess and explained that his hotel rooms are looking constantly like this and he also doesn't care how his rooms look like when he's on tour.
One last time Julia's gaze wandered over the countless of clothes on his bed when she pushed a empty package of chocolate to the side to take sit on his bed.

"Does it look like this also in your privat flat?", she asked carefully.

Dima laughed; shook his head and assured that he is actually even very picky in his own four walls. Julia took a deep breath and tried to give some faith in these words. Determined Dima was looking in his suitcase for some matching piece of clothing and took out the smallest sports trousers which he had taken.
Happily he took a black cotton trouser out off his suitcase. Julia's eyes wandered from the waistband down along the endlessly long legs. For a short moment she considered wether she should perform in her tight jeans or not.

Since no one knew how the complete performance will look like she decided to give it a try.
Julia stood up, unbotton the belt and her confidently glance was pointed directly into Dimas initially nervous glance. When she pulled down the jeans the blush crept into his face and Dima offered to change the clothes in the bathroom. The young woman laughed and pulled his trouser out of his hands.

"The whole world has seen my bare legs and my butt. I'm sure also you. So why should I undress now in the bathroom?"

Dima cleared his throat and was searching embarrassed and desperately for an appropriate answer. But he just shrugged his shoulders while his glance wandered over the delicate light brown tanning legs. Julia enjoyed his reaction and attention. She was happy about that she could play with the strengths of her young attractive body. When her legs were covered again by the cotton trouser Dima looked into her eyes.
The petite woman was posing a bit with the huge trouser and tried to pull up the waistband so the end parts of the trouser won't slid over the floor. About this sight Dima couldn't help but smiled and came one step closer. He looked into her blue shining eyes.

"I think the best way is to make a knot in it," he said softly with a smile and grabbed with both hands on the end pieces of the pants cords . When Julia felt his hands on her naked belly she bit unconscious on her lowerlip to calm the tension. Her whole body was petrified when he slightly pulled the pants cords to make them the waistband as close as possible. It was again this mysterious, almost expressionless look, which was still directed into her eyes. This look which always took her breath away .

Julia so badly wanted to know what he is thinking at that moment when he looked at her that way. He slowly closed the knots and asked if the trouser was sitting better this way around her hips. Julia nodded even though she hadn't even moved and thus she couldn't  know if the trouser was too tight or still too loose. His typical boyish cheeky grin spread over his lips.

His hands glid from her hips up to the sweatshirt zipper and put it down. Julia frowned when he pulled the shirt from her shoulder. Afterwards he took a hoodie out off his suitcase which suit to the trouser she was wearing.
When he looked into Julia's questioning look he made the shirt over her shoulder. The young woman automatically slipped her arms into the sleeves of sweatshirts.

"My little model... the style of clothing must fit, right?!" said Dima when he proudly looked at the brunette. A short laughter sounded.
Julia raised her arms and looked at the way too large sleeves which hung wide over her hand.

"Dima .. that looks totally ridiculous..."

But the male singer was full of enthusiasm and shook with an excited smile his head. He wrapped the sleeves until Julia's hands were visible again; pulled the zipper up and finally he put the hood over her head. With both hands he pulled the cords of the hoodie until it narrowed around her face.

"This looks too cute!!" squealed the young man and a loud laugh rang out.

Almost puny Julia screwed up her face. As Dima saw her pouting face expression he could hardly hold hisself back and pinched her cheek. Even if Julia was less amused about this situation in the end she also had to laugh and hit gently with her hand against his shoulder. Dima cackled incessantly and had joy about the way the singer was looking.

"Dimochka .. you're so freaking crazy!! I look as if I would fly to the moon!"

When Julia mentioned this example he widen his eyes and took another step toward her.
He couldn't resist the chorus of his song 'Kosmos' again. Julia immediately remembered the situation when he sung this song on Valentine's Day and had lifted her into the air. His current movements were obvious and she tried to avoid his next crazy idea. But the young man took two big steps, cupped her hips and lifted the screaming singer into the air. He turned several times around its own axis and kept on singing his song. She clung helplessly around this neck.

"Dimkaaaa let me down!! I will get dizzy," the brunette squealed, laughing and kicking frantically with her legs up and down.

"You can be happy that we have to go to the rehearsal. Otherwise I wouldn't let you down," snorted Dima and let the petite woman back to the floor again. Julia was completely dazed by the circular movements and held with a loud giggling firmly on his shoulder.
The young man held her by the shoulders and looked into her twinkling eyes.

"Are you okay?" he asked with a mischievous grin.

Julia took a deep breath and nodded. The singer felt so happy in his presence. It's been a long time she felt so much joy. So many things happened during the last days. Full of joy she hugged the young man stormy. Dima put an arm around her back and held her close. Her heart pounded unstoppable because of the happiness. Her desire to him was nearly insatiable and the emotions grew immeasurably. It was again this special moment with him that Julia would never like to stop.
Slowly his arm slide away from her back and smiled cursory at her when he took off his shirt. Julia stopped to breathe for a second when she was looking on his strong upper arms and the well built upper body in the tight grey colored muscle shirt.

"Let's go to the rehearsal now..." said Dima and controlled one last time if he had the hotel room card in his pocket.

The brunette nodded silently and took the hood back from her head .
When they walked together through the corridor of the hotel she needed to confess that his clothing were more comfortable than expected. But maybe the oversized clothes were just likable because with every breath Dimas homey smell rose in her nose.

The singers entered the conference room which got prepared in order of Pluchenko. The whole associated chairs and tables were placed by the hotel managment in one corner so the popstars could carefree rehearse.
Right at the entrance was a small glass table with a white MacBook combinated with two external loud speakers. Before the rehearsal Yana introduced the dance teacher Nikolai Zakharov, who was very glad about to work with russians most popular singers and be a part of a important event.
Nikolai had prepared everything and presented his imagination for the upcoming performance of the song 'Back To Her Future'.
When he asked about the opinion of the two stars, they looked at each other. There was a brief moment of silence in the room. At the same time Dima and Julia put on a smile and it was obvious that they would like to add a personal note to the performance.
Thus, the once small and insignificant privat performance when they were working in the music studio was added in a very seductive style. Nikolai was enthusiastic about their idea which fit perfectly in his vision of a graceful and sparkling appearance.
The dance teacher positioned the two singers in the starting lineup and let allude the first notes of the song. He told them not only each single step; Nikolai also gave advices how to make some more serious gestures.
At the beginning of the performance Julia was standing with her back right behind Dima, who was kneeling. The singers remained in this position until the first verse sounded.
While Dima slowly stood up Julia turned around and wandered slowly with her flat hand over his outstretched arm.
As soon as she touched  gently along the side of his thumb, they looked intuitively at each other.
The duo got immediately interrupted in this moment. Nikolai told them that they should avoid eye contact in this part of the performance. Just when the chorus starts they should look at each other for the first time and getting closer. The two singers set back into the starting lineup and the melody of 'Back To Her Future' was played once again.

After a ninety-minutes dance rehearsal Nikolai had to leave and stated that they will rehearse tomorrow once again. The singers accompanied Nikolai to the door of the conference room to say goodbye and thanking him for the good cooperation.
When the door closed just the echo in the hall could be heard. Dima cleared his throat and scratched a bit embarrassed his chin.

"Let's rehearse a bit more?" he finally asked with a mischievous grin.

Julia pursed her lips briefly and pulling up shortly her eyebrows to signal him that she agreed with the idea.
Dima locked the door and went to the MacBook to play the song. They rushed into the middle of the conference room and get into their positions right in time.
During the trial without the dance teacher the singers added inevitably their own personal touch in the choreography. Instead of avoiding eye contact, they stared constantly at each others eyes.

Dima cupped her hand as Julia wandered with her fingers over this thumb. Thus an unstoppable tingling increased in her belly.
When she briefly turned around to sing the first verse of her part Julia was holding still unconsciously his hand. In slow steps she turned and walked around Dima. Thus her hand slipped hesitantly out off his fingers and she stroked gently his back up to the shoulders where Julia rested her hand.

While Dima turned around, she turned sideways beside him and their eyes met up again.
He raised his hand hesitantly and was waiting for his duet partner to embrace it like it was prescribed in the choreography. Julia slightly smiled and her eyes betrayed how much she liked their own kind of performance.
The young man also had to smile also and felt her hand wandering tenderly over his shoulder until his neck.
She paused on his chest and included his hand strongly in hers. Dima pulled the singer closer. She was waiting for the moment that he gently placed her on the floor. But he remained motionless. His glance remained in her sparkling blue eyes. The bruntte singer felt this unstoppable feelings all over her body again. When she could feel his warm breath on her lips Julia need to grin.

"Now we've missed the application to go on ..." she spoke in a soft voice.

"Well, maybe we have to start all over again ... this time with a bit more... passion?!" Dima said.

With his free hand he slide over her arm which triggered an incessant tingling all over the young woman's body. She was hypnotized by his proximity and touches. His hand wandered along her hips. Julia clung automatically around his body as she felt his hand including her hips with his strong hands.
The brunette put her hands on his shoulders; pressing the hips against him and wrapped the left leg seductive around his right leg. One last time they looked deeply into each others eyes before Dima greedy pressed his lips onto her mouth.
Julia joined the game of the hungry kisses and was playing wildly with her tongue over his lips. Dima encompassing with both hands her hips and moving his pelvis against the petite woman. Her breathing became slightly faster and squeezed instinctively her leg against him a bit more in order to feel his slight erection even more.

Julia put her head back as he sensually caressed her neck. He wandered powerfully with his tongue on sensitive spotes, which made the young woman even more weak. She sacrificed herself completely, almost self-indulgent, to his touches and was focused on his uncontrolled hot breathes on her delicate skin.
Dima interrupted his circular motions with his tongue and looked into Julia's flawless face. Slowly she opened her eyes; looked expectantly at him and tried to control her shaky breath. Her slightly open mouth seduced him for another deep kiss. This time the kiss was so stormy that Julia made ​​small steps backwards until she felt the wall on her back. Dima encompassed roughly her wrists and pressed them also on the side of the wall.
His dominating kisses and untamed touches drove her completely insane. Due to his uncontrolled breathings she could only imagine how exciting this moment had also to be for him.

Julia looked at him with a seductive glance to make clear that she liked this kind of unrestrained behaviour of him. She moistened her lips with the tongue and biten slowly on her lower lip. Julia knew how much this gesture turns him on and his sudden trembling breathes were the proof that she was right.
He stared at her open mouth. When Julia added a playful seductive glance again he lost the control over his emotions.
One more time he kissed wildly her mouth; opened the zipper of the hoodie and wandered with his hands under the shirt.
This sudden blast of cold air on her bare belly gave Julia some goose bumbs.
The usually ticklish spots around her hips excited the young woman as he was caressing along the side of the ribs with his strong hands. Slowly he approached the sensitive breasts and Julia was enjoying his touches to the fullest. Though Julia liked the situation she wanted to feel him even more and ran with her tongue over his lips.
Thus she was trying to get some more control.
Slowly Julia went a step away from the wall and ran her hands from his shoulders over his athletic back. When she arrived at the coccyx the petite woman lifted the muscle-shirt a bit up and ended briefly the kiss to pull the shirt over his head.
While her impatient hands slipped forthwith over his strong naked shoulders the tip of her nose slid gently along his neck and she was licking with the wet tongue over the most sensitive spots. When he felt the tongue on the neck Dima included her hips and pressed her pelvis against his own body.
The young woman could feel his arousal in his trouser and took a deep breath while looking in his eyes. Not only Dimas body heated with passion. Even Julia wanted to feel him more and more.
She slipped hastily the hoodie from her shoulders and threw it thoughtlessly into the next corner before they kissed passionately again.
Unexpectedly Dima pushed her against the wall again, touched her thighs and lifted her up. Julia reflexively clutched her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck in order to hold up around him even better.
The kisses became rough. Their tongues circled almost unbridled around and a soft moan sounded again out off Julia's mouth, which obviously showed that she wanted more.
For a moment she was wondered why Dima made suddenly two small steps to the right side. But at the same time she enjoyed his warmth, his closeness and how he took completely control over her body. She acted kinda subservient and the only thing she wanted was him.
He placed the brunette gently on a table which stood in the corner of the conference room and opened the knots of her trouser. He kissed hot-blooded her neck. Julia put her head back and enjoyed even more as Dima caressed intensely with his tongue the bare stretched neck. He pushed the woman gently down on the table, kissed further down the neck and wandered slowly with one hand on her heated belly.
Dima uncovered her belly from the last shirt she was wearing; pulled with his free hand slowly down the trouser from her legs and kissed gently over the entire free surface of her abdomen.
When Julia could feel his hot breath around the waist, her pulse increased and she ran with one hand through his soft hairs. Dima looked briefly into the happy but also tensed face of the young woman. He enjoyed every second by havingthe  control of her and finally ran his tongue along the waistband of the underwear. A low moan sounded and Julia gently clutched in his hairs a bit more roughly; showing him that she liked this game.
But the deep sigh which always came over her lips let rise his desire. Julia gasped for breathe briefly as he was leaning over her and she was able to feel his hard spot throughout his pants between her legs. His face was so close that she could feel his irregular breathings on her lips.

The brunette closed her eyes as she could feel the sudden touches with his hand on her naked breasts. For one moment she was glad about the decision she has made this morning to wear no bra for today. Thus there was one disturbing piece of clothing less in this exciting moment. Julia bit unconscious on her lower lip again as her hard nipples slipped through his two fingers.
A wave of pleasure came all over her body and she moved her hips unrestrained against his hard spot in the trouser.
Although her ​​hands were slightly trembling of excitement, she grabbed his waistband and pulled the pants down as far as she could reach them. Julia opened her eyes and looked into the burning gaze of the young man. He kissed her lips greedily again while his hands were perceptible in the area of his penis.
Even if all her senses were focused on his passionate kisses due to the crackle of a package her imagination got confirmed that Dima had just put on a condom. The tension was even bigger when he pulled her pants down.
She couldn't wait to feel him completely in herself. One last time he looked at her petite body while his hands wandered over her stomach along the sides of the ribs up to the shoulder. Julia observred every single of his movements and took several deep breathes. It was a divine sight to see what kind of power he had over her. She gave herself completely into his touches and enjoyed every single moment.

As he bent slowly his upper body down on her she felt the tip of the penis between her thighs. She closed her eyes and was completely focused on her senses. When he gently kissed every corner of her lips he increasingly pushed his hips forward and entered in her slowly. She lifted carefully her hips to lead her abdomen even closer to his penis.
Every single inch he entered more in her let her body tremble even more with excitement. This moment was a sweet torture for both. When a deep groan was heard from him Julia slowly opened her eyes and looked into his slightly strained face. She put her trembling hands on his cheeks and pressed her lips on his mouth.
He penetrated a little deeper in her. For a second she caught for breathe when she felt how his penis filled her more and more. With a loud lustful sigh she enjoyed the burning movement between her legs. The deeper he penetrated into her the louder a lustful moan rang out off her mouth.
She wrapped her legs around his bum and lift her hips to be able to feel more until he was completely inside her. Julia looked deeply into his eyes and enjoyed the moment to be finally one with him. Julia had never seen Dima with such a happy and relieved expression. But this moment was also even more for her than just a satisfying of her desire for the young man.
Julia gave him a quick smile and wandered tenderly with her thumb over his soft lips. When he was moving with short and slow movements in her, Julia's hands slipped from his shoulders and included his muscular upper arms. A short loud sigh sounded as he moved a little faster in her. Julia felt that her abdomen was trembling of excitement but still she wasn't really satisfied.
The young woman wanted to feel him more and spreaded her legs while she was pushing her legs even more against his bum.
These eager invitation was so tempting for him that he included her shoulders with both hands and his pelvic thrusts became stronger. Julia couldn't suppress a loud cry of pleasure. She ran greedy with her trembling hands on his hips to show Dima how much she wanted to feel him. Everytime he pushed his penis in her she pulled his hips closer so that he was able to penetrate even deeper.
Their bodies heaten of excitement. Julia could smell him even more and this seemed to rob all her senses. The tingling feeling in her abdomen became increasingly stronger and her bodywas shaking of passion. His movements were quick and jerky.
Also Dima's breathing became faster and she could feel that he was close to an climax. Each forward and backward movement brought them closer to the point of union.
A hot shiver finally shot through his body. His last deep groan mingled with her ​​soft gasping cry.

Julia enjoyed his last slow movements and her sighs became also calm. Even though she couldn't enjoy an own climax she has made Dima visibly happy. He slowly pulled his penis out and leaned down on her. As soon as Julia could feel his hot breath on her lips she kissed him deeply and ran tenderly one hand through his hairs. The incessant tingling between her legs faded slowly away and also her own pulse became slowly lower.


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