Lubov Suka (Chapter 20)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 20

Like every morning when Dima was on tour  he got a wake-up call from his manager Yana. 
He tiredly pressed the green button on the phone and let her in grumbling voice know that he is awake. The singer put the iPhone back on the night table and lay down on his back while both hands ran through his face. Dima rubbed his eyes totally exhausted and blinked at the ceiling. Slowly he tilted the head to the side and discovered his still sleeping brunette. He immediately had to smile at this slumbering sight. 
Julia was laying totally peaceful on her stomach while her arms were buried underneath the slightly raised pillow. She was clearly still in the land of dreams. Her breathing was calm and flat. Dima didn't want to wake her up. He looked again the time on his iPhones and remembered the upcoming busy day. Finally he decided to leave for a shower while Julia was still sleeping peaceful.

After the showering he lumbered in the semi darkness to his suitcase and accidently smashed with his foot against the wooden table. He grimaced and rubbed his big hurting toe. Though Dima had awful pains the man tried to be as quiet as possible.

"Ohw Dimochka, are you hurt??", sounded suddenly a sleepy voice.

The young man was surprised that Julia was awake and forgot his pain by the cute sleepy voice. Since the bathroom light seemed to illuminate the room a bit he could see only a shadowy outline of the young woman. In small cautious steps he went to bed and knelt in front of the singer who was wrapped in the silky blankets.

"Now that I can see you a bit more the pains are gone..," whispered Dima lovingly.

In seconds her heart was pounding because of these graceful words. She literally forgot quickly the tiredness. With a modest smile the brunette ran a hand through his damp hairs and wanted to know how he had slept.

"Actually quite good. Apart from that my arm has become numb on which you 've been sleeping on..."

Julia made ​​a compassionate pouty lips and ran her fingers through his soft freshly shaven face. She apologized with an embarrassed voice. However Dima waved with a smile adding that he still enjoyed her proximity. As he wandered over her warm velvety shoulder Julia closed the eyes for a moment.

"What do you want to eat for breakfast?" he whispered affectionately.

For a moment thought about the young woman. She stretched her body and was yawning. When Julia turned the head to him she grinned cheeky.

"Hmmm ... scrambled eggs with bacon."

Dimas eyes widened and he couldn't believe his ears.

"You want to have some really fat breakfast? Seriously?" he asked once again.

Julia giggled and nodded confidently.

"Yes ... I'd like to eat it in the morning and it would be perfect now... "
replied the brunette and put on a irresistible pleading look.
Dima shook his head in disbelief and caressed one last time with the hand over her face before he got up and turned on the light of the bedside lamp.

"Ok, as you wish. Then I'm going to order our breakfast." he said and was about to take his iPhone from the table when Julia fingers grabbed around the waistband of the towel. Carefully she pulled back the young man and waved with the index finger of the free hand to make him coming closer again. He couldn't resist the seductive look and followed her wordless invitation. Julia leaned back on the bed while she was still playing with the waving index finger until Dima was finally bent over her so she could kiss him deeply. 
The brunette gently put her arms around his neck and enjoyed the scent of his freshly showered warm body. He end unwilling the kiss. 

"Jul. .. " he breathed softly and looked at her delicate face. He was grinning and stared in the sparkling blue eyes which opened slowly. She had to smile at his slightly strained face.  
It was obviously hard for him to suppress his feelings and its impact .

"It's ok ... I just wanted a good morning kiss." Julia replied in a slightly naughty smoky voice.

While she ran her hands over his chest, he kissed her lips again. Dima shook his head slightly as he looked into her fiery graceful look.

"God, how I adore your unique wild naughty style."

Julia smiled about the fact that she can easily wrap him around the finger with a bit of her body language.

While Dima ordered breakfast in the suite Julia went to take a shower in the bathroom. She couldn't resist the temptation to use his shower gel to enjoy the sweet men scent the whole day.
She slipped in of the by the Hotel provided white bathrobe and stepped into the luxurious room where the breakfast was already on the trolley for the singer.

When Julia sat beside him on the bed Dima noticed the smell of his shower gel. He immediately wanted to know if she had really used it. Julia nodded with a mischievous smile. The male singer shook his head in disbelief as he sipped the tea. However he appreciated this little attention. Although it was unusual that the so feminist lady was enveloped in his masculine scent. While they dined together Dima was curious about Julia's future plans of her solo project. Sher talked about her upcoming appointments in television shows, photoshoots and concerts. Julia also described proudly the lyrics of her new single which Kiper had written for her a while ago. Dima smiled about the same-sex eroticism, which will clarify in the song. He remembered the moment about how much she enjoyed the sex with him. The more confusing was his imagination that the brunette had that kind of sexual inclinations to women.

After breakfast Julia went back to her suite so she could also pack her suitcase again. The two singers will haveh a four hours journey to Tomsk, the western city of Siberia. According to the romantic togetherness of the last night they the singers wer tired and it didn't took long until they finally fell asleep together on the back seat of the van. She nestled her head against Dimas, while he slumbered peacefully on Julia's shoulder.

Half an hour before the arrival Julia woke up. Dima was still sitting in the same position next to her. He slept obviously deeply. The brunette smiled as she heard his quiet peaceful breathing. Julia rubbed gently her cheek against his head and took her iPhone out of the purse to browse on the Internet and to answer the new incoming messages. The free hand laid gently on his hand which rested on her knees and she stroked gently again and again over his fingers.
As they neared the center of Tomsk the singer put her iPhone back in her purse and caressed carefully through Dimas hairs to wake him up

"Dim? Wake up ... " she breathed softly.

She had to smile about his subsequent protesting growl. and helped him to wake up while her thumb was running lovingly over his cheek until the young man finally opened his eyes. He looked up tiredly but pleased into the bright blue eyes. Slowly he was stretching his body a bit, as far as the space in the van allowed it.

From first impression the luxurious hotel was probably one of the most beautiful hotels so far on the trip through the Sibieriens cities. It resembled a giant white castle, which  erected up six large columns right under the triangular canopy at the entrance area. By this wonderful sight Julia regretted that she won't stay at this hotel.
Just when the brunette singer was about to enter her hotel room she felt Dimas hand on her shoulder. With an optimistic glance he asked if she would like to join him into the of the hotel available  gymroom to train with him a bit.
Julia didn't take long to thin about  because she loves to visit the gym in her everyday life .

"If you're going to borrow me your oversized trouser again, I'll go with you!" Julia winked with a bright smile.

Dima nodded pleased and promised to bring the trouser over as soon as he had undressed. The brunette nodded and opened the door of her suite.
When she closed the door Julia headed to her suitcase determined to find a matching upper part. She regretted it very much that she had taken no sportswear and finally opted for the white tank top which she had worn the day before. This was the most comfortable piece of clothing which she had taken from home.
Julia had just taken off the top when there was a knocking at the door. When she opened it Dimas glance wandered straight over the delicate, only covered with a red bra, upper body.  He handed wordlessly his pants to the young woman, which Julia gratefully accepted with a smile. The brunette asked her, still staring guest, to come in.
It was hard for him to avert his gaze from the good-looking body. In particular when Julia also opened her jeans and slid them from her legs.

"Can't you... just train in that outfit?" Dima asked jokingly.

Julia looked at him with wide eyes and shook her head. She laughed when Dima smiled mischievously and sat down on the edge of the bed.  He looked at every corner of this flawless slightly tanned legs as she slowly slipped into his big pants.
After Julia  put on the upper part she ran both hands through her ​​semi-long black hairs. Dima was enraptured by the sight when Julia paid with devotion so much attention to her appearance. Even for sporting activities she wanted to look stylish. Dima was sure just a the few people in the world checking such details with such a perfection. When Julia took a towel from the bathroom she walked up to Dima, cheeky held out a hand and smiled at her duetpartner. He took her hand; stood up to go with her ​​to the gym room.

Once there, she contributed equally to the treadmill to make a warm up. Julia put the cable of the headphones in her iPhone and searched for a suitable playlist.

"For how long will you run?" asked Dima before the second headphones stuck in her ear.

Julia shrugged uncertainly with a pout. Dima had to smile once again about this lovely gesture when the petite woman was playing with her ​​charisma again. Within seconds she was able to tranform her stunning sexy charisma into a cute adorable look.

It turned out quickly that Dima couldn't keep the breathe with Julia in endurance training on the treadmill. It took around twenty minutes before he finally switched off the machine. He was bathed in sweat. Julia looked into his envy fulfilled face and grinned mischievously. He dabbed exhausted with a towel over his moist forehead and watched the elegant movements on the treadmill of his singing partner. Her skin hadn't even left the slightest trace of sweat.
Dima contributed to the multi - station to be able to have a workout for his biceps and abdomen. He was looking for a station where he was able to observe the brunette.
While Julia still diligently ran on the treadmill the young man was watching every of her movements. He pressed slowly the arm curl and his body was tensed within seconds. The little game was changing and Julia was almost weak by this sight but tried to be focused on the running.
Dima had to grin about her face and pressed the arm curl a little faster. In the meantime he wrinkled playfully his forehead while pulling up and down his eyebrows and formed pouty lips. Julia had to control a loud laughter about this so she won't fall off the treadmill. But the woman couldn't longer resist also a playful gestures and began to her typical tongue play while rubbing with both hands over her breasts. Dima had to interrupt immediately his training and laughed out loud.
In the end Julia needed turned off the treadmill and leaned her body giggling over the small computer display.
She eventually headed to the gym mat and was looking for a comfortable position for a few sit -ups . Also Dima returned back to his multi station program while his eyes were fixed on Julia again. The singer was entirely focused on her sit-ups. Thereby the shirt slipped up and her slim well built stomach was seen. Within seconds he had memories of the last night when this belly was shaking of excitement and this little last were wrapped around his waist.
Even though he hardly could resist this sight Dima tried to focus and continue his strength training.
After an hour of training the singer took off his sweaty shirt and rubbed it over his face. He rose from the multi - station and made slow steps to Julia. Meanwhile the petite woman had devoted to some dumbbells which Dima quiete impressed. She took one of her headphone off her ear;  looked up and smiled at him.

"Wow! Respect..." he praised with a surprised facial expression when he had patterned her strong arms.

"Thank you ... " Julia grinned proudly and pinched her eyes.

Dima had to leave the gym again because he had to go to the rehearsals for tonight's concert. Furthermore he stated that Julia should leave her suitcase on the suite. The customer service  of the hotel will bring their stuff to the taxi which will bring her to the airport in the late evening after the concert. Julia nodded and tried to set on a fake smile to cover a sad face. In parting he ran his index finger gently over her warm cheek and winked briefly with a smile.

"See you later Jul. .. " he said softly.

She nodded and replied with the same words which were so quiet that Julia didn't even know whether he understood them. The singer watched how Dima was leaving the gym until the closing of the door echoed through the room.

The time always passed quickly while she was together with Dima. She would love to fly back to Moscow with him tonight. Julia already realized the complication of a relationship with a successful singer. Although in his presence Dima could make her happy there might be a obvious lack for a harmoniously family life.
The show business would lead to an repeated oppressive solitude. As long as they will have a different tour schedule a regular life with children and a harmonious togetherness was almost unthinkable.
The young woman returned immediately to the fitness program to forget her inner sorrow.

Her feelings were too strong even though her mind hurled her often brutally back into reality. She didn't want and could give up the hope for this man. Julia spent the time in the gym longer than planned; forced herself several times to the strength limit. This was the only way which could set free her inner doubts and fears.
After an extensive endurance training she went back to the suite to take a shower. In order to be right on time for the today's concert Julia decided to visit a restaurant in Tomsk. There she wanted to have dinner after a brief stroll in the city center. She put on a dark blue jeans with a tight same-colored muscle shirt which was covered by a beige-colored vest. In her purse the brunette put all the utensils which she'll need for the upcoming evening.
Before she has left the hotel the singer packed the suitcase and placed it visible at the door for the hotel service.

As with the yesterday's concert in Novosibirsk Dima invited Julia on stage again in order to tell the fans about the common cooperation. About th eproject the audience was very enthusiastic again and cheered relentlessly until the duo left the stage after their speech.
After Dima had sung another song for the encore of his concert the singer said goodbye to his fans. As soon as he was back in the backstage area he grabbed Julia's hand. They looked wordlessly at each other.
It seemed as if neither of them dared to say a word. Finally Julia broke the silence and praised the stunning concert. Dima smiled pleased and was thankful about the nice words. The early departure of the young woman made them laconically and the mood was clearly tensed.
When they were on the way to the back door of the hall Dima let go of her hand and told that he will just quickly undress. Julia nodded with a smile and headed in small steps through the corridor.
As soon as the door of the wardrobe closed a her smile turned into a sorrowful expression. With this concert the tour with Dima will end. In few hours she will be alone in Moscow again. Julia felt a painful twinge in her heart.
An oppressive emptiness will wait for her. The apartment will be empty and desolate. No one will be around the singer; will make her smile or fall asleep with her. Not even her Jack Russel dog Viva will greet her with the typical loyal dog ​​eyes.
In addition Julia's mood becomes almost melancholy by virtue of  the new time shift and the subsequent Jetleg which gave her troubles since she started with the music career.
When she arrived at the glass door to enter the backyard she felt suddenly Dimas hand on her shoulder. At the same moment he opened the door for her to provide the first step outside. Julia had to smile about how much Dima was out of breath. He had hurry so much that he could enjoy the last minutes with her before the taxi left.
A cold gust of wind blew through the corridor when the door was open. He immediately put a hand around her waist to pull the brunette closer and keeping her warm.
Because of this loving and caring gesture Julia stopped walking and both arms immediately wandered under his opened leather jacket. She placed gently her head on his chest, closed the eyes and enjoyed every second of his warm body. Dima tenderly embraced her and stroked repeatedly over her back.

"Thank you Julchik ... thank you for everything ..." he whispered in a soft voice.

She looked up into his likewise sad eyes and shook her head slightly.

"Why do you say that? Because I have accompanied you on this tour? It is an honor for me that I had the chance to be by your side."

Dima smiled slightly. "It is mutual."

But Julia didn't pay attention about this response. Her eyes were focussed on the deep brown eyes and the thought of how much she will miss the young man. To be able to resist the felt near tears without hesitation she laid a hand around his neck, pulled him closer and gave him wordlessly an intimate kiss. Julia enjoyed every tender soft touch of his tongue in her mouth. She end it very slowly and kissed his soft lips again and again.

"I'm gonna miss you ..." she breathed; trying to suppress her tears while speaking these words. However she was never successfully in suppressing her feelings. Dima looked into the watery blue eyes and took her face in both hands.

"Don't be sad. l'll see you soon again..." he whispered back; studying the soft face of the brunette.

Julia nodded and took a deep breath trying to suppress the tears which threatened to roll off the cheek. Countless of memories of the last days shoot withing seconds through her head.

The brunette didn't avoid his glance when she took out the hotel room card from her purse and pressed it gently against Dima's chest.

"Your trouser is still in my room," whispered Julia.

Despite the gloomy mood she had to smile a bit. Also Dima couldn't help but smile and cleared his throat. He took the card and took a deep breath.

"I guess I'm gonna wear the trouser in honor..." he spoke softly, biting his lower lip as he involuntarily remembered the first intimate togetherness.

However the mood of the two singers became serious again. Dima took her hands carefully.

"Yana has already ordered your taxi..." he said a bit inhibited.

Julia nodded and her gaze wandered bashfully to the ground. He accompanied the young woman to the taxi and opened the car door like a gentleman to let enter the young woman. When Dima closed the door she looked into his eyes and turned down the window to grab with one hand his fingers quickly.

"Will you write to me?" she asked with a played smile to loosen up a bit the painful situation. Dima nodded and gave her a smile back.

The taxi driver started the engine. When he was about to drive off her fingers slipped slowly off his hand. The last body contact caused pain in her heart. In parting Julia threw hand kiss and waved until she could no longer see the young man.
A four hours ride was waiting for her. Due to the three hours time difference the singer will arrive in her native Moscow in the late evening. In the taxi she felt the expected deep emptiness. It was quiet. No one sat next to her and telling stories, amaze her or made her laugh. The seats were empty and cold. Julia would love to lean on his strong upper body now and enjoy the journey. It seemed as if time stood still and the world around her constantly turned on. When Julia was looking out of the window she wondered whether someone on the streets just felt like her right now. 

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