Lubov Suka (Chapter 19)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 19

The next morning Julia enjoyed a long shower. While the warm water pleasantly crackled on her naked body she closed her eyes and remembered the previous afternoon. Due the imagination when Dima caressed her body the heavenly tingling in her abdomen was unavoidable. She had never admire a man so much as Dima Bilan. Every part of his strong body was desirable. Julia enjoyed every single moment with him and the desire for him grew inexhaustible. When Dima was resting exhausted and satisfied on her she would have liked to tell him how much she loves him. However these words didn't come over her lips. Though she didn't know why but she felt inhibited to tell him this. Maybe one of the reasons was that she had promised to give him some time.
To assess his behavior afterwards it was propably a good decision to suppress the true feelings.
After the erotic unity in the conference room Dima was less introverted but his behavior was as usual and less romantic.
When they had dined later in the hotel restaurant Julia became aware that her sexual relationship with her duet partner was still a secret. He was playing the funny and innocent Bilan as if nothing had happened before. The urge feeling to hold his hand to feel him as close as possible hurt in her heart. She wondered how he managed to ignore the intimate experience so easily. Because of this Julia was pleased by every little attention of him during the rest of the evening. And when it was just a look or a fleeting smile from him.

After the long shower she slipped into a dark blue jeans. Under the color-coordinated beige colored border silk waistcoat she wore also a blue top.  She emphasized her eye with a slightly silvery eye shadow and a black eyeliner. Due of the lack of sleep she was forced to cover up her face and the dark lines under her eyes with some powdery make up to cover her tired skin.
She folded carefully Dimas trouser and hoodie which he had borrowed her yesterday and contributed thus to his hotel room. Once at the door the young woman paused one last time to inhale the sweet smell of his perfume. Thus countless memories of the previous afternoon awakened in her mind and senses.
Julia was a bit uncertain since Dima didn't pay so much attention to her. The singer couldn't assessed his reaction when she in front him again.
The black haired woman knocked gently on the door. For one moment the singer was wondering whether he was able to hear the knocking. Finally the young woman opened the door while holding the hair dryer in his hand. Her gaze wandered straight from his messy brown hairs down to his naked upper body.

"Oh hey Jul... come in... " he said, almost unintelligible as he opened the door a little bit more and instantly turned back so he could continue to dry his hairs in the small bathroom.
Julia swallowed about this almost cold greeting, entered slowly into the room and tried to cover up her sad and dissapointed feelings. The mess in his hotel room had subsided. On the bed was his black suitcase which he had obviously already packed for the next journey. The brunette put carefully his clothes into it and ran again with her fingertips over the cotton trouser which she had worn yesterday.
She was looking through the hotel room of her duetpartner and noticed that she had no time yet to have a lookk out of the hotel room windows. Julia put carefully the curtain away. The view of the small russian town of Barnaul wasn't breathtaking at all. Nevertheless the old buildings with their small streets and narrow alleys gave a cozy ambience. Julia gladly would like to spent some more time in Barnaul to see the city by it's own beauty.

"This is a hot metropolis, isn't it?" Dima joked suddenly behind her.

She turned around and looked up surprised into the deep brown eyes. Julia nodded with a silent smile and when she could perceive the smell of his aftershave again the young woman turned back to the window again to observe the small town. Even though his proximity and smell was about to rob all of her senses again. Moreover she could feel his penetrating glance while he stared at her entire body.
Suddenly she felt his hands around her hips while he pushed her gently against his body. Her heart beaten immediately faster that Julia struggled briefly for some breath. After the cold welcome she hadn't expected such loving touches.

"How did you sleep?" he whispered softly in her ear; which caused again a tingling sensation throughout the body.

Julia leaned her head back and looked into his smiling eyes.

"Good. And how did you sleep?" she wanted to know.

"Good. But I missed you ... "

Julia was even more touched by his warm words. She turned around slowly while running a hand over his cheek and smiled at him. They looked at each other silently for a moment before Julia finally gently kissed his lips. When he put his arms around her petite body the brunette ended slowly the kiss and her hands went down to his hips. She leaned her head against his shoulder; closing the eyes to enjoy the warmth of his body.

"Will you accompany me to the rehearsals for the concert today?" asked Dima in a quiet voice.

Julia opened her eyes and lifted her head. When she looked into his eyes the singer shook her head and explained that she still need to do her own business but in the same breath Julia promised that she will be timely on his concert. Dima smiled pleased and ran his hands slowly from her body. He asked if she would like to stay for breakfast. Julia frowned.

"Have you ordered breakfast into your room?"

Dima nodded mischievously and told her that in the early morning he prefers to stay in the hotelroom instead if dining in the hotel restaurant. Julia finally accepted the offer and was about to take sit next to the small table. But Dima shook his head and hit with his flat hand on the bed.

"Bed & Breakfast!" he laughed and put the pillow upright against the wall.

Julia had to laugh about the idea; sat down on the bed and no sooner she had made ​​it more comfortably.
Dima rushed to the door. The roomservice brought the ordered breakfast. The young man took gratefully the food and drove the food trolley right in front of the double bed. Dima rubbed his hands of joy as he looked over the generously portioned food. With the scent of some hearty scrambled eggs with baconeven Julia got a big appetite. Dima grabbed immediately for fruit plate and wanted to offer a banana for his duetpartner. But she shook her head. With a bright hungry smile she looked at the rich in fat foods. Dima was stunned.

"Are you serious? You refuse fruits today?" he asked incredulously.

The figure conscious young woman nodded silently. Finally she took a warm crossaint and bit into the french pastry. Just as she bit into the crossaint Dima took it out off her hands and dunked it with rotating movements in the softened butter. When Julia saw the vast amounts of butter on her croissant she tore horrified her eyes. She took his hand and pulled it away from the butter.
When the petite woman was about to ask why he let herbreakfast swim in butter she got interrupted because he put the crossaint back in her mouth. Within seconds Julia felt the butter melting in her mouth and she grimaced by the oily taste.

"That's ... disgusting ... Dimka ..." she muttered incomprehensible with her full mouth.

Dima couldn't stop laughing at this sight. Julia wanted to take the croissant out off her mouth as the young man jumped beside her and pressed carefully the warm crossaint into her mouth again.

"No, no ... let it there ! You have to bite off a big chunk then you won't taste the butter so much anymore."

Julia tried to explain him that she can't no longer chew. In vain. It was difficult for him to understand what she tried to say. As Dima pulled at the croissant, a large piece dangled out of her mouth. The singer laughed out loud.

"Julchik!! If you could just see yourself!!! This is hiliarous!!"

Julia rolled her eyes while trying to chew the big piece in her mouth.

"Oh, I 'd forgotten that I could make your fans happy with a nice Instagram picture ... "

With the full mouth the brunette let out a loud crying. She hit against Dimas shoulder and threateningly showed him the index finger. Julia tried to chew faster so she can finally swallow the crossaint as quickly as possible before Dima will have another stupid idea.

Both singers were joking during their breakfast. Even Julia also joined Dimas mischief and teasing behaviour and was pushing a large piece of baguettes in his mouth. She was amused by Dimas tensed facial expression while chewing the soft bread. No sooner when he had swallowed the baguette she wanted to repeat this with a banana. Dima broke the evil plans and cupped one of her wrist in order to prevent her attack. She tried to set herself free with all her strength. However the young man was inferior. At the same moment as he has reached for the banana with his free hand and tickled the brunette vigorously in the ribs area. Julia was shrieking; dropped back on the bed and was helpless for his persistent tickling attack. Dima quickly put the banana back to the food trolley and took his second hand so he could tickle the young woman from both sides.
Julia was squawking loudly for mercy. She kicked helplessly with her legs and tried to escape of the tickling torment with some wriggling movements again and again. Only when the young woman was completely out of breath he let go of her. The brunette gasped exhausted for air.
Dima looked at the endless smile on her lips and put his hands on the sides of her body on the bed. Julia hardly calmed down a bit. She concentrated her senses back to the strong body over her.
Also Dima was a bit out of breath throughout the little scrimmage which unleashed an uncontrollable tingling throughout the female's singers body.
As soon as she felt his warmth it seems her mind was completely off again. Julia put stormly her arms around his neck to be able to pull his head closer to her face. When he came closer a bit she leaned slightly forward and kissed him passionately.
Obviously the young man wasn't averse by this attack and the kiss became more passionately. Her hands went instinctively from his neck down the spine until she finally pulled up a part of his shirt. Julia pushed her fingernails gently into his soft skin which caused a cold shiver through his body.

He finished empathetic the passionate kiss and smiled when he saw Julias excitement blushed cheeks.
Her sparkling blue eyes showed an inner passion which was screaming for more. But the brunette had to quit her craving for now. Dima stroked gently with two fingers over her warm face .

"I think we'll have a date tonight ... " he whispered and smiled mischievously which turns the young woman even more on. Julia smiled wordlessly with a unique and obvious facial expression while her hands wandered up to his neck again and fondled it lovingly.

Dima closed the eyes appreciatively. The singer would have loved to enjoy the gentle caressings a bit longer but a busy daily schedule was waiting for him. He opened his eyes and looked one last time in Julia's dreamily face expression. After a quick kiss the two stars set back upright on the bed. While Julia straightened her slipped clothes Dima closed his suitcase and put on his shoes. One last look at his white colored watch then he handed the lady's hand.

"The hotel workers will bring our suitcases in the van, " said the young man as Julia took his hand. Together they went to the hotel lobby where the team was already waiting for the singers.


When they drove off the city Dima made it comfortably in the back seat. While he was crossing his arms he looked to Julia and saw her hopeful glance. He had to smile.

"When you look at me in that way I simply can't resist..." he chuckled and lifted his left arm. By this invitation the young woman was stretching out her tongue again pointing and laid quickly in his arm.

"Juuuull ... " muttered Dima. His subsequent deep sigh was a clear signal that her regulary playing tongue drives him completely insane.

"Sorry ... " she giggled and looked at him with an angelic look.

Dima just shook his head and put his arm around the brunette and was looking out of the window for a while. Julia silently enjoyed his proximity. The kilometers of the nearest large city Novosibirsk appeared on every big sign on the highway. Dima remembered his last visit to the Siberian city. With a smile on his face he told of his experiences. Julia wasn't only captivated by its exciting and funny stories. She was also completely into his sensual and deep voice. For a brief moment she wondered why he couldn't show his quiet and soft side more often. The more she enjoyed this special moment and asked him to tell even more stories.

After a three hours drive they arrived at the River Park Hotel. The luxury hotel was in the immediate vicinity of the center of the business active city.
From the first sight in the hotel lobby it was already clear that this building had much more modern geatures than the previous hotel in Barnaul.
At the reception Nikolai was already waiting for the duet. As in Barnaul on behalf of Dima's managment the conference room was re-built by the hotel team for the two singers so they could rehearse for the upcoming big show.

In dark blue suits the hotel employees welcomed the new guests. One of them took Julia's suitcase and headed towards the elevator. The brunette looked shortly to her duetpartner who wass just chatting with his manager. Julia interrupted reluctantly the important conversation. But before they'll start with another rehearsal she wanted to relax for a few minutes in the hotel room. She took quickly Dimas hand to get some attention. At the same moment her hand was moving over his arm up to his shoulder. The petite woman was on her tiptoe and stretched her body until she was able to whisper in Dimas ear. She told him that she will be in the conference room in half an hour. Dima replied with a brief nod and winked with one eye. Julia smiled and followed immediately the hotel employees who showed her the way to the suite. When she arrived in the modern suite the hotel employees placed her suitcase next to the big bed. The young woman thanked him with a smile while he handed her hotel room card. The suite was very spacious; bright and offered some plenty of comfort.

Julia enjoyed the view from the big windows where the panorama of the city Novosibirsk opened and gift a beautiful view on the river Ob. For one moment Julia enjoyed the view. The day was sunny and had let melt gradually the siberian snow on the roads. Due to the seemingly endless silence in the suite the singer returned a moment in itself. She glanced at her Versage clock around her wrist which indicated half past eleven. She had to smile. Her grandmother was certainly just about to prepare food for the whole family. Although she enjoys every moment together with Dima in deepest Russia she would like to be with them now. The young mother would help to cut the vegetables together with her children. The pop star took a deep breath and finally turned around. After she had placed her suitcase on the bed, she opened it and looked for a suitable dress for the dance rehearsals. Although the movements in the performance were quite effortlessly she wanted to wear a more comfortable shirt despite everything for today's rehearsal. Julia slipped into a white tank top and checked one last time her make up in the large mirror, which was mounted on the wardrobe.

On the way to the conference hall Julia felt this nagging tingling in her abdomnen again. The hot moments of the past dance rehearsal returned in her mind again; also the passionate kiss and Dimas promising words of this morning. Her heart beaten faster and faster.
The sudden pull in the elevator let the young woman come back to reality. The doors opened and from afar she saw the dance teacher who was already waiting outside the hall. With a friendly smile she welcomed Nikolai and stood silently beside him.
It took only a few minutes until Dima appeared. He gave the young woman a sly smile and greeted Nikolai. He put his hand unexpectedly around her hips and pulled the singer's petite body closer. Julia leaned her head naturally on his shoulder.
For the first time she noticed that he was more open in public. His caresses were more natural. No more oppressive. It seemed as if Dima couldn't suppress his emotions for the young woman anymore.

Nikolai told them that this will be the very last dance rehearsal because he has to return back to his hometown St. Petersburg because of a family reason. For this reason he asked for the highest attention. There were only five more days left until the preliminary decision of the EuroVision Song Contest . Although Dima will be on tour to give some more concerts Julia also need to leave him the next day. Both stars won't have more time to rehearse so they're forced to focus even more for the individual steps, specified by Nikolai.
However it turned out to be more difficult than expected to avoid eye contact and small flirts during the rehearsal. It was a challenge and an emotional effort for both singers. The sense of compelling restraint for the performance was very tingly anway.

After two hours of practicing Dima had to leave for the rehearsals of his today's concert.
Nikolai repeat the steps at which both should be with some more concentration during the performance. However the dance teacher was satisfied with the result and praised the stars for their great cooperation and  wished them good luck for their common big day.
Dima and Julia looked at each other with a pride smile. The male singer was checking the time briefly and told Julia that he need to go now.
He fleetingly put his hand on Julia's hips and asked once again whether she will come tonight to his concert. The brunette nodded decisively.
With an wink of an eye and a clearly smile Dima finally said goodbye to the petite woman.

However Julia wanted to use her free time for a little shopping tour in Novosibirsk.
In the hotel room she grabbed her black handbag; put on the sunglasses and went to a taxi to drive in the largest city of Siberia. In a huge shopping mall in the heart of Novosibirsk she visited many small shops. On each of her trips she bought small souvenirs for her two children.
Today the mother was able to get two colorful baseball caps for her offsprings in one of the countless designer shops. Upon further shopping she saw a timeless silver bracelet which can be combined with many of ther clothes.
In a small cafe on the outskirts of the city  the singer was recovering with a warm cup of cocoa and a slice of cake. During this little break Julia took the opportunity to call her parents to ask for the children. An unstoppable proud smile came across her lips when she heard her daughter's voice who wanted to speak personally with her mother. Also Samir couldn't wait to tell her how much he misses his mother.
These were always the hardest moments of the female superstar. Those moments broke her heart and she just wanted to take the hands of her children and kissing their delicate faces.
After the visit in the CafĂ© Julia strolled  in the big city Novosibirsk and looked at a few monuments for the rest of the afternoon. She took some photos with her iPhone to be able to share this moments also with her family. Afterwards she drove back to the hotel with a taxi again.

In the hotel's restaurant Julia sat next to the large panoramic windows from which she had a beautiful view of the harbor of Novosibirsk and the adjacent river 'Ob'. She put her black leather jacket over the cream - colored leather chair and placed her MacBook on the glass table. No sooner she had started it the waitress brought the menu card.
The singer smiled thanksful and ordered a rooibos tea in advance. After she logged into her MacBook the brunette took the menu card and was looking specifically for a light meal. It's been long time since the petite woman had opted for a salad with salmon.
Julia put the card aside and opened her e-mail program in which were eight unread messages. Two of them were from her friend and concert director Katja Dorosh. She informed the singer about new upcoming appointments. When Julia was checking the well organized schedule a love affair with another singer proved already as difficult. It was obvious that Julia should enjoy the current time together with Dima. But she supplanted quickly the unpleasant imagination of being separated of Dima and opened the next mail. Meanwhile the waitress brought the tea; put it on the table and was writing down the next order.
Julia was reading the email she pulled the cup of tea closer and sweetened it with the accompanying honey. Again and again she dip the spoon in the warm drink until the gold colored sweetish liquid dissolved completely. The solo singer replied to every single email, wrote some new messages to other people and wrote down all upcoming events in the calendar of the iPhone. In the meantime she was sipping the warm tea and feasted the plate of tasty salat and the soft smokey salmon.

When the young woman had done her work she leaned back and relaxed dreamily. She was looking out of the window. Since it became darker outside Julia saw the lights which reflected in the river.
This idyllic picture gave her some romantic imagination of a tepid summer evening next to the sea. A slight smile crossed her lips as she imagined to observe the sunset with Dima. But the imagination of this peaceable atmosphere was momentarily interrupted when Julia looked at the clock and realized that Dimas concert will start in half an hour.

"Damn ... " Julia cursed quietly and grabbed her jacket and purse.

After she had paid for her food the singer walked with large and rapid steps back in her hotelroom to put back her Macbook. One last time she checked the make-up in the bathroom and used som eyeliner to freshen up her look. The young woman undressed in a black colored short leather dress and cotton tights which showed her shapely legs. She took her purse and hurried back in a taxi to arrive right on time at the concert hall.
Julia would have made ​​it in time for the start of the concert but unfortunately the everyday traffic jam in the middle of Novosibirsk seemed to quit the plan of beeing punctuality.

After a delay of thirty minutes she finally arrived. Even just in front of the building you could only imagine the mood of the enthusiastic audience. With quick steps the singer walked through the corridor. The closer she approached to the entrance of the hall the more she could feel not only the bass in every corner of the body, Julia also perceived Dimas singing voice. When she opened the large steel door the brunette paused for a moment to enjoy the breathtaking atmosphere.
The single 'Zadihayus' boomed loudly through the giant speakers. He let his audience freaking out with his powerful voice and the improvised dance moves.
Julia won the first curious looks from Dimas fans as well by the reporters who discovered her when she went through the narrow passages of the VIP area in order to find herbooked seat. When she had found her chair Julia took the seat and sat on a recognizable smile on her face, which she has given so often already to her own audience. Julia always smiled when Dima was totally absorbed in his music and was playing professionally with his voice.
Before the singer gave his encore he told his fans about the upcoming performance for the EuroVision Song Contest. He betrayed which big singer will go together with him in this big step.
Quite unexpectedly he suddenly asked Julia to come on stage.
The heart of the young woman was beating faster within seconds. The impressive applause of his fans gave her goose bumps all over her body. Just when she has left her sear Julia was taken by two security men. Almost a bit shy Julia went through the narrow passages of the concert hall until Dima took her hand personally. When the fans saw the two Russian superstars on the stage the applause and screaming became even louder.
Dima was clearly proud to have the international singer at his side. As soon as he spoke to his audience Julia pressed briefly her head against his chest and smiled friendly to the fans. In the notice Julia tried not to lose his hand for a second. Dima also handed her the microphone so she can also say a few words about the EuroVision Song Contest. Although Julia was completely into her speech about the announcement she felt his penetrating gaze. It seemed he was very pleased about the short dress which she was wearing.
Again and again the singers demanded that every single fan have to vote for their common song 'Back to her future' on 7th March in TV  so they can reach as many points in order to win the qualifying round.
The message of the superstars seemed to to clear and loud cheering of thousands of people became even louder. Especially when the duet left the stage hand in hand the crowd wasn't to stop.

Behind the stage Dima drank hastily at his water bottle. He offered Julia also to drink a bit but she declined politely while shaking the head. The musicians on stage prepared the intro of the addition and the shoutings of the audience grew.

"Jul? Will you wait for me here?" asked the singer as he closed the water bottle again and put it back on the white round table.

Julia nodded happily; snuggled briefly against his upperbody while she was standing tiptoes. She breathed a soft "Do your best..." in his ear.
Dima took this words ambiguous and couldn't resist a cheeky smile. He leaned fleetingly down to Julia also to be able to whisper in her ear.

"On stage or later ... ?"

His subsequent broad cheeky smile and hint stole Julia's breath for a moment. She had to laugh about this question.

"Both .. " she finally exclaimed when the young man was walking slowly backwards again on the way to the stage. However Dima turned up promptly with wide eyes when he saw Julia's subsequent naughty tongue play again. She shook his head with a loud cry until he finally disappeared back on the stage. Julia needed to laugh about his reaction because of the little naughty flirt.

While the deafening applause of the audience the popstar left the stage. With big steps Dima was jumping across the stage and entered the backstage area where Julia welcomed him promptly. She took his hand and leaned her body against him. The petite woman smiled proudly and looked up into the wet face of the young man.

"That was a great concert ... "

"Thank you ... " Dima smiled back and rubbed the sweaty drops off his forehad with a towel which Yana had given him.

He took off his black jacket and handed it to Evgeni. Julia looked briefly at his transpiring upper body, which was seen by the low cut white tank top he was wearing. Inexplicably she was totally impressed by this sexy sight. When he put the towel around his neck Julia grabbed the two ends of it and thus pulled his head a bit down to kiss him. Dima was indeed surprised about that sudden attack but didn't let it affect so much and kissed the young woman stormy back as he felt her warm breath on his lips. The kiss wasn't of long duration but long enough to make Julia completely speechless again. She gave him a dreamy look. In this moment she noticed that they had kissed for the first time openly in public. He also smiled satisfied and immediately took her hand and they made their way back to the dressing room where the stars had to wait until the whole team will arrived.

The male singer took an apple from the glasses fruit basket which was on the white wood table. With a great appetite he bit into the green fruit; smiled and chewing while looking at his duetpartner
Julia had made ​​herself comfortable on the black colored leather sofa and was about to reply to some messages on her iPhone again.
Dima also grabbed his iPhone from the table and sent Julia a message; waited for her reaction. When her phone vibrated shortly he could see how quickly she opened the unread message:

~ "Juuuuuuuul!! Are you hungry?"~ was written on her screen what made the petite woman laugh.

She looked over to Dima, shaking the head with a modest smile.

"Dim .. " she giggled almost embarrassed.

"Are you hungry?" Dima repeated his question and shown her the half-eaten apple in his hands.
About the unusual kind of getting attention Julia tilted her head to one side and shook it again. Dima shrugged undemanding his shoulders and bit again heartily into the apple.

After the team had gathered in the dressing room they went together to the van to drive back to the hotel. No sooner when she singers were on the back seats Julia leaned against Dima's shoulder.
His wide cutten tank top was very seductive. She wandered gently with the palm of her hand over his chest and slowly opened the black jacket. She lovingly massaged his shoulder and upper arm. Thereby Dima closed his eyes which was a sign that he enjoyed these touches to the fullest.
After a busy concert this kind of caressings were well deserved. Julia smiled at his relaxed facial expression and exerted out even more pressure with her hand.

" You have to tell me when I press too hard ... " whispered the brunette in his ear; almost a little insecure.

In these considerate words, he had to smile and shook his head slightly. In a self indulgent voice he praised the small massage and asked her even to go on. Julia playfully put one leg on his lap and thus pressed her body closer to him.

"So I should continue?" she whispered in a seductive deep tone.

First Dima gave the young woman a surprised facial expression. When he looked into her consent, almost fiery blue eyes, a big smile spread across his lips. By this he nodded. She smiled slyly and Dima was completely overwhelmed by her self conscious erotic charisma which she can play very good. Her hand wandered slowly down his chest; carefully under the tank top and stroked gently the muscular stomache.
Julia leaned her head back on his shoulder and enjoyed the proximity of the young man. She touched every inch of his stomache with her fingertips.
The small flirts during the day made ​​this moment even more exciting. Julia remembered his words again which he had told in the early morning. The tingling in her abdomen became stronger by the imagination when his strong body was bending over her. Due the gentle touches also Dimas body was tensed. Julia loved the sight when the lights of the city appeared through the car window and shown his satisfied face.
When the van approached at the hotel Julia sat upright again and ran her hand one last time aver the muskular upper body of the young man. At the same time she gave him an plainly gesture. Dima smiled and sat on a passionate glance while he was looking at the brunette from head to toe.

The two stars went hand in hand on the way to the elevator of the hotel. An unusual silence surrounded them. Within a second, it was quiet. No fans. No press . No time pressure. They were alone again. Dimas fingers slid slowly out off Julia's hand and wrapped his arm around her waist to pushing her gently closer. The petite woman was looking up into his sparkling hazel brown eyes with a satisfied smile. Every touch, every glance by this man awakend a infinite sense of happiness inside her. The desire for his sensual lips became stronger so she gave him a quick deep kiss.

When the elevator arrived the short tenderness ended though the kiss sparked a fire of passion in both singers. Almost desirous they looked into each others eyes while the door of the elevator opened. Hand in hand they made their way to the suits and the exciting and unstoppable tingling spread through her ​​whole body. Before Dimas suite Julia felt a low pressure on her hand.
Before she could look around, he slid the card through the slot of the door. When he had opened the suite he pulled the woman kinda roughly in his room. Dima was like a lustful animal which could hardly expect to satisfy his craving. These dominant kind made ​​her crazy. It was a clear sign that he couldn't also get enough of her and didn't want top waste any more time.
For a moment they looked at each other as he closed the door. Glances which betrayed that they had finally to quiet the craving for more.
Julia took greedily his face with both hands and kissed him deeply again. Dima immediately include her hips with his strong hands and they went with slow step near the bed until Julia felt the edge of it at the legs. Her hands wandered eagerly over his shoulder to pull the coat from his shoulders. When the coat was falling to the floor her hands slid under the tank top to take it off either. Julia was longing for his strong male body. No sooner when the clothes were on the floor she continued with her hot deep kisses. Her tongue was playing hungrily in his mouth while his long elegant hands opened the small zipper of the black dress which was covered from the back to the shoulder.
With his second hand he opened the attached belt of the dress with skilful handles. The dress fell slowly off Julia's shoulders down to the floor. While he stroked the delicate shoulders of the young woman and thus slipped down the straps of the bra Dima was opening the closure of the bra.
The young man tend his upper body slightly against her; dropped Julia lovingly and slowly down on her back.
One last time she looked into his of passion glowing eyes before he took her lips in possession with gentle kisses. While his warm fingers wandered over her sensitive skin he slowly leaned down on her. She could feel his warm touches and hot kisses when they covered her entire body.
To enjoy the gentle rubbing of their heated bodies to the fullest Dima also put off his trouser and underwear.
As soon as he leaned down on her again Julia buried the hands in his hairs; stroked gently through it while trying to control the trembling breathes. She wanted to feel his delicate touches, as his tongue wandered slowly over her abdomen while his hands pulled down her underwear carefully over her legs.
Julia  heard herself in whisper begging his name when she felt his hot breathes between her legs.
Her body trembled with excitement. With a soft sigh she closed her eyes as the tip of his tongue touched the sensitive spot of her body. His calm caresses were like a relief. She lifted her hips reflexively to be able to feel him even more intensely. A warm shiver went through her body as he deepened his touches.  Dima started to move his tongue slowly in circling movements she buried her hands in his back. A soft whimper ran over her lips as she felt his thumb on the little pearl and the breathing became faster. The brunette was raising her body a bit; gave a sign with it that she belongs just to him this night.
As he moved the thumb still in constant motions over the small pearl. Julia grabbed her fingers in the sheets by virtue of the excitement. At the same time he slide a finger in the wet center of lust. Thereafter a damped moaning followed of the young woman which made him almost loosing the control. He penetrated deeper, groped her innermost while he gently caressed the pearl with his tongue. A sigh filled of lust and her trembling body showed him that she liked it. But Julia wanted more.
The young man brought her increasingly to the climax of pleasure. Julia's breathing became faster and faster; her groanings louder. Once again she buried her hands greedily through his hairs and guide his head unconsciously between her legs to be able to feel him even more.
With a trembling voice she begged him not to stop. Dima enjoyed this moment of her begging words . He had certainly the control over the young woman. As he moved his fingers faster into her the throbbing around his finger became stronger, her breath shorter. Julia's body was boiling with excitement but the pleasure turned out to be a torture when he suddenly interrupted his caresses nearing her climax.
She whimpered again his name in a supplicate tone. But his mouth soaking up her dry lips and made her silent when he took a condom and put it on. When Dima leaned over her his tongue wandered slowly over the line of her neck.
Her hands delicately touched his body, wanted to explore and feel everything from him. Her nails circled hungrily over his back causing him to moan softly. Hereby his warm breath flew over her sensitive skin. The soft lips took their time. Slowly gliging down her neck until they had reached her shoulder.
His burning caresses irritated the soft skin and sparked even more pleasure in her body. Julia's breathings was shaky and the body was trembling even more when his hips slowly snuggled up against her. She could feel his full hard manhood between the legs. His tongue circled gently down her shoulder to the tender buds of her breasts while he was caressing infinitely slowly the fine curves of her body with one hand.
She didn't know for how long she could endure this sweet torment. This desire should never stop which was always kindled anew. Julia wanted more and more. His touches were like an addiction. It seemed as if her longing could never be satisfied with this man, no matter how many hours he has made ​​her happy with this tempting torment.
With both hands she wandered through his straight hairs, down to his strong shoulders. When he included with his hands her hips. Dima looked into her eager eyes. A look which made clear that she needed him, wanted to feel him - where the fire burned hottest.
Julias fingertips wandered inviting over his chest, as well over his abdomen to feel the soft skin once again. His gaze slid slowly, almost possessively over her graceful body which presented itself to him, nestled in the finest outrageously expensive silk sheets . The bare sight beguiled him.
His lust grown stronger by this wonderful expression of devotion when the lust was written in her eyes the. He couldn't wait any longer. His longing for this woman was burning hot inside and his muscular body leaned down further.
Dima kissed her warm lips with a new, kinda demanding cupidity. His hand went up over her breasts and kissed every part of the smooth skin. Dima still felt her heart beaten rapidly in response to his caress. He enjoyed it; short pausing to feel this closeness when the young man deepened the intimate kiss. The tip of his manhood touched the wettest place of her body until he slowly moved in her.
When Julia felt him inside, Dima could see the same desire in her eyes that blazed in him.
Taking this as an invitation, he slid slowly deeper in her. During the slow movements along her sweaty skin a deep sigh ran from briefly Julia's lips and thus interrupted the intimate kiss.
She could feel his tenderness. When Dima gave her time so she could get used to this feeling of being one with him as he moved slowly inside her.

He looked into her satisfied face and kissed her lips one last time. His kisses wandered from the brunette's chin down to her breasts until he finally knelt upright in front of her and was able to penetrate deeper in her. Julia stroked over his well built body, looking blindly for his hands. Her trembling hand glid over his palms. Finally Julia took powerful his hand while her fingers slide through his fingers.
A loud moaning was to hear, muffled by his own as she lustfully lifted her hips to move gently along his movements to feel him even more. She didn't want to stop this moment and enjoy this special melting feeling with him.
Between the gentle but urgent impact, which became moderately faster, was heard a loud sigh of the young woman. His intimate movements were such an intense feeling than never before due the emotional foreplay, where she had almost reached the climax.
Their heated bodies, so closely united as they could be. His fingers glid slowly out off Julia's hands. He ran his palms over her breasts, down to the trembling abdomen which was moving up and down. Her moanings became louder when he cupped her hips. Julia spread entirely indignant her legs to let him glide deeper in her hottest spot.
They looked into each others eyes while he penetrated deeper with slow shoves. The young woman didn't want close the eyes to look forever in his happy face. Her hands wandered over his strong arms which took her body in possession.
Julia wrapped her arms around his shoulders and clung around it to raise the upper body up. Instantly he cupped her back to give support for the petite body while she let her tongue play lustful in his mouth. When she was sitting on his lap Dima put the arms around the brunette and kissed her deeply back. Her hips were moving gently up and down and moaned again softly when he penetrated deeper. She had finally the control her finger pierced into his back. The brunette closed her lustful eyes.
While the petite body was moving up and down faster a uncontrolled moaning escaped his throat
Even Julia couldn't longer resist a pleasurable loud groan, which finally came again and again over her lips. In her body was the fire of passion. It heaten her up. Julia let herself fall and melted under his kisses along her neck while her body was moving faster and faster. She was completely exposed in the heat of sensuality. A feeling which she would never have dared to dream. A warm wave of pleasure ran through her body and ended in her abdomen. Not only her body was totally indignant shaking. Also Dima felt that Julia approaching her climax. Her desire was burning in him. Everything about her heated him on when the glow in her eyes mirrored the inner desire to the outside.
Julia whispered his name with a husky melodic voice into his ear while she immediately gasped for air again. A soft moan followed. When she was moving faster in him the woman was clutching in his warm sweaty back. Her voluptuous breasts rubbed against his warm chest.
The young man couldn't hold back a lustful moan.
Julia put her head in the neck; was moving faster and her sensual sounds became louder. As Dima finally could feel her ecstasy pulsating around his penis, he also arrived at the highest point of the common desire.

Even if Julia was completely exhausted by the act she took his face in both hands to kiss his lips. She couldn't stop smiling; felt happy and fulfilled. Her heart calmed down steadily and throbbed slower. Dima rushed to the trash can where he thre away the condom and went quickly back to bed.
One last time they looked at each others eyes with a smile until they laid back on the bed together. Dima placed carefully his arm around the young woman while Julia clung exhausted laterally against his body. The sweaty bodies stuck together and the only sound in the room was the heavy exhausted breathing of the two lovers. Julia felt happy and relieved at the same time. The woman has to smile about his tired eyes and stroked gently his chin with two fingers up to his bottom lip. When Julia has reached his cheek again she gently pushed his face closer to kiss his sensual mouth. After a short and almost powerless kiss they stared in each others eyes. Julia's hand wandered down to his chest, where she finally stroked him continuously. However her glance didn't turn from his make less face.

"Dimka?"  the young woman whispered and ran her fingertips up and down his chest.
A calm murmur was heard which made her smile even more. The brunette bit briefly thoughtfully on her lower lip and asked about the the reason why he was suddenly open up with her in the public. Today Dima was clearly less shy and even had to show his emotions. However first Dima didn't answer the question. He looked down into the curious blue eyes and smiled.

"Well, I simply can't resist you..." he breathed .

These unique words seemed to smash through her body. Julia's heart was pounding so fast again that she had to take deep short breathe. But the nagging ignorance let Julia's face solidify again. She still didn't know whether Dima was ready for more or not. Least there was a fine line between a committed relationship and the easy fact to find someone just attractive and sexy. Despite everything, Julia was pleased that in such a short time he felt well with her and was even able to show his feelings. The young woman didn't want to end this beautiful night with a  discussion .
His loud deep sigh gave Julia a smile. It sounded peaceful and satisfied. Her hand wandered again and again over his chest to the shoulders until both fell relaxed asleep.

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