Lubov Suka (Chapter 24)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 24

Around midday Julia met with Alexandra at the Italian restaurant 'Luciano'. A few days ago the singer was there for a cooking duel with the restaurant chef Luciano and she liked the premises and the familiar atmosphere so much that Julia wanted to use the opportunity to visit the restaurant for her meeting. Alexandra was waiting at the reserved table and sipped on her white wine as Julia walked into the restaurant. With some bright smiles the women hugged each other warmly.

"I'm so glad that you're here!" Julia said, kissing the cheek of the blonde.

Alexandra nodded happily and ran her hand over the singer's back.

"You're really lucky that I'm currently in Moscow to visit my family. Sometimes I just have to get out of America to sniff the air of my native land!" 

By the imagination to live in the States and letting the tumultuous Moscow life behind Julia's eyes became bigger and she nodded understandingly. The brunette hung her leather jacket over the back of the chair and sat also down at the table.
For one moment Alexandra looked at the petite young woman and besieged equal with compliments.
Julia's cheeks flushed. A silent 'thank you' came from her lips and flicked quickly with her tongue while taking the menu card to look for a drink.
 If a man flattered her, she knew exactly how to react. In contrast with a woman Julia was undoubtedly overwhelmed. Especially when she found the other girl secretly attractive.
Since the last meeting in Los Angeles Alexandra had matured. She was self-conscious. With her ​​long blond straight hair and also the girlish grace the young woman was certainly very sexy. However her youthful appearance wasn't to be underestimated.
While the waiter placed another menu card on the table which were for the menus of the day, Alexandra ordered another wine. This time she choose a French Corton red wine. Julia quickly lifted her middle and index finger in the air.

"Two, please!" 

The waiter nodded.

"Of course!" 

Since the young women hadn't seen each other for a long time they had a lot to tell. While they rummaged in the menu they talked about what has happened in the last two years. Alexandra told by her previous acting experiences  of the supporting role in various American second-rate series as well as her job in theatre.

Although the road to be an actor has been very cumbersome and heavy she didn't give up. In the conversation it was possible to feel her young motivation and joy of normal play-acting.
Julia also talked proudly about her first film role. One year ago she got the offer for a leading role in a comedy horror movie. Even from the story of the unusual zombie story Alexander was thrilled and could hardly imagine the petite woman with a machine gun.
The waiter interrupted the giggling women and serve the wine. After he had filled each glass, he placed the bottle of the center of the table and took his pen to write down the order.
No sooner had he left  Alexandra leaning her elbows on the edge of the table; clasped the hands and leaned her face against the back of the hand. One moment she looked at her opponent and wanted to know more about the future cooperation.

"So I heard you need my help in your new video?"

Julia nodded resolutely, sipped briefly on the red and flushed once the wine in her mouth to intensify the sweet fine aromatic flavor. When issuing the wine, the singer told  about the erotic content of the previous scripts. As Alexandra didn't move for a second and gave her a doubtful look Julia was a little unsure and asked for the opinion. The grin of the blonde grew the longer when she thought about it.

At first the sentence sounded a bit ambiguous. However it seemed as if Alexandra still images picturing mentally certain scenes of the clip. Julia's expectant look didn't ripped off. She fixed every move of the blonde woman while she took a sip of the wine. When issuing the glasses on the table Alexandra took a deep breath and began to nod.

"Ok, I'm in..." she finally replied with a smile.

A great relief was read in Julia's eyes. In her enthusiasm the singer explained that her friend Katya Dorosh will organize everything. Her new mate wrote the details in the smartphone and promised that she will forthwith write a message to the concert manager. Julia thanked several times and was obviously very pleased of her commitment.
The chef Luciano brought the ladies the food personally to the table when he hearned that Julia had visited the place. He was very pleased about her presence. Luciano greeted the petite woman with fleeting kisses on the cheek. The Italian gentleman receiving Alexandra also with a brief hug and flattered the blonde with nice words.

"A glamorous young woman!" He smiled and ran his hand briefly over her shoulder.

"Actually even more people should visit my restaurant this evening because two wonderful ladies are here." 

Both women sat down sheepishly back to their seats, while Luciano quoted an employee at the table.

"Yes?" asked the young waiter politely.

"Bring me the finest wine of the house for the charming young women please..." 

Just when Julia wanted to say something, she was interrupted by the chef.

"This is for my billet .. And now 'Buon Appetito'!" 

Alexandra and Julia thanked very much for the nice giveaway.

"Wow, it's incredible. You really know so many people ..", Alexandra said surprised and turned the pasta around her fork.

Julia shrugged modestly with the shoulder. At the same time she blew several times the hot piece of the lasagna on her fork until it was lukewarm.

After the main course they ordered a large serving of ice cream and beheaded the second bottle of wine. With their slightly drunken mood the two women chatted until into the evening. They were showing photos on their smartphones and cackled profusely like two young teenagers.
The evening was so entertaining that the singer invited her future colleague spontaneously for another drink at home.

Once there were at home Julia offered the guest a fruit cocktail.

"You want some?"

Alexandra who still pet the excited Jack Russel lady nodded in agreement with a smile.

"I would love too!" 

In the living room made both women made ​​it cozy on the sofa and pop the cocktail glasses against the other one with a loud giggling. The blonde remembered their common time in America. Julia had to agree and mentioned that they even didnt stop drinking because of the mood. In the same breath she added how beautiful this time has been.
Since her ex boyfriend Parviz had kept her on a short leash at home for several years the sudden freedom fundamentally changed her life.
Alexander crossed the legs and sat sideways and was ready to hear more of this story.  Back then Julia was very silent about this topic. Now she wanted to know more about it. The brunette talked openly about her relationship with the wealthy businessman. The constant sipping the cocktail while speaking was a sign that this time meant a lot to her.
The women flinched briefly when suddenly  someone rang at the door. The question whether Julia expected another guest was unnecessary because she had put on the same confused glance view. The brunette furrowed surprised brunette her brow and headed to the door.
When Olga stood in front of her; Julia actually prefered to close the door again. In her everlasting shrill voice she was welcomed. If the singer hadn't in this moment a white colored Chihuahua in front of her face she would have guessed just by the deafening tone of the voice that some burning news were the reason for this visit. Full of pride Olga presented her new four-legged friend. Meanwhile the distressed looking dog was shaken back and forth righr in front of Julia.

When Olga asked whether this dog wasn't cute her octaves were so high again that the brunette was afraid the neighbour would complain about the unusual volume at this hour in the whole house.
To avoid any conflict she wanted to get rid of the back smelling of expensive perfume guest. But as usual she failed again because Olga entered the apartment already.  The black high heels blared over the parquet floor while the annoying guest walked naturally into the living room.
When Julia was closing the door she she narrowed her eyes when the perfume cloud rose straight in her nose.  For one moment she asked herself why she wasn't able to stop the uninvited guest from the apartment. Least it was her own four walls. But Olga was always able to ignore all words and negative set gestures of the singer.
It seemed as if a this penetrant perfume poisened all her nerves and was able to rob all her senses. By her own strange imagination Julia shook her head and went also into the living room.
Alexandra's eyes were clear. She seemed to be overwhelmed; whether she should condemn Olga with pure ignorance or if it was a good idea to show some interest with some simply nodding and a smile to attached attention.

She looked stunned to Julia, who just shrugged and frowned briefly at the same moment. This reaction combinated with her facial expressions expressed everything.
Julia sat next to Sascha and looked compassionately at the dog. The Chihuahua was sitting motionless on her lap which gave the feeling that it was just stuffed animal. Alexandra wanted to know how the name of the four legged friend was.

"Tinkerbell!!" Olga squealed in high notes again.

Hearing this name Julia and Alexandra looked at each other briefly with wide eyes. Due to the short twitch of Julia's mouth and her frozen face Alexandra had to clear her throat not to laugh out loud.
But Julia was no longer frozen as Olga put her dog beside her on the sofa and inquired with already seeking glances through the living room to look for Viva.

"Viva isn't here," Julia replied and was suddenly jumping  up from the sofa.
With hasty steps she went to the bedroom to close the door and offered Olga something to drink. Right in this moment Julia wanted to slap herself but needed a refined way to prevent her dog not to come up with the idea to enter into the living room to greet the guest. Even though the probability was very low since Viva often avoids contact with Olga.

"Oh yes, a cup of tea would be perfect now!" The squeaking of her voice and the sound of her innumerable bracelets echoed through the apartment by every slightest movement.

Meanwhile the hosts cooked some tea in the kitchen. With an incredible euphoria Olga told about how she bought Tinkerbell. Julia leaned her hands on the kitchen counter, the head bowed slightly. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath for a brief moment to return to herself.
When the water was done the loud click of the water heater brought her back to reality again
Julia poured some hot water into the cup, put in the tea bag and went back into the living room.

"You are such a darling. What would I do without my glamorous sister?" giggled the blonde and raised conceited the hands in the air.
Alexandra furrowed and tilted her head with a questioning glance to the side when she heard the word glamoursister. The brunette rolled her eyes and waved quickly disinterested with one hand.

"Julchik! So tell me about you and Dima! There's currently so much things in the newspaper..." Olga chuckled even more elegant and stirred the spoon in the cup.

The singer couldn't believe that her guest started with this topic now. The last person who would know about the secret affair with Dima would certainly never be Olga. She was known for her daily gossip and the spreading of false rumors among other things.

"You shouldn't believe everything what's written in the newspaper. Dima and I just working together. Nothing More!" Julia said and her strict tone seemed to show effect for the first time.

There was silence in the living room for a short time. On the occasion of coarse words Julia was wondering whether her tone have been obvious. Olga's glance was skeptical.
As if she had a confirmation of her own guess Olga continued stirring completely self-confident in her tea. Her eyes focused alternately to Alexandra and Julia. No sooner she had put her tea cup  on the table again the lady crossed her long legs and smiled. The body language signaled once again that she had pondered a new theory. A few seconds later she gestured with her ​​small index finger alternately at the two women.

"If it's not Dima, then you both! Am I right?" she was saying in a incorrigible impertinence.

The two women shook their heads in sync. Julia was stunned and was mentally looking for a suitable counterattack. But this could possibly have consequences and rekindle a long, one-sided, conversation. Olga could easily work for the press and  write insatiable gossips for the newspaper. In Julia's opinion that's probably the only job in her life this woman would perfectly pass.

"Well, you don't have to be embarrassed, my little sister Glamour!" Olga giggled again quite effusive.
Julia sniffed. The nonsensical statement was completely incomprehensible; as she's popular throughout the whole world with the music about same-sex love. Consequently, there is no apparent reason to be ashamed of the feelings of another woman. Alexandra snorted loudly, held the hand at the same moment on her mouth before a loud laughter will burst out. In this reaction, Julia pursed her lips and took a deep breath.

"Well, be honest...right before your visit we were about to get drunk to end the evening with some hot lesbian sex on the sofa." 

Julia startled  about Alexandra's unexpected statement. With wide eyes she looked at the blonde and was literally speechless. Olga missing her words and stopped caressing her Chihuahua. A rare moment. Julia looked rotatory to her guests and cleared her throat. She was completely dazed by the silence and the sudden change of mood which prevailed in the living room.

"Oh ..." whispered Olga and looked timidly around. Due Alexandras starring glance she became increasingly nervous.

"Well ...", the woman continued and looked obviously for the right words as she greedily drank the last sip of the tea.

"... then I'll leave you alone ..." she mumbled through his teeth.

Julia hand't even the opportunity to accompany the gest to the door. Without a word, with a quick wave and a fake smile Olga left the young women and literally fled off the apartment.
As the door closed, Alexandra and Julia looked in surprise. A loud laughter followed. The young women burst out laughing and couldn't believe the quick departure of the annoying Olga. However, Julia was worried about the consequences of the invented story. Alexandra waved with her hand and reassured the singer.

"If she wants to tell stories in public, then she will do it anyway. Besides ..." she paused for a moment and frowned "... who takes Olga serious?" 

Julia thought for a moment and had to agree. Her friend sipped the cocktail and imitated Olga's arrogant body movements.

"Maybe her new mates of the great luxury Chihuahua Club who believe her everything in what she is saying ... least Tinkerbell accurately heard it..," she said in exaggerated squeaky voice.

Julia's laughter became louder until she was laying on the sofa and catching for some air. The blonde couldn't stop the backbiting. With the cocktail in her hand she tripped gracefully a few steps through the living room and repeated the meaningless talk of the extravagant woman. With tears in her eyes Julia begged her to stop. She held on to the stomach while laughing and shaking the head in disbelief.
The women were fatuous until late night. After the last sip cocktails Alexandra ordered a taxi. When they parted she hugged Julia warmly and repeated that she's glad to work with her very soon. Alexandra commented that she was already very excited about the common days in Cuba. This was based on reciprocity. Julia reluctantly had to say goodbye to the guest but gladly would have loved to continue their funny conversation.
When the guest left her apartment Julia cleared the table and put the empty glasses in the dishwasher. In the bathroom she put on her sky-blue pajamas. When brushing the teeth she reached for her iPhone and examined whether she had received new messages. Surprisingly there was a message from Dima. He had been sent ​​a new photo during his break next a large lake while enjoying the local sunset. When she read the description of the picture the young woman literally melted away.

'I'm imagining that you're beside me now and share this romantic moment with you ... <3' 

Her knees became weak. The heart pounded relentlessly. Moved by these words she bit unconscious on her toothbrush; sat down on the edge of the bathtub and wrote back.

"Dimochkaaaaa !!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3" 

A few seconds later came his answer already.

"Juuuuuuuul !! There you are! How are you?"

Julia had to smile and noticed how much toothpaste meanwhile had been building up in her mouth. With a big step she went to the sink, rinsed the mouth and answered. After she has washed her face and brushed the hair Julia went to bed and devoted entirely to the iPhone. While waiting for an answer the she looked at the recent sent picture and stared at the bare torso of the young man. Julia felt how much time passed by where she could touch every inch of his muscular body. The desire for a new passionate adventure flooded almost in all of her senses. She immediately scrolled down the text when the sound of a new message was to hear.
Julia bit her lower lip briefly because of the new image.
Dima was completely soaked; the drops melting on his skin. Without much hesitation Julia decided  to send a tempting picture, too.  Thus she pulled the collar of her pajama top seductive far down;  only to guess what was coming next in addition of the bare shoulder. With a beguiling expression she finally snapped a picture of herself and sent it to the young man. A little later an answer arrived. Dima was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected seductive image. He wanted to see more pictures. But Julia refused his begging. When they had send some more flirting messages Dima had to quit the conversation and the young woman was very excited about his promised revenge. 

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