Lubov Suka (Chapter 22)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 22

After the exciting and stressful time due to the preparations for the qualification of the Eurovision Song Contest the singer decided to dine alone in Mechta Café on the following night in Moscow. She stayed in the Café until late at night and thought about the past days. 
Julia was very happy thatDima and her came closer to each other during his Russia tour. Even though a common future was still uncertain. Nevertheless she felt Dima has much more feelings for her. It wasn't just a simple romance. His words were honest and the touches were fundamentally more emotional than in any other simple hot affair she had before. Julia wanted to enjoy every second with him and finally start her solo career with new strength and hope. The proximity of the young man gave her the necessary energy for it. Nonetheless the little love adventure will have a dark side in the everyday life.

While the singer was enjoying her free time with the family in the following days her desire to Dima grew more and more. It was impossible to integrate him perfectly into her life. The messages via the smartphones were no longer sufficient to satisfy the craving. She wanted to feel him closer. Especially since the break up with Vladim the picture of a harmonious family was completely destroyed. 
The mother of two children has been more aware of how hard it will be to integrate a singer in her family life. While she went with her children in a park for a walk to feed some ducks on small lake Dima attended in various radio stations and television shows to pursued his goal of a successful career.
Before the planned meeting with the fashion photographer Alexey Sorokin she wrote some messages to Dima. The conversation was very hearty. Loving words were to read not only from her side. Julia was waiting in vain for an answer of the question whether he would like to visit her in the evening. The next they'll work in the music studio again to record the song 'Lubov Suka'; the Russian version of 'Back To Her Future'. The singer would love to have the first reunion not equal in the music studio after the preliminary decision of the Eurovision Song Contest.

During the common dinner in the late afternoon with Sorokin Julia was looking several times on her iPhone. Her eyes were always directed to the last message which she had sent four hours ago and tried to remember his today's schedule. No matter how busy he was Dima always answered quite quickly. Julia became even a bit worried. It was unusual for him that her swarm didn't answer for such a long time.

After two hours Julia thanked the young fashion designer for the invitation in the restaurant. No sooner she had left the restaurant the young woman dial Dimas number. Unfortunately just his mailbox answered. She entered her Porsche; placed the phone and purse on the passenger seat and made her way back home. 
At the traffic light she pressed the buttons on the steering wheel to operate the music playlist. Julia choosen some fresh club music to get free off her negative minds and within seconds the bass blew through the car speakers.

When she arrived back home the brunette threw her jacket and purse over the coat rack in the hallway. A facilitating sigh was heard as she took off her tight black high heels. In the kitchen she grabbed for a glass of water and went to the sofa in the living room. Julia opened the button of her jeans and pulled down the zipper of her white designer blouse to make it more comfortable. The young woman wasn't tired yet. She turned on the TV and flipped bored through the TV channels until Julia finally found an aired dramatic love story in one of the many programs. Since the movie had just begun she didn't want to miss this. 

Her fingers wrapped around a few strand of her hairs again and again while she was watching the movie. 
She took the make up box from the table. In the small included mirror on the back of the box she smoothed her spikey hairs with the flat hand. Gradually Julia had enough of her stepped cut which she was wearing for more than half a year now. The varied woman would love to wear longer, slightly wavy hairs again. Inspired by this idea she put the make up box back on the table and ran the hand through her black hairs once again. 

Julia was about to sit back on the sofa when the doorbell rang unexpectedly. She immediately thought of her mother who was currently cared about her children. In hurried steps she headed to the door and opened it. The first worried expression changed when she immediately saw the unexpected guest. Dima braced himself with one hand against the door frame and his glance wandered promptly over the unusual outfit of the young woman. He smiled at this welcoming sight of the tousled hair, the opened blouse and the wide opened jeans. 

"Did I disturb you?" he asked in an almost offensive tone. 

Julia looked down at herself and the redness instantly shot her in the face. 

"No, actually you did not ..." she grinned and put on an innocent smile. 

Her joy to see Dima became bigger that she greeted him with a stormy hug. He apologized that he hadn't wrote back or called her. As soon as he wanted to name the reasons for this his words fell silent by an intimate fleeting kiss. Julia smiled so much of happiness which was a obvious sign that she doesn't care about that now. Julia took his hand and pulled him gently into her apartment. When she closed the door with the free hand the brunette led him into the living room.

"Would you like something to eat or drink?" Julia asked lovingly.

She smiled at her unexpected guest and sat down beside him on the sofa. Dima declined the offer. Just by hearing his voice it was obvious that he was completely exhausted. She looked briefly at his tired face, took his hand and stroked gently the back of his hand.

"Have you worked a lot today?" asked the brunette and ran her fingers through his soft brown hair. Dima nodded and admitted that he had been awake for meanwhile sixteen hours and had almost continuously appointments.
Julia pursed her lips and tilted compassionate her head. Now it was clear why Dima had no longer time to answer the messages. She asked him to put off his shoes and to sit with his back to her to gift him a relaxed evening. Dima wrinkled his brow in surprise. The request has been clearly when she knocked with both hands right in front her on the sofa. Thus he followed the words and took off his shoes. Just as he sat upright again Dima felt her hands around his waist.

"Come closer ..." she whispered in an kinda directing but loving tone.

The young man slid backwards until he could feel her breath on his neck. He felt her hands wandering up and finally slipped his shirt over his head. He received not only a sudden cool light air also her gentle touches on his shoulders which gave him a little shiver throughout his body. With a pleasant pressure she massaged his neck down across shoulder blades. Julia smiled at the sight as he devotedly leaned he head a bit back and closed his eyes within seconds. A low murmur was heard when she made a little more pressure with both thumbs. Julia leaned her upper body sideways forward while her hands rested briefly on his shoulders. Dima opened his eyes and looked into the shining eyes of the young woman.

"You want more?" she breathed softly.

Dima couldn't resist the subsequent graceful smile and the gentle hands on his skin. He nodded wordlessly. Her hand wandered slowly over his arm and she cupped his hand. When Julia got up from the sofa she turned off the TV and pulled Dima softly closer. Once again a smile graced her face. It was almost mysterious. Even though he was exhausted Dima loved this seductive gesture and gave up himself entirely to the lovely sparkling game.
Julia opened the door of her bedroom and pointed with the palm to the big double bed which was wrapped in a gold-colored polyester bedspread.
Her fingers slid from his hand and she stroked  immediately his back to direct him gently to the bed. No sooner Dima was laying with his stomach on the soft bed he felt that Julia approached him and sat purposefully on his butt. Her graceful legs roamed along the side of his hips as she bent her upper body over him. For a moment both of her hands rested on his strong shoulders.
The feeling that Dima couldt only feel and not see her awaken an infinite tingling in his body. It was a breathtaking moment that he could completely surrender to the young woman. Dima heard the opening of a drawer. With twinkling eyes he followed her arm movements. In her hand she held a small bottle with white liquid. The young man could only imagine what was happening behind him. A pleasant odor of almonds and vanilla rose in his nose.

"What kind of things are you hiding in your bedroom..." he said in a surprising tone.

A loud click sounded as she close the bottle . With a confident smile Julia put the oil aside and rubbed the liquid onto the hands. He could only imagine with which kind of expressive charm she would look at him now.

"I hide many other things in my bedroom..." whispered the young woman in her typical smoky voice.

By this self-confident tone of her voice his breath stopped for a second. Dima was overwhelmed. This open witted combined with the most sinful message. He was practially  imagining her vulgar expression; followed by the seductive bite on her lower lip. It was a very sparkling moment for the fantasy.
The oily soft hands rested gently on his shoulder blades before Julia slowly moved her fingertips to his relaxed muscles to loosen them a bit.
Her touches were like silk on his skin. They were barely perceptible, yet achieved a pleasing effect.
The deep sighes which ran unconsciously from his lips by virtue of the soothing massage brought a satisfied smile on her lips. Julia's thumb wandered along his spine where she exert a little more pressure. His back relaxed visible while the palm of her hands firmly drove off along the coccyx. Dima's body sank more relaxed on the bed and he hoped fervently that the suprising massage will never end.
A sweet well-known fragnance rose in his nose again and again. He was sure that he was currently laying on the side where the young woman was always sleeping. He couldn't escape from the smell of her candy like body. The pillow smelled strongly of her wild roses shampoo and he remembered the marvelous moment when he snuggled his face against her head. In addition this sensual blend of comfortable pressure was all over his skin which emanated from her dainty soft fingers. The harmonious scent of the vanilla and almond oil set him completley in daydreams.
Dima twitched for a brief moment when her fingers wandered along his ribs. It was the most sensitive spot on his body. With a quiet giggle she wanted to know if he was ticklish.  The young man didn't know whether the answer to these questions could have consequences for him. Finally he trusted her and mumbled his answer into the pillow.

Julia loved the way how he he indulged her touches. His whole body was tense. With all her strength she tried to loosen his neck and shoulders. The constant sighing and grumbling by virtue of the sensitive massage became steadily quieter.

"Dim?" asked the young woman softly as she ran her fingertips along his back when she couldn't hear any more noises of him.

Julia smiled as he didn't answer and leaned carefully over him. She looked straight into his sleeping face and felt his deep flat breath. The brunette would love to lay on the strong back to feel his completely warmth.
But the man was obviously completely exhausted and she didn't want to wake him up again.
With slow careful movements Julia climbed slowly from his bum and laid down beside him.
She took the blanket from the free space of the bed and pulled it cautiously over herself and Dima. With the fingers she brushed quietly through his hair and stroked gently a few strands from his forehead. The young woman observed the tired face and his flat peaceful breathing until her eyes became also heavy.

When Julia opened her eyes in the next morning she looked straight into Dimas peaceful face. He still slept soundly and hadn't even moved which undoubtedly showed how exhausted he had to be due the previous day. The sight gave her an inner peace and satisfaction.
It was like a dream which finally came true, to be so close to him in the early morning. Julia stroked gently her fingers through his soft hair and couldn't stop smiling. After a while she came a bit closer to kiss his warm cheek; her fingertips still caressed the back of his head. It seemed he was a little frightened by the unusual touches which had torn him from his sleep. But his glance rapidly changed as he looked in Julias of happiness filled eyes.

"Good morning," whispered the young woman. Her voice was so gentle that a warm shiver followed through his body.

"Good morning ..." Dima growled with a smile as he enjoyed the pleasant touches of her fingers on the head.

In a tired voice she asked how he had slept. An even wider and therefore contented smile spread across his face. He lay down on his back, stretched his body and admitted that it's been a long time that he hadn't slept so well. Julia was very happy about and leaning an elbow on the bed. Her eyes wandered briefly over his naked body which she had massaged last night. The seduction to his gentle skin was big. Thus she stroked lovingly over his chest, came closer with her body and got immediately his full attention. Their eyes deepened. The unusual silence unleashed a fascinated moment. Julia could look into his deep brown eyes for hours. It seemed as if he was able to tell the moest beautiful stories just with his eyes. His expression was so strong and inspiring.
Dima broke the silence by thanking the young woman for the pleasant massage. She replied with a modest smile. Once again she looked at his strong shoulders.

"I hope it also has a positive effect and you feel a little better," whispered Julia.

"I feel like new born," he said with a happy grin.

The brunette pointing with her eyes how happy she was about it and took a deep breath.

"I'll prepare breakfast. Do you have a special request?" she asked softly, looking at Dima with an expectant look. He thought for a brief moment. When he shook his head she ran a hand over his fleeting warm cheek and got out of bed.

"I'll put a new towel for you in the bathroom." 

Dima nodded silently and watched every movement of the graceful woman as she took clothes out of the wardrobe and walked out of the bedroom. Julia could literally feel his staring gazes and stood for a moment in the doorway. Before she leaned the door the brunette turned and winked cheekily with an eye.

"You can also undress here!" Dima suddenly exclaimed.

But he was downright terrified when the door opened at the same time again and Julia stood in the doorway again. She called with a teasing grin a similarly loud 'No!' back. Due to her unexpected stormy reaction he laughed out loud.

"I start to know you Bilan. Since you've always the last it's my turn!" she smiled confidently, pointing threateningly with her forefinger at the giggling singer.

"I see. It's probably not my benefit if you know me so well," he chuckled.

She set on a mysterious glance and played with her tongue along the corner of her mouth
Julia knew that it turned him incredibly on. With success. Dima was silent within seconds.

"Indeed," she said in an innocent tone and headed into the bathroom to take a shower.

After the shower Julia dried her hair and put some decent make up on. There was a careful knock at the door and she told the still sleepy singer to come in.

"I'm done now," Julia said. As she put the eyeliner back on the shelf and got patterning looks.
Before the brunette left the bathroom she stood beside him and put a hand on his muscled stomach.

"The things you need are over there on the shelf," she said in a low voice. Julia couldn't resist a grin because of his tired appearance with the brown chaotic hair. Dima thanked with a grumbling tone. He was obviously no master of his senses yet and yawned incessantly when he went with slow steps to the shelf.

In the meantime Julia was preparing breakfast. She cooked some tea and kasha and refined the buckwheat with sugar and milk.

After the shower Dima entered the kitchen and the hostess served the typical Russian breakfast. The young man was quite amazed when he took the first bite and admitted that he hadn't eaten this for many years. Although it was the favorite breakfast from his childhood.

"I thought you can't cook?" asked Dima while he hastily devoured the porridge with a great relish.

Julia was embarrassed and reduced the surprising praise. "Just little things which are fast to prepare..."

She smiled proudly as he scratched out with enthusiasm the last remnants of the plate.

"Are you still hungry?" 

When he shook his head some soft damp strands of hairs fell  in front of his forehead. Dima  put satisfied a hand on his full belly and sipped simultaneously on the tea.

After breakfast ​​the singers drove to the music studio where Dima and Julia brought some more ideas into the work to improve the song 'Lubov 'Suka', the Russian version of 'Back To Her Future', which wasn't completed yet.
The producer immediately included the suggestions of the experienced singers in the song and played it again once.
For the first time after the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest Julia realized what kind of personal note the song actually had the for her. It wasn't just a song, once taken for the Eurovision.
The melody bestowed countless of beautiful imaginary moments of what happened during the last weeks. Julia didn't care anymore how much success she will have with Dima. Success or not.
There was something much more beautiful. The fun at work and also the beautiful private hours for which there were no words for. No one could take the memories away from her. Throughout their common songs their bond and also emotions became stronger
After the successful day in the studio the duo had decided to dine in a restaurant.
Due Dimas longing for some pasta he commend to visit the restaurant 'Dom Karlo'. He raved for the local with the delicious homemade Italian food whereupon Julia nodded unanimously.
They left the building hand in hand and stopped at Dima's car. He pulled on his clothes and wrinkled the nose.

"I would like to undress at home before we go to the restaurant. Is it ok for you?" Dima asked.

"I'm wearing this clothes since yesterday and I don't wanna go in a public local like this."

Julia giggled due his cute facial expressions and nodded. "Of course." 

Many times she had wondered how he was living. Meanwhile she knew this man for so many years but so far there was no suitable situation to visit his privat four walls.

When she entered the flat her imagination was destroyed within seconds.

Surprisingly his flat adorned a modern and noble furniture at the same time.

The hardwood floors gleamed and the entire ceiling had small spots.  Moreover it was possible to switch the light of the apartment individually between dim light or making it brighter. If someone wouldn't know that Dima was proud of his music the feeling that he's in love with himelf could appear easily. The walls in each room were decorated by great self portraits, certificated documents based by his musicial career and a few artistic paintings. A large glass display case with numerous national and international awards shown his long term success in the music business. Everything was available: from platinum to gold. He was obviously proud of what he had achieved in his life and the apartment was indeed no comparison to his chaotic hotel rooms.
He put his arm around her waist.

"I'll be right back. Feel free to look around a bit!" he said.

Julia nodded cautiously and was still captivated by the tasteful furnishings. With slow steps she strolled through the rooms until she stood in front of the impressive bedroom. The young woman was completely enchanted by the luxurious details. On the floor was a pleasantly soft beige colored carpet. Laterally at the wall of each picture were some candlesticks installed.
A wrought iron four-poster kingsizebed wasn't the only impressive exclusivity of the room. In the left corner was a jacuzzi with golden faucet. The surface was decorated with light brown stone tiles.
When Julia saw a white bathrobe next to the jacuzzi she realized that Dima was living alone here. The imagination ached in her heart that he had to spend nights alone in such an exclusive romantic place. It was a sin. Julia fell in her daydreams. It must be wonderful to wake up with this man in such a exceptional idyllic bedroom. The atmosphere set no limits for the imagination.

"I'm done." 

His voice made the young woman wince briefly.

 She turned around and her eyes wandered down his exquisite black jacket. Now it was Julia who felt no longer comfortable in his presence with her everyday clothes.

"Do you like it?" he asked while caming a few steps closer.

Due to its pitch it was obvious that he already knew that the young woman was infatuated in his apartment.
She nodded silently. Her words were literally missing. It seemed as if she had discovered an entirely new and unexpected side by Dima.
"It is ..." Julia was thinking briefly and tried to find the matching expression.  "... beautiful in here. Heavenly..."

He smiled; took her hands and whispered that she is always welcome. Julia's knees became immediately weak again just by the thought of spending a day with him in this, possibly most romantic, apartment in Moscow.

"I will surelly accept the offer..." she whispered. As she took his hands she pulled him closer.

In Dimas ingenuous grin she could read clearly that he would be very pleased about it and that he's looking forward to invite his singing partner once at his home. He led her arms behind his back while Julia put her hands on his hips and tilted her head promptly expectantly to one side. Without further hesitation he kissed her stormy. She adored his unexpected rampant kind and bit gently on his lower lip.

"Don't do that ..." he whispered with a sensual smile and his circling tongue wandered immediately in her mouth again.
The sudden greedy kiss attack let Julia's abdomen tingle of excitement and thereby she was pushing unconsciously her pelvis against his hips. Dima pressed her a bit carefully away while kissing her lips one last time. With a dissapointed glance she looked up at him.

"... only a small taste of my invitation," he said in a lustful tone.

Julia took a deep breath.

"Then I'm forced to accept the invitation very soon." 

Their glances were showing how much they were obsessed in each other again. The lovely tension was almost unbearable but gift an anticipation for another upcoming erotic adventure. Dima broke the exciting moment with a loud clearing of the throat.

"Let's go ..." he said, trying to suppress his playful facial expressions. Julia took instantly his hand when they left the apartment.

On the way to the restaurant Julia dig through the music playlist in his BMW, whereupon she found all kinds of music. Suddenly he took her hand from the music system and repeated the song that she had just alluded. When the first notes of the song 'I've been waiting for a girl like you' of 'Foreigner' sounded Dima smiled at her quickly and turned back his eyes to the road. As expected he sang with full devotion and Julia couldn't stop smiling.
She was so happy to be with him. Beside him. In that car. In this enchanting evening after an indescribably beautiful day. His singing brought her goose bumps. The song was only dedicated for her.
Not for his fans. Not for a TV show. He belonged just to her.

She sat a little sideways on the passenger seat to observe and listen to the little private performance slightly better. Julia enjoyed every single second.
It increased her even small tears in her eyes as he sang the chorus with this unbelievable emotional voice.
That he had dedicated the song to her personally was written in his shy glances which Dima gave her briefly inbetween. Her happy smile seemed to encourage the young man to sing even more until the song finally came to end.
She still looked at his fine lineaments and was fascinated by the sudden unexpected romance. An embarrassment short laughter came over his lips.

"You're making me nervous when you're staring at me all silently ."

The young woman caught herself in the dreamy mood when his words brought her back to reality.

"I'm sorry", Julia answered and was still smiling.

She sat upright and took a deep breath. Since Dima is living with music day by day he surelly had already sung a serenade for some women before. Again she turned her head to the side and looked at him.

"How often did you do this already? Surelly several times?" she asked somewhat uncertain.

Dima shook his head. His gaze was fixed on the road.


When he shook his head again  Julia bit her lip thoughtfully.

"But you did already?" 

Again he denied wordless her question. She frowned.

"Was it the first time?" 

Dima nodded and the blush rose to his face. Julia completely forgot to close her mouth when she got the unexpected answer. The ever-trilling Bilan had never sung a personal serenade for another woman. The brunette was surprised, confused and proud at the same time that she was the first woman ever who could hear a unique and personal song from him.
Once in the restaurant 'Dom Karlo' Julia knew that she didn't regret the decision to visit the unknown restaurant. It was a very bright friendly building which was divided into zones. From a huge kind of living room up to a unique ballroom. Huge arched windows donated natural light. Julia followed Dima wordlessly to an open room where a large comfortable balcony was to be found.
The furniture matched perfectly with its dark brown parquet flooring and terracotta-colored walls for the typical Tuscan style which the restaurant gift for the visitors.
Even the creaking when crossing the wooden floor brought a pleasant atmosphere. The chairs were covered in rich fabrics. Julia was amazed by the wide selection of the menu. Next to antipasti, pastas and pizza, was also meat and fish to order.
After long deliberation she opted for the tomato salad in Advocadosauce with fried artichokes and beef. Dima had chose the typical Italian kitchen and ordered a pizza with Parma ham and mushrooms. Julia had to smile about the melting cheese on his pizza which hung once  from his mouth when they had eaten together in the music studio.
Dima obviously knew about his eating habits and consciously decided  a cheese poorer variant while dining in the public. The waiter took notes of their orders and lit on a candle, which stood in the middle of the table. The spontaneous idea to visit a restaurant developed into a romantic candlelight dinner.
The singers enjoyed their free time in this sensual atmosphere and had a extensively conversation. Dima reminded the mother of two children to meet her kids again. Julia smiled and was happy about the fact that he hadn't forgotten his promise, mainly to spend a little bit time with Samir.
Since Julia will have increasingly appointments in the near future she took her iPhone to check some of her free days.
The singer chose a fitting day when he will have a day off and will also be in Moscow.
Without hesitation she wrote quickly the date in the calendar of the iPhones.
When Julia put the phone back on the table he took suddenly her hand and stroked gently with his thumb over the back of the hand. At the same time he cocked his head and grimaced with this incredibly attractive grin which made ​​her heart beat faster again.
In this moment it seemed as if they were sitting alone in the restaurant. The tingly feeling vibrated throughout the body of the young woman. She loved the humorous as well as his serious side. With this man it was never boring. He could always surprise with an unexpected behavior.
It seemed as if both were completely abandoned at the cozy dinner. It wasn't necessary to communicate verbally with each other. The two singers gave glances and touches to each other which told more than words. It was an exciting, yet indescribable feeling. Even while eating, there was a special soulful mood.
After main course they chose a tiramisu. Here Dima led the fork to Julia's mouth to feed her with the typical Italian dessert.
He slipped off carefully the remaining mascarpone cream with the index finger which hung on her lips and eventually led it into his mouth In this seductive game her breath stopped for a brief moment.  The tingling in her abdomen literally heaten her body.  Julia was completely speechless by this unexpected erotic moment.
Only when the waiter interrupted  their sensual flirt to offer another drink the two lovebirds came back to reality. Dima looked at Julia with a questioning look. The young woman took a look at the clock and realized that it was getting late. She would gladly love to sit longer with him in the restaurant and order one more drink. Since the an appointment in the russian TV show 'Krasnaya Zvezda' will be in the early morning she had to do back home.
The brunette preferred enough sleep to avoid tired eyes edges.
She didn't like to wear more make-up as needed. If someone could understand the situation then it was Dima himself. He called for the bill and put the counted money on the table. When the waitress came he handed over the money which included also a tip for the excellent service included. Again like a gentleman he stood up; took her jacket  and pulled it gently over Julia's shoulder. Dima offered his arm for the young woman while she immediately hooked in. Julia thanked politely, with sparkling eyes and a restrained but happy smile when they left the restaurant together.
As he drove stopped the car at her house Dima turned off the engine. There was a moment of silence until Julia cleared her throat.

"Thanks for the great day. It was wonderful," she said somewhat modest.

Dima smiled. A shy glance wandered over the footwell. Julia was touched by this reaction. In that kind of moments he was like a bashful little boy who blushed by his own emotinal words. She unbuckled herself and ran the palm over his right cheek. As the brunette tilted her head slightly, Dima looked at her timidly.

"Well, I'll see you  soon again..." Julia whispered with joy in her voice and gave him a long soft kiss on the lips.

"I'm looking forward to..." she smiled and slowly removed her hand from his cheek.

"Me too...", Dima replied softly with a smile.

"Good night," she said and got out of the car.

"Good night, Jul!" 

The singer waited until her singing partner drove off with his BWW and waved with one hand until the car drove around the next corner of the street and was no longer visible.

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