Lubov Suka (Chapter 28)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 28

It took almost a whole month since the two singers hadn't even spoken to each other. Julia had repeatedly tried to contact Dima and wanted to see him personally to apologize for her behavior on Kirkorovs birthday party.
It was in vain. Dima seemed to avoid any contact. He responded neither to messages or calls. Frustrated by this fact, Julia met with her ex boyfriend Vladim again and again. Together they attended the opening of a Moscow boutique, went together in a restaurant and spent time with the children. He accompanied the singer also at concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow, the music studio, as well as in interviews and TV appearances. For the first time since their break up they talked again about their plans of their common restaurant. 

On a Wednesday afternoon Julia met with Katja in Anderson Café. They talked about upcoming appointments while dining delicious food in the noble local in Moscow.

Julia ordered in sesame oil fried Japanese dumplings with chicken, shrimp and ginger and a matching Japanese tea.But the appetite was modest again. 
The singer ate her food listlessly and absently. Katja already had to endure the mood quite a while. After the blonde had finished her food she pushed the plate away, sipping quickly on her white wine and put the glass striking loudly back on the table. Julia blinked with the eyes and saw speechless at Katja. As it was dry bread she swallowed a piece of the pastry.

"For how long do you want to run around so pitiful?" Katja asked sullenly.

"You really pull any of your mood down. All the time you put on a fake smile. It has been a eternally time since you have laughed. It is too much to bear. Your presence is gradually unbearable."

The unusually harsh words of her concert director made the singer thoughtful. She silently looked across the table and watched as the candlelight reflected in the wine.

"You'll still have to work together with Dima for a while. You both have a contract. A meeting is necessary. You need to stop your little love-fight and finally speak with him."  

Julia bit nervously on her lower lip and stared into her steaming tea. There was no reason to protest against the harsh words of her friend because the next day both singers were invited for two events. the time has come for a talk.  After four weeks of silence she had also enough of the game. But Julia had already taken the first step and wondered whether it would be a mistake to harass him.  It was simply not her way to beg on knees for someone.  
This time it was obviously inevitable. Almost in a whisper Julia promised that she will visit Dima today to be able to talk about their current problem. Katja nodded content and noticeably couldn't wait to pay for the meal.
No sooner had Julia drank the last sip Katya's eyes were searching the nearest waiter to ask for the bill.

After she had paid, the women said goodbye in the restaurant. Julia walked thoughtful out of the restaurant and got into her Porsche. Even if she wasn't even sure whether Dima was really at home right now the woman was deliberating about the right words with which she might begin the serious conversation. 

Prior to his door Julia took one last deep breath before she pressed the bell button. Even from outside the loud bells was audible throughout the apartment. A few seconds later the door opened and loud music pierced through the house. Dima froze in a second when he saw his unexpected guest. Seized by the situation he murmured her name briefly and asked her to enter.
For a brief moment she looked at the young man. He wore his blue cap, as usual when he was lazy or had no time to style his hair. The deeper the cap was sitting on his head, the more tired he was. Today his eyes weren't even visible anymore and reagarding to the dark stubble along his chin he evidently didn't do so much in the past days. His odd sight was a kind of consolation that not only Julia felt bad.
With small restrained stepped the brunette walked into the apartment. When Dima closed the door he past by and muttered a few unintelligible words.

"Well..sit down..." he said tensely as he put the volume of the music down.

Julia took a seat on the sofa and stared first at the glass table which was standing in front of her.

"Do you like something to drink?" asked Dima and waved a little overwhelmed with the hands.

Julia shook her head. "No thanks!"

Right after the spoken answer Julia noticed that she hadn't say a word yet. Not even to welcome the young man. The internal pressure was so massive that she couldn't even think straight. Julia wondered how she could start a conversation now.

As Dima also sat down beside her some questions shot through her mind. What kind of words were right in this moment? How to behave? Maybe it would be better if Dima starts? Or will he remains silent?

The words finally bubbled over her lips in memory of unpleasant Kirkorov's birthday. Her eyes were nervous. She looked alternately from the glass table backto Dima.

"I wanted to apologize personally for my behavior. Through the influence of alcohol my whole emotions virtually exploded. I had no control over of what I'm doing..."

Julia wanted to continue but was interrupted.

"All right. I know. You've already told it on the mailbox."

The young woman swallowed. His cold words let the breath stuck in the throat.
It was such a relief as suddenly the brown eyes were looking at her and clearly verify her face. Obviously also Dima was looking for the right words.

"I also wanted to apologize that I didn't answer. Somehow ..." he took a deep breath but didn't lead his sentence to end. He looked down and became silent.

"Somehow?" Julia asked cautiously.

"Somehow I did not find the right words. I did not want you to feel my anger. But when I finally felt fine for a conversation those photos with you and Vladim appeared in the internet. It became more and more pictures..."

Dima looked uncertain in her eyes until he hesitantly inquired if she's in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend again.
Julia shook her head silently and finally disagreed with a gentle 'No!'.

She studied his strained face, cleared her throat and frowned.

"What makes you think that I'm in a relationship with Vladim again?"

Nervously the singer played with the ring on his finger and defiantly shrugged shoulders. The fixed gaze of his counterpart made him nervous. Thus he was forced to talk about his feelings and fears. Each picture and video of her and Vladim which appeared on the internet in the last weeks hurt him.  Dima took a deep breath after he had expressed his fears. A brief uncertain gaze to the brunette.
Julia pressed her lips together. Her eyes were loving, caring and compassionate at the same time.

"Dim, what do you want me to do?" she asked softly.

She tilted her head to the side, gently put the hand to his face and stroked with the thumb along his cheek.

"It seems to me that you're jealous when you see me with Vladim. I try to get your attention in public but then you're cautious.  Then I suppressive my feelings and you get doubt. You haven't even reply on my messages when I asked you for a meeting so I can apologize for my misbehavior. Least I want you to listen to me. Nothing else. That would have been enough to me. I wish I could amend my behaviour on Kirkorov's party. But it happened. there's no way to turn back the time."  

Dima took her hand, which slid straight from his cheek down on his shoulder.

"I know. Just let's forget what happened. After all, it happened because I hesitated. There is also another reason why I wanted to have some time and distance from you. I needed time to sort myself; to see what I really feel. The long wait will come to an end. I'd like you to be more open. Feel free to do it. I don't want a closer relationship. The problem persists that we are apart from each other so much. The difference will be that I'm more open toward you. I promise. I couldn't let you wait any longer. "

Julia's heart was beating so fast that her breatch  almost stuck in the throat. After all these months Dima was about to be more open to show his feelings.

She was stunned and very happy at the same time that he had thought about his feelings despite all skepticism. As so iften the young woman was optimistic and more hope still grew. With wide eyes she sat in toward him; paralysed by the words. Julia never would have expected that the evening will bring such a happy ending. An hour ago she was profoundly convinced that Dima will decide for a business based relationship. The young man had to smile as he looked at her perplexed face.

"Hey ..." he called Julia quietly back to reality as he moved her hand up and down. With success. The brunette was close to tears and pursed her lips. She sighed his name deeply and finally embraced him. He gently ran a hand down her back until Julia looked at him with a moisty glance. Their eyes deepened more and more until his head came closer.  For a moment his lips rested on her mouth.
She closed her eyes reflexively and exerted slight pressure on his full lips. The kiss was slow and became demanding. Dimas hands buried in her long hair. Her hands ons his shoulder  wandered slowly along his neck to pull him closer.

Dima sighed and stroked his tongue slowly along her lower lip and thus asked for inlet. Julia played gently with the tip of the tongue on his tongue and the kiss became instantly more passionate.
Again and again he caressed her lips greedily. Between the kisses he asked in a gentle voice if she wasn't once amazed about his bedroom. Julia opened her eyes and nodded with a mischievous grin. Thereby she kissed his soft lips. Dima smiled lecherous back and ordered to sit on his lap. Julia followed his words. When their tongues met up again she slipped with skillful movements on his lap and put her arms around his neck.
Dima got up carefully and carried the petite woman to the bedroom. The brunette obviously liked the game and pressed her legs around his hips. Julia was so engrossed in the hot kisses that she didn't even notice that they had already reached the bedroom. He laid her gently on the bed. Thereby his hands were on her shoulder and pushed her tenderly down. As if he had also fall on the bed Dima's eyes shown anticipation and eagerness.
His hands slid slowly along  her hip while both looked deep into each other's eyes. He kissed the warm lips and laid down beside her. Julia quickly snuggled her head against his chest and once again both were lost in their eyes.

"I was so longing for you so much..." he whispered. Julia nodded and sighed appreciatively when he gently stroked her back and drove through the dark hair. Dima felt her deep breath on his face.

"You are so incredibly sexy ...." Dima said dreamily when he saw her pleased face expression and spoiled the little lady.

Julia smiled sheepishly, didn't answer and was enjoying every single touch with closed eyes. He leaned forward slightly and pulled her closer until their lips met again. Their tongues melted into each other as if they were one. She felt his hand on the side; began to wander up and down this time a bit more demanding. Dima groaned slightly as he randomly wandered over her breasts. He ran his hand gently over her soft breasts. Julia pressed her upper body affirmatively against his hand. As soon as he massaged her breasts a little harder, the young woman couldn't hold back a soft moan. As if he could not wait any longer Dima pulled her shirt off. No sooner the shirt flew on the floor Julia wanted to sit back.
But Dima asked her to stay in this position. He even didn't gave her time to think and attacked with gentle bites her tender neck. Julia formally melt away. She was focused on the tingling feeling that the young woman didn't notice he slipped the bra from her shoulders. Also Dima rapidly get rid of his shirt and embraced Julia to feel her soft skin on his upper body.  Her sweet womanly smell was making him crazy. His tongue circled with a little pressure along her neck. Julia clung to his hard shoulders.
Consequently, her nails dug gently into his skin.  The muscular body sparked another fire in her abdomen. She let herself fall backwards and pulled Dima closer. He rested a hand next to her head. With the other hand he drove across the heated body, which trembled with excitement until he had reached the button of her jeans. Dima briefly reared up, opened her pants and pulled them, along with the the panty down her legs.
Julia reflexively spread her bare legs. Dima didn't want to endure the invitation. In her pleading glance for more he pulled his pants off and cupped her legs to pull the brunette closer.  While she playfully pressed her pelvis against him to feel more of his excitement, Dima included with both hands her well shapely breasts while her hard nipple slide through two of his fingers. A louder moan came out of her throat. It was increasingly difficult for the young woman to suppress her appetite. She reached out an arm until her fingers reached his boxer shorts.

A grin spread across her face as the bulge in his pants was getting bigger because of her circular motion.
Dimas gasps grew louder, his lust higher until he finally leaned over her to pull a condom  out of the nighttable and put it in Julia's hand. She couldn't resist a mischievous grin. With the free hand she took off his  shorts. While Julia put on the condom he closed concentrated his eyes for a moment and held the breath. Thereafter her hands wandered quickly over his naked butt until she finally grabbed his hips.  Julia straighten her pelvis demanding toward him. She wanted to close her eyes in pleasure. But she forced herself to keep them open to see with passion his burning eyes as he slowly slid into her. Both moaned softly. She led her hips closer to his body so he could fill her out. Julia put her of excitement trembling hands on his face, stroking his cheek gently with the thumb. Dima also seemed to enjoy the moment. It was written in her blue eyes that he could slowly satisfy her longing with every thrusting movement of his pelvis.
As soon as he touched the most sensitive part of her body with one hand Julia closed her eyes with with a hot short moaning.

He asked to look in his eyes. Julia did as he ordered and bit focused on the lower lip. While he stimulated the pearl with two fingers jointly with his fast hip movements, her hands wandered down his arm. She clutched excitement into the sheets. His repeated movements were noticeably more intense as he penetrated deeper and deeper into her. Also his breathing became faster until her inner contracts. Julia felt the tingling feeling spreading all over her body. Just before the climax, he finished the game at her pearl and penetrated with fast movements very deep in her. With both hands braced beside her, he pressed himself against the delicate body of the young woman.

He repeatedly touched the lowest point on her most sensitive point. His breathing was irregular, his movements faster. By the touch of his muscular arms all of her senses seemed to be in harmony. He filled her entirely out; continuously hit her G-spot. Just before his climax Dima's movements were intense and Julia finally reached the summit of emotions.  She was moaning loudly, dug her nails into his back and unconsciously held out her pelvis against him to feel the last movement as deep as possible.
He fell gently on her body. The loud pleasurable gasp became steadily quieter.
Her pulse calmed down. Julia's still slightly shaky hand went through his hair and stroked lovingly the head. It was the best moment of an intimate adventure. Most of all she wanted to stop time and remain lying here forever. Julia looked pleased at the ceiling for a moment and surveyed the attached small spots. Only hen she noticed that it was already getting dark outside. Dima slowly raised his head and a smile ran across his lips. He pulled off the condom and threw it into a small garbage can, which was equal to the bed. Julia was quite amazed.

"You're well prepared ..." stated the young woman.

"You're not the only one who is well equipped in her bedroom  ..." he said mischievously and recalled the wonderful massage at Julia's place. Yet his impish grin with the deep dimples in his cheek were visible again.

As soon as he had laid aside the brunette she clung around hisupper body.
While Julia was laying in Dima's arms she stroked his chest continuously, ran her nose along his face in which she always distributed gentle kisses.

"I'd love to stay with you ..." purred Julia.

"Then stay with me!" growled Dima who enjoyed her touches with eyes closed.
Julia thought for a brief moment.

"We'll be together for the next two days. You can go home and pack your stuff," suggested the singer and ran his index finger in a circular motion over her shoulder.
The imagination to leave the cozy bed and this wonderful man to go home Julia wrinkled her nose. Dima terrified as the brunette suddenly jumped out of bed.

"I've got an idea!" Julia exclaimed excitedly and padded with quick steps to the living room to get her iPhone.
When she arrived back in bed the woman explained that she will call Katja to ask for a favor. Her fingers drove dizzyingly fast across the screen until she got the number of her friend.

"Kaaat???" Julia squealed delighted in the phone and expressed her wish immediately.

By the question whether she couldn't do it alone,the young woman was giggling and begged Katja formally to come over for giving her the needed clothings . The concert director was initially surprised by the unexpectedly good mood. On the other hand Katja was sure to know the reason why.

"What do you need?", Katja wanted to know.

Julia pursed the lips thoughtfully before she enumerated her list.

"Well, once the red dress for tomorrow night. It's on my wardrobe in the bedroom. And wrapped it in plastic, please. I don't want to have it dirty. In my favorite boutique you need to pick up the black red Manish Arora Dress. I also need the white long dress with the rhinestones for the MUZ TV Awards. Chapurin has it in his private boutique store for me. You'll find the matching shoes are in the shoe store near my place, right around the corner of the park. just at You know what I mean, right? It's already paid. You just need to pick them up.  you have to just Moreover I urgently need some fresh everyday clothes, shoes and make-up which is at home on my window sill. "

When there was silence on the other end of the phone Julia frowned and set on a culpably face expression.

"Are you completely go crazy? I'm not a donkey ..." Katya answered horrified. Her voice was unexpectedly casual even though she was shocked from the order.

"Please, please, Kat! Will you do that for me? Actually I wanted to do all this today because I still have to go to the hairdresser tomorrow. But I am ..." Julia paused and looked down at Dimas torso. "... somehow..prevents ..."

The singers looked at each other with seductive looks. The young woman had to hold back the laughter as Dima ran his tongue over his lips.

"Do you hear me ??? Julitschka?", Katja screamed into the phone. Her voice let Julia's body twitch briefly.

"Yes! .. No ... what did you say? Sorry ..." the brunette was giggling, trying to avoid Dimas glance to concentrate on the conversation.

Katja huffed annoyed and asked when she needs her stuff.
Just when Julia was about to reply, she felt a strong hand on the inner side of her thighs. Within seconds the unexpected touches made her hot again.

"It doesn't matter maybe tomorrow morning? ... Or even for lunch ... that's enough ... it's up to you..." Julia stuttered headless while the hand wandered closer between her legs. Even if she was trying to talk normal her breathing was deeper than usual.
The parting on the phone was so abrupt as never before. One last quiet 'Thank you' escaped over the lips. She finally ended the conversation. As soon as Julia put her iPhone back to the nightsidetable to enjoy Dima's wonderful touches the lovebirds fell in another new love adventure.

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