It's Over (UC)

Title: It's Over
Author: Dvizheniya 
 Genre: Drama 
Rating: [G]


My heart is hurting
and you don't know it
Maybe you can imagine it
how I'm feeling?
When I think of you
about us ...
our past ...
It seems to me as if it was ages ago.
Are you feeling the same way?
Or you simply don't care?
The memory is still so intense.
I can still feel you.
I see our photos ...
I can see love,
secureness, passion ...
But I'm coming to a point..again and again..
That it's over
It's over with you
It's over with us...
Now all our dreams trickle like water in sand
Was it all worth it?
Should we have continued fighting more?
I love and hate you at the same time.
It's such a strange feeling.
I like to get rid of this feeling
It disgusts me.
The thought of you makes me sick.
I hate you for everything you've done to me.
I love you for everything you've given me.
How do we go on now?
Should it go on at all?
I don't think about it anymore.
My memories still hovering very strongly in our past
I can't get rid of it.
They're like an individual part of my body.
Do you belong equally to my life?
Will I ever be able to cope it?
I'm so desperate
There is no turning back
It's over.
It's over with our love.
All our plans and dreams just gone.
In one second ...
In ... 3 words: It' is over!
It hurts when I think about it.
I'm suffocating.
I'm trying to hate you.
There's no other choice left.
You make it easy to me ...
You've said and shown me that you don't love me
I am grateful for this.
I hate you!
This thought is hurting.
My chest is burning.
I never would have thought that I'll ever think about those kind of things.
I wanted to give my life for you...
I had die for you...
And now?
Well...and now I would prefer to send you to hell.
What happened to us?
Other things were more important than me?
What will happen to us? 
Will I ever get rid of this pain and hatred?
Or will this thought accompany me in my whole life..
...just when I read your name?

Damn, I still love you ...

After the last sentence Julia took a picture of Lena out of a frame
held it over a burning lighter and observed how her past love was burning..
burning right in front of her eyes.
The picture will no longer exist in a few seconds ....
The only way she could cope the cruel reality, to see
how their love disappeared in their hands,
fell to the floor..burned in small pieces ...
only in a few seconds ... like the three words:
'It's over' ....

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