Lubov Suka (Chapter 29)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 29

Only dressed in a bra and panties Julia sprinted to the door. The brunette welcomed her friend in high notes. Katja was packed with the ordered clothes and looked frowned at the lively woman who was extremely in a good mood again. The long messy hair showed obviously the real reason why she was prevented.

"You are a darling !!" squeaked Julia, took her clothes and gave Katja a kiss with a loud smack.

"Would you join us for breakfast?" Julia yelled while walking barefoot in small quick steps through the apartment to bring the stuff into the bathroom. As the brunette got no answer, she stopped and looked questioningly at Katja.

"Breakfast?", The concert director answered horrified. "No thank you. Have you checked the time? We have nearly 11 am."

Julia waved with a big smile and tried to persuade her friend.

"I know. But today the Kurabie café launched its summer opening. We want to have extensively breakfast there and since you also love those kind of openings..." 

Even though she put on a compelling gesture with her wrinkled nose Katja rejected thanksful the offer of breakfast again. However the blonde couldn't escape a renewed request of the singer. Julia took her hand and let her straight into the bathroom and asked to braid the hair to have less effort with it for the upcoming event. For the MUZ TV Awards she would love to have some curly long hair. 

Julia even didn't care that her friend had actually no time.  She took the needed utensils excited from the small beauty case which Katja had given her and sat down on the edge of the bathtub.
On the basis of the good mood and the current residence of the young woman it was obvious Julia had a serious conversation with Dima.  Katja wanted to know more details about the outcome of the talk. Julia told with plenty of optimism and shiny eyes about the current relationship between her and Dima. Katja was relieved that the depressed period came finally to an end and the blonde continued with her news. She told that she had met with Elena Kiper. In two weeks they will fly to Cuba in Havana to shot the clip for the next single. Julia was immediately enthusiastic about the selection of the country; especially since she hadn't visited this country before.
Half an hour later the hair were almost done. Finally, Katja knotted the two braids laterally in each other.
As Julia checked her new hairstyle in the mirror she thanks her friends with a proud smile. Katja nodded wordlessly and put the utensils back into the .

"I have to go again. There is still a lot of things t do. Preparation, phone calls and so on... I'll see you tomorrow at the MUZ Awards."

Julia embraced Katja lovingly before she was using some spray to give some more hold into the braids.
The brunette changed the underwear and took the red dress from hangers. A quick check of the expensive designer dress. Then she plucked along various parts of the dress until it suit perfect on her body. A few matching earrings and simple makeup perfected her appearance.
Also Dima was thrilled. He looked at her in amazement from head to toe as she came back into the living room and flattered the young immediately.

"You look gorgeous."

She smiled sheepishly at the young man and bit nervously her lower lip as he didn't stop staring at her.
He gently put a hand around her waist and pressed a soft kiss on her lips.
They looked deeply in each others eyes before Dima also went to the bathroom to undress. 

In his BMW they drove to the Kuraby café. The cafe was in the north of Moscow. Due to the neverending traffic jam in the Russian capital they spend almost an hour on the roads. On the way were countless of places visible which both stars had already visited during their music career. Whether it was radio stations, a stadiums or clubs. The singers turned back the time as soon as they approached a known location or even directly passed by. With pride and joy they started to exchange their experiences.

In Kuraby cafe they ordered a sumptuous buffet. The today's guests were entertained on a small stage by a variety of kinda unknown artists. Small gags a stand up comedy combinated with music. The summer opening of the café was revealing.
In the late afternoon, the singers headed back to the southwest of Moscow. There they were invited to a party in the Tatler Club; which was the lowest floor of the royal Radisson Hotel.

The duo entered the classy restaurant hand in hand. When the club boss had welcomed the two stars in personally he led them to their reserved table where Alexei Mitrofanov and Yana had already ordered the first glass of wine and water. The greeting ritual of Russian celebrities began. After a fleeting hug and a quick kisses on the cheek Dima and Julia sat down at the table. Also Yana, who had noticed the little conflict between the two singers and was also visibly relieved to see a happy smile on Dima's face again. 

Julia was surprised and very happy at the same time. For the first time Dima gift more attention to her. Even though he was still bit hesitant when she started to rest the head on his shoulder or taking his hand. Basically it was obvious that he tried to comply with his promise. And this progress was such a relief for both of them. No one responded to the loving way they communicated with each other. Therefore Dima was much more relaxed. 
It was one of the evenings which could be endless. The conversations were interesting. The food was excellent and the atmosphere became increasingly amusing. However, since the next day they had a presence at the MUZ TV Awards the duet had to say goodbye after their two hours visit. As soon as they got up from their seats Julia clung on Dimas arm let herself guide by him. One last time she smiled and waved volatile in the round with one hand as they left the club together.   

No sooner they had arrived at his apartment Julia hung her jacket on the coat hook and groaned relieved as she pulled her tight high heels of the feet. She could also hardly could wait to be able to solve the tight braids in her hair again which have meanwhile become very unpleasant along the head. On the way to the bathroom the young woman plucked at the knot of the hair. Dima wanted to know if she likes to take a shower to wash out the hair. Julia nodded.

"That would be great!" answered the brunette, wrinkling the nose happily.

Dima immediately made his way to take a towel and a white bathrobe for his guest. While Julia was still standing in front of the bathroom mirror and busy with opening the braids he put the needed things right next to the shower.
Before Dima left the bathroom he observed the young lady for a while. She was fighting with the troublesome glued hair. It was another typical example relating the women's world of what Dima couldn't understand. It was simply a mystery to him why women tormented themselves so often to look pretty. He finally left chuckling the bathroom and closed the door.
When Julia had unraveled the hair she took the shower gel and shampoo which Katja had brought her and took a shower.

Afterwards the young woman slipped in the big soft bathrobe and padded carefully barefoot out of the bathroom and realized that Dima wasn't any longer in the living room. She followed the unusual sounds which came out of his luxuriant bedroom.
Julia looked amazed in the bubbling jacuzzi in which she discovered a completely relaxed Dima. Once again he surprised with a romantic style. The lights in the room were dimmed, candles were burning on the wall at the provided candlesticks and on the edge of the jacuzzi were little flames jumping from some tea lights.

"Do you like to relax a bit?" He asked cheekily.

Due the subsequent smile his dimples drilled in his cheeks again what conjured an involuntary smile in the brunette's face. Her expression was something more serious at the same moment. She opened slowly the knot of her robe and watched when his eyes became immediately bigger.
No sooner the robe was open his glance was hungry for more. He stared at her delicate body and enjoyed every movement. Julia wandered slowly with her hands over the shoulder blades until the robe fall elegant from her slim body.
Now it was Dima who was biting nervously on the lower lip as he saw her full naked breasts. With restless eyes the man looked down at her and couldn't decide which place of her sexy body he should look at first. Only when she slowly got into the jacuzzi with her flawless legs, his eyes wandered back to her face.
With an obvious movement of his head Dima gave a signal to her to come closer. With a incessantly smile on her face she followed his gesture; sat down between his legs, turned around and leaned the back just off the athletic torso. A relieved sigh ran over her lips as she felt the warm water around her body. No sooner he had put his arms around her shoulders, Julia closed the eyes. Dima grabbed his arms tenderly around the petite body and pulled her gently closer.

Julia leaned her head back, just off his shoulder and opened slowly the eyes again. She looked satisfied at his happy face. Dima could see in her sparkling, yet dreamy glance how much she must enjoy this moment. It was probably the best moment so far with this man. A very special romantic atmosphere. In addition to the candlelight the aroma of cedar rose slightly out of the bubbling water.
Again and again he poured the warm water with one hand over her bare shoulders what relaxed the woman even more.

"Are you looking forward to Latvia?" he asked softly; watched the water drops sparkled down on her soft skin.

Julia frowned and looked at him curiously. "Latvia?"

He laughed.

"Oh? So Katja didn't tell you yet? In July we'll be in Jurmala for a few days. There we have independently appointments  and some performances together. We will also introduce our common video Lubov Suka..."

While Dima spoke about the future plans Julia turned around and silenced him with a deep kiss.

"You're thinking about your work again ..." Julia whispered as she momentarily interrupted the kiss. She stroked his face with one hand and pressed her lips onto his mouth again.

"Relax...and switch off from the everyday life ..." whispered the brunette and looked in his eyes.

"To be's very hard for me ..." he replied.

On the other hand his voice betrayed that he wasn't averse to her kisses.

"I don't believe you ...." said the young woman.

Meanwhile she bit her lip again, sat astride his thighs and put her hands on his shoulders. Within seconds in both kindled the fire of passion when the naked and wet bodies rubbed against each other. A sparkling moment of silence.
The blue eyes were mystical and anxious at the same time and captured his imagination. It seemed as if an angel and a devil were looking at him. The staring gaze was interrupted by a slow upward moving of her eyes.
The deep breathing was a proof that she enjoyed his noticeably growing excitement.
His hands found their way inevitably on her hips, where they rested for a moment until they wandered slowly along her rips and buried them into the long black hair.
A few wet curls fell in front of her face and stuck onto the delicate chest what made the young woman look even more erotic.
Julia felt the power she had over the man. His glance and slightly open mouth shown apparently that he couldn't get enough of the beautiful sights and the female temper.
However his manly glory seemed to let her melt more and more. Julia continuously felt his hard member between her legs. The tingling feeling in the abdomen became unbearable since she was only one movement away from this man.
Julia placed both hands gently on his cheeks to make Dima to look directly into her eyes. She looked at him more serious than before. His trembling breath calmed normalized.

"Do you trust me?" she breathed serious.

Dima nodded. He was speechless. Her self-confident appearance robbed all of his senses.

"Completely?" she asked, tilting her head slightly to the side. A gentle smile was visible.

He nodded again. But it wasn't enough for the young woman.

"Tell me. I want to hear it. Tell me that you're trusting me completely..." demanded the brunette in a loving way.

Dima was curious about the sudden mysterious question. He thought for a brief moment and wanted to be honest; looking for the true answer. It was difficult for the singer to focus on reality. Especially when such an attractive woman sat completely naked on his lap;  formally beguiled him with some sexy eyes. The temptation was big.

"I trust you... completely ..." he finally answered. His voice sounded serious and believable.

The answer was a relief and Julia smirked with a relentless shine in the eyes. A second later her hands slid from his edged cheeks down to his shoulder and pressed her lips on his mouth. Some throaty, almost sensual moans could be heard as he felt her full breasts on his chest.
He paused for a moment and didn't move; tensed up a bit as her hands wandered slowly along his rips and moved further down while the graceful body made clear movements on his lap. His penis almost sought out involuntarily the way between her legs. The mystery about the question seemed to make sense and he ended unexpectedly the kiss.

In her face was clearly to see that Julia knew what was going on in his head and slightly tilted her head to one side.

"So you don't trust me completely ..." she said with a supposedly concerned facial expression.

The young man hesitated with his answer and didn't know if he should dare to be intimate with her without a condom. Julia knew his doubts about having a own family. She didn't persuade or compel him. The lady gave him consequently the control of the hot lovemaking.
One last time he looked passionately deep in her glowing eyes. Not only his eyes told that he had finally decided. With his arms he cupped her hips and pushed the petite body gently upwards. Dima enjoyed the moment when Julia happily closed the eyes. Meanwhile her body sank slowly down and he filled her more and more out.
The young woman felt the movements intensely than ever before. The sparkling feeling in the abdomen was indescribable. Julia relaxed even more when he penetrated in her again and she felt when he sank deep inside her. Dima freeze and didn't move. She slowly opened her eyes. He smiled at her, kissed volatile the lips.
Julia forgot everything what was around her. The first time they became truly one. There was nothing between them. She stared into his brown eyes which showed that also Dima; despite all initial doubts enjoyed the special moment.

Julia put her hands onto his shoulders. Due his warm breath on her lips it was tempting to kiss him. But she wanted to see in his shining eyes when she moved slowly up and down. Even the slightest movement was so intense than ever before and felt always better. The deeper he penetrated in her the more she wanted to feel him. When he filled her completely out the brunette moved her hips rhythmically. He groaned quietly what gave a mischievous grin in her face. She pressed carefully the lips to his slightly open mouth and reiterated its circular motion while his penis  completely contracted with excitement.  He moaned quietly her name as she briefly broke the kiss. A tone as if he couldn't believe what was happening. It sounded extremely erotic. Julia was really impressed by his dedication. His moans weren't audible anymore when she kissed him again. The same moment she was moving in a slow rhythm up and down again. Dima cupped her hips. His hands seemed to be noticeably softer under water. She let immediately lead him to make the young man happy.
Between the kisses a whimper was heard from her and he gasped for air. Her moist body rubbed a little faster against his body. Julia kissed him one last time and whispered softly in his ear:

"Look at me ..."

In her husky voice a shiver ran down his spine and without thinking he followed her words. There it was again. The mystical glance of pure passion. Her temper excited him so much; the desire formally burned all over his body.
When he closed his eyes for a moment to enjoy the intenive feeling  Julia asked him again to look in her eyes. Her voice sounded a bit stricter. He opened his eyes again. Dima seemed to enjoy the way how the young woman was taking the control while her hips were moving in
powerful thrusts. The feeling seemed to be unbearable and it was to keep the eyes open. He gasped for air as Julia moved faster and his penis twitched of excitement. Dima could no longer himself as she bit her lower lip and the eyes were showing uncontrollable ecstasy. A loud sigh sounded. In the explosive intense climax she felt he how poured in her. Julia smiled about the sight of his tense face and kissed gently his trembling lips.

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