Lubov Suka (Chapter 26)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 26

When the door bell rang Julia checked one last time the make-up in the big mirror which hung in her hallway and took her white small handbag from the sideboard. Dima was amazed about the new; extremely feminem appearance of his singing partner. His eyes were wide open. Like a lady she threw her long black curls elegantly over the shoulder.

"Wow ..." he greeted the young woman with opened mouth. 

His gaze wandered down over the transparent thigh dress what was showing her slender tanned legs. 
Countless of small rhinestones were provocative appropriate on the dress and covered the most intimate parts of the body. In order not to be completely freely Julia wore a very skimpy white bra and panties and obviously beaten any kind of men fantasy higher.

"Hi ..." Julia said. With the short twitch of her eyebrows and a cheeky smile she promptly signaled her unrestrained sensual mood. As soon as she had closed her door the brunette wrapped herself immediately into Dimas arm. She leaned her body against the young man and looked demanding at him. 
However the singer was completely overwhelmed with the hasty nature. Obviously, Julia was very happy about this evening and already in a party mood.

"You look good ..." he flattered softly. His words were timid. He stared into her sparkling eyes, which mysteriously appeared this evening.

"Only good?" Julia said with a playful skeptical tone.  Herewith her tongue briefly flashed on the corner of the mouth and she enjoyed the moment when was so stunned by this seductiveness gesture.

"No doubt, you are the hottest bride on the whole birthday party ..." he finally replied. 

While saying this he trued to concentrate though his short breath betrayed how scattered his thoughts were already.
One last time they looked deep into each others eyes until Julia finally put her arms around his neck and kissed him.

In the last few days she had missed his proximity. Even if she was very enthusiastic about the birthday party Julia would have preferred to stay with this man at home now. Dima ended the passionate kiss, trying to appease Julia's feelings.

"We have to go. The taxi is waiting ..." he whispered.

Julia nodded with a slight smile and took his hand quickly.

In a black Mercedes the two singers were driven in front of the palatial restaurant 'Safisa'. 
The stunning building was a masterpiece of gold, crystal and marble and one of the most luxurious restaurants which Moscow had to offer. Business colleague Phillip Kirkorov had rented the impressive restaurant for his 45th birthday. For his five hundred invited guests was enough space to celebrate extensively on the total area of ​​three thousand square meters.

No sooner the duet left the car they were surrounded outside the restaurant entrance of countless reporters and specifically wanted to know more details about the private lives of two stars. However the singers responded only to questions concerning today's birthday and the host Phillip Kirkorov. Dima's mood changed within seconds as a reporter literally ran behind him to continue asking whether he was in a relationship with Julia.

Since the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest every journalist wanted to be the first to report on the alleged romance of the two pop stars in the newspaper. It seemed almost impossible to deny the already incurred rumors. Dimas rudely kind towards the intrusive reporters was unrestrained. In this way he pulled Julia in her pink-colored high heels literally behind her.

Once in the lobby of the restaurant it was suddenly calm. There were only except selected press reporters who clearly had more discipline compared to the one which romped outside at the entrance area.
Even if not yet all invited five hundred guests were present to the party yet it was easy to lose the overview. Countless of Moscow's celebrities chatted with other guests next at the table for finger food. The delicious small menus were served on the finest plates.

Alexei Mitrofanov headed immediately to his favorite show business friend and embraced Julia warmly. He took a glass of the expensive champagne from a tray of an already stressed butler and handed it to the young woman. She took gratefully the most expensive drink. In the same moment Julia tap the butler's shoulder to get his attention. Although Julia was a little outraged that he hadn't give any champagne to Dima for the reception the woman tried to outplay the rude gesture of Alexej with a big smile.

She took another glass from the tray and handed it for her male companion. Dima thanked with a curt nod; put on a fake smile and Aleksei wasn't worthy that he looked at him. To get back the positive mood of the singer Julia clung quickly on his body and clink glasses first with him. Thus she devoted Dima all her attention.
Due to her open erotic charism and of the eminence in the men world Julia was almost trained to convey a certain coldness and tension between two gentlemen. She mentioned that they now wanted to greet the other guests also. Thus, the young woman softened the unpleasant tension between the men.

The two singers snaked through the crowd in the huge lobby. Before the grand staircase which led to the upper floor to a large balcony Dima discovered his manager with her husband Evgeni. Julia almost stumble behind on her high heels due his sudden quick steps. As another employee of the restaurant approached the woman took one last big sip of the champagne and in passing she put the empty glass on the tray to the other empty glasses and gave the butler a friendly big smile.

The cheerful singer embraced the couple. She immediately put her hand on Yana round expectant baby bump. She looked briefly at the glass of water which the upcoming mother will held in the hand.  Julia compassionate twisted her mouth in the memory of the prohibition of alcohol during the pregnancy with Samir and Victoria.
No sooner the women had started talking about the disadvantages of pregnancy the host Phillip Kirkorov joined the group.

"Hello my friends!" He greeted his friends and thanked them for the rapidly appearing at his celebration.

Julia smiled pleased; tilted her head to one side and gave him a hug. She congratulated with warm words and kissed his cheek. From her purse she finally pulled out a voucher for his favourite boutique. Kirkorov gratefully stroked the young woman's back. Yana handed him the certificate of a Swiss Ulysse Nardin clock with the limitation of only 250 copies in the whole world. Kirkorov was touched by the gifts and wanted to initiate personally with his guests.
A quick of his fingers was enough. Within seconds the butler offered a variety of drinks. Since Kirkorov decided for champagne Julia was practically forced to drink one more glass again.
At the moment Dima frowned as he realized that grabbed his singing partner grabbed for a new glass. He put his hand around her shoulder to come closer to her face and wanted to know whether she had drunk already the previous champagne.

Julia shrugged modestly and put on an angelic look. Dima blinked his eyes. The usually elegant lady turned quickly into a party animal. Phillip told that he will hold a speech later followed by a small live performance. Once all the guests will be complete he planned to cover songs of ABBA for the officially ceremony opening. He asked his two stars if they would like to sing with him. The music addict Bilan agreed immediately. Julia however, declined the offer. She giggled as Phillip was looking at her with a sad face expression. He put his arm around her delicate shoulders and whispered that therefore she needs to dance with him.  Julia clucked her tongue and rolled the eyes with a smile.

"Ok..just because it's your birthday ...." Julia laughed and was persuaded due to the begging look.
The host winked an eye and eventually left the group to welcome his newly arrived guests.

Even for the two stars it was a very lively evening. Barely five minutespassed by when the singers weren't chatting with other guests. In the meantime Dima had always eaten some snacks. In contrast Julia gratefully declined it and was too much absorbed in conversations with the guests.
Dominik Joker had also spotted his friends.  He came closer;  included Julia's hips from behind and frightened the young woman briefly.
A loud squeal rang and she turned startled around. Dominik gave the brunette a joy beaming grin. Julia recovered from the short scare and hugged her friend with a kiss.

When also Yana came to them she announced that Dima would have his performance in few minutes. The singer handed immediately his singing partner the glass. He whispered in her ear that he's right back soon. Julia nodded with a smile, observed the steps until Dima was no longer visible in the crowd. The gaze wandered to the two glasses which she held in her hands because Dominik wanted to clink glasses with her. Since the woman had no free hand, she agreed and clinking the champagne against Dominik's glass.
She grimaced the face  briefly when the alcohol flowed down her neck after a generous sips. Meanwhile, the alcohol was less pleasurable. There were far too many glasses within a short time. Her view was increasingly indistinct. Julia watched Dominik with slightly blurred view. His scrutinizing eyes showed clearly that he was surprised.

"Jul? Are you drunk?" He asked.

​​For the first time his amused tone made clear how entertaining Julia was moving. The word 'drunk' was like an echo in her ears. This word was more like an insult. An inner humiliation of one's body. But counting the already drunk glasses was difficult for her. Julia kinda lost the control.

"No ..." she replied stubbornly.

At that moment when she shook her head Julia felt that this was a lie. Her head was heavy and was spinning in seconds. She wanted to convince Dominik and drank the remaining champagne. When placing the empty glass hardly on the buffet table her movements were completely out of control. Dominik just shook his head in disbelief and burst out laughing.
The music in the background drove her crazy. Dima sung Covers of Lady Gaga in its spell and moved the audience with the music. Once again Julia was amazed by the breathtaking talent of the young man. He perfected almost every song in his own way.
Dominik was surprised how dance crazy the brunette was.  She put her arm exuberance around his neck and moved her elegant attractive body. With blurred sight she saw Kirkorov coming toward them and put promptly the second arm around the neck of the host.

"You wanted to dance with me, right?" Julia purred with a grin.

Phillip looked incredulously at Dominik. He just shrugged and shook his head again. Kirkorov nodded a bit but asked the women to dance later. Julia on the other hand ignored the statement with a loud laughter, took his hands and rocked her body to the beat of the music. Initially, Phillip was restrained and had a hard time keeping up dancing with the petite woman. Since the night was still young he knew that this probably was the last chance to dance extensively with the already very drunk singer. The dance with the host had presented differently. Between a few serious-looking erotic movement Julia fluctuated uncontrollably over and over again with which she amused not only Dominik and Phillip across the floor. The brunette crashed inadvertentlyagainst a walking waiter.

"Whoopps ..." Julia giggled when she turned around.

No sooner had she apologizes the brunette reached again after an alcoholic drink, which the waiter had on his tray.

"Thank you ..." she mumbled and took a long sip of the cocktail.
Her body seemed to be insatiable. She wanted more alcohol, more good mood. The open free movements seemed to be endless.
Dominik wanted to stop her from drinking.  With a loud cackle she turned around; showed him playful cheekily the tongue and finally started dancing with stumbled up steps  in the crowd.

When Dima had finished his brief performance he came back to his singing partner. Julia threw her arm around the singer's neck. The exaggerated smile and uncontrolled movements were obvious enough to show the good-humored woman was drunk.

"Jul!" Dima hissed in unusually stern tone, while his gaze wandered embarrassed through the crowd. Julia clung more and more around his neck. Her face came closer while he was literally defenseless against the clingy attack.

"You were great. As usual..." Julia praised incomprehensible and giggled again.

Dima smiled cautiously, trying to avoid the greedy gaze. The brunette was not deterred by his behavior. She took his reaction much more as challenge. Julia wanted to kiss his neck but Dima pushed her away, shown that she shouldn't be so close to him and hissed her name.

"What's going on? Come on ... usually you don't have such inhibitions, my wild tiger ..." Julia chuckled and took another sip of the cocktail.

The man looked disconcerted at the glass, tore it indignant off her hand and placed the drink at the nearby buffet table. He was appalled by her intrusive behavior and somewhat bitter that she was completely drunk.
Even when he just left her without saying a word the brunette sway clingy behind him and took quickly his hand. Not only the numerous visitors also reporters had already observed the striking behavior of the scandalous singer. Julia formally seemed to ignore the danger for negative headlines in the press.
Dima went directly upstairs to get some fresh air on the spacious balcony of the Safisa restaurant to escape of the crowd. for a while.
But when he heard his still giggling singing partner the plan to be alone for a few minutes broke abruptly. Dima knew that it would make no sense to talk to her now. Thoughtful the man sat in the back corner of the balcony, took a deep breath and starred at the floor.

"What's going on?" Whispered Julia, trying to speak in a serious tone.

When she got no answer, she put both hands on his shoulder and leaned slightly down to Dima.

"C'mon..tell me..."she said again.

Her face was so close that he could only perceive the pungent smell of alcohol in the first moment. In the slightly grumpy tone he asked her to stop drinking. By virtue of this tone she remembered her ex-boyfriend Parviz who had prescribed nearly everything what she has to do and what was allowed. For this reason  Julia reacted with a mischievous grin and took out a cigarette from her purse. Dima looked at her with incredulous look.

"Why are you smoking? When did you start again? I thought you have stopped?" he asked horrified.
Julia smiled confidently.

"I smoke occasionally when the mood is good. By the way, no one will tell me what I have to do ..." 

Dima frowned, shaking his head and watched how the singer inhaling the toxic smoke and blew into the air.
"I did not mean it like this.  Gradually you lose control ..."
Julia bit her lower lip, resting a hand on his leg and saw in his eyes. She whispered that she's always loosing control in his presence.

Although Dima was completely shocked by the behavior in public, he was overhelmed with the  erotic attraction combinated with this current lustful glance of this woman. Julia loved to play with her appearance. But only Dima was able to win the game. He was the only one who had the ability to tame the wild brunette.
She stood upright and inhaled the smoke one more time. It was incredible hot when she blew the smoke into the air.

Dima made a few steps forward thus forcing her to go back in the corner of the balcony. His eyes glanced over the skintight transparent dress in which her ​​delicate trained belly was to see. One last look in her eyes betrayed how much the young woman was longing for more affection. Even though she lost more and more control of all her senses at this evening  something didn't change: the desire for his attention.
Dima leaned his body towards the young woman and took her face in both hands. No sooner he had pressed his lips onto hers the man played with his tongue in wild circular motions in her mouth. 've Always liked her this rampant type and gave the tongue play with relish out. She didn't know what was spinning more. His continuously rotating tongue or the pouding head due the alcohol consumption. But the moment was tingling, exciting and indescribably hot. His kiss signaled clearly how much he was attracted by the young woman and it was hard for him to suppress furthermore the feelings in public. Julia suddenly felt so young in a long time. She was momentarily free from all worries.

As soon as he licked wildly the soft lips, Julia opened submissive the mouth and put the head in the neck. But he ended the intense flirt abruptly and left. Suddenly Dima seemed to be absently. No words. No Look. He turned and walked silently over the balcony. Julia ran her hand across her wet mouth and smiled happily. When he stood at the balcony railing Dima discovered some people of the press. They had the camera directional on to the two singers. For One moment Dima  winced and made ​​his way back to the first floor.
Julia who had heard nothing of all this promptly hooked a hand around his arm to be able to follow his singing partner. She ignored his repeated coldness since Dima kept distance already for the whole evening. Only the intimate kiss was of great importance. He showed his true feelings that he could not deny. Proudly with the man at her side Julia strolled  through the crowd with him until she was stopped again by an show business mate.
No sooner the brunette had started a new conversation Dima excused himself and disappeared into the great hall and within a few minutes the repeated alcohol game of the young woman continued.

After a plenty dance on the dance floor she looked for Dima. Since Julia hadn't seen him for a while the lady went back to the balcony.  But the man was nowhere to be found. When she was alone in there reporters overwhelmed the singer with questions and she realized for the time that she had been caught kissing the singer. However the star had the right words to counter.
After mocking the the press with doubtful statements, the singer stagger back in good mood. Along the way she pranced boldly with her body on the stairs. No sooner she had mingled once again between the guests someone suddenly comprised roughly her wrist and the singer literally catapulted off the dance floor. By virtue of the unexpected pull Julia laughed loudly and turned around. It took a while with the blurry look until she could recognize who was in front of her. She blinked several times with the eyes to see the face of her opponent and saw slowly the contours of the well-known person.

"Katjochkaaa ..." the brunette mumbled pleased. "You? Here?? That's amazing .." said Julia completely inarticulate.

The blonde nodded wordlessly and ordered in a strict tone to come along. Katja was apparently less pleased to see her friend in this undisciplined state. She was mad about the fact to have a call in the middle of the night, contrary to pick up her completely uninhibited and drunk friend of this luxurious party
Katja tore the cigarette enraged out of her hand and hissed angrily that the smoking poison was bad for her voice. Actually she never told that kind of advices before because she knew it will actually end with no success. At this moment the blonde was so incensed about the behavior that she could restrain herself any longer.
She pulled the drunken woman angrily closer , turned her around and went to the exit in quick steps. There she didn't care whether Julia could keep up hardly with the rapid steps. In front of the restaurant Katja went straight ahead to the taxi which was waiting for her. No sooner she had opened the car door the blonde gestured wordlessly with the index finger into the interior of the car. However Julia ignored her stern expression and was more concerned to wave with a hand to the smoking guests outside the restaurant. The vulgar voice attracted even more attention. Finally Katja laid her hands onto Julia's shoulder and pushed her with more force into the car.

The twenty-minute drive was a horror trip for Katja. It seemed like an eternity. The completely untwisted singer didn't speak one reasonable sentence; bawled frisky the songs  of the radio and was pushed repeatedly careless with the elbows or feet against her friend. For Katja it was clear that it didn't make sense to push the singer away from her. A few deep breathings for a inner reassurance was the only help to stay calm.
Arrived at Julia's place the spectacle continued. With great effort she pulled the giggling singer out of the car. Giggling, Julia stumbled to the front door and tried to open it without a key. Katja took wordlessly the key out of her purse. With cross-eyed the brunette grabbed uncontrolled for her property.

"There it is ..." babbled Julia and started laughing again when Katja snatched the keys out of her hands.

"I'm gonna open the door before a misfortune will happened!" said the blonde in strict tone and pushed the singer rudely to the side that Julia had to hold the door frame to keep herself from falling.
While waiting for the elevator Katja tried to persuade the young woman. She wanted to avoid waking up the neighborhood since it was in the middle of the night.

"What? Why? There is no weekend maybe but..anyway..Paaartyyyyy!!!,"

 Julia was yelling so loud that her voice echoed through the whole house.
"Shut your mouth now!!! Damn, you're not alone here! Moreover, we have no weekend!!" Katja hissed furiously and kept one hand in front of Julia's mouth until they were in the elevator.
Due to the strong push at the arrival of the elevator Julia held the mouth for the first time.  At the same moment she clutched with both hands on the belly.
Katja had a premonition, pulled the drunken woman out and tried to open the apartment door as quickly as possible.

"Do you need to go to the bathroom?" she asked worried, pushing the brunette in the hallway.

Julia shook her head and mumbled something unintelligible things again as she strolled through her ​​apartment. Katja took a deep breath of relief.  At the same moment she had to get back the young woman from the living room to lead her into the bedroom. She tried to explain very patiently that it was better to go to sleep now. Katja was amazed that her plan was working. Julia threw on the big bed with full force. Even if she started to sing again Katya was happy to have her friend at least in the bedroom and nothing else could happen.
Even though the process to pull off the shoes was smoothly the last step was not yet done.
At the skin-tight dress Katja seemed to fail. Again and again the loud giggling singer hit against her shoulder.

"Kaaaatt ... you're tickling me ..." cackled the brunette and rolled uncontrollably over the bed.

The concert director was totally desperate. One last time she tried to persuade the drunken singer. But every attempt to communicate in the normal way with Julia failed. Finally Katja gave up since she didn't want to take off the dress with voilence.
She placed the purse on the nightstand and turned abruptly off the light. Almost an hour the blonde had to wait until no sound could be heard from the bedroom. However, before she went home Katja opened the door a bit to check the bed one last time on which Julia calmly fell asleep like an angel. At this sight, it was hard to imagine in which state the singer was this evening.

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