Lubov Suka (Chapter 30)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 30

A phone call of Evgeni ended the cozy breakfast the next morning. After they had brought the dishes back in the kitchen Julia took her purse and made a quick check to make sure to that everything was necessary available in there. Meanwhile, the young man put only his iPhone in his pocket and smiled. It was still a mystery to him why women must always have a dozen things in her purse. Julia was obviously also the kind of woman who was well equipped for all situations.

In a black BMW Evgeni drove the two stars to Krasnogorsk. There, he chauffeured Julia to the saloon of her hairdresser. 
Evgeni and Dima drove to the five miles away Boutique to pick up the ordered jacket for the evening. Since Julia needed some more time at the hairdresser, Dima took the chance to stroll through the Crocus City Mall and visit the numerous shops. After their little shopping tour Dima and Evgeni had spent the last hour in a coffee bar before they went back to the hairdresser saloon.
The young man was thrilled with the result. With each movement, the small tight curls were bobbing over Julia's shoulder.

Also Denom finally finished the manicure. The customer looked happily and satisfied at her bright red colored nails which shone in the light. After Julia had paid they went back home. 
Like every year, the MUZ TV Awards having a motto, which the stars presented with their clothes and appearance on the red carpet or on stage. This year each invited couple had to appear in the wedding look. During the ceremony all singers needed to cover classic Russian songs.

The first rather funny idea of the weeding look got a completely new image now as Dima came into the bathroom; dressed in the black jacket. He looked in the mirror when he stood beside Julia. She worn her white dress with the countless rhinestones. Theird appearance was even more special. Not only in the male singer's head were running thousands of thoughts. Dima looked down while he alternately checked her dress and his black jacket. 
Both were looking wordlessly at each other and a short loud laughter of Dima was heard. He was tugged nervously at his collar and was almost a bit embarrassed by the situation. Julia had to smile, turned around and opened the collar of his white shirt again.  

"I've told you already  that suits you better if the first button of your shirt is open."

Dima nodded affirmative. He smiled sheepishly and watched as her hand wandered gently down on his chest.

"Tonight I've probably the prettiest woman by my side," Dima whispered as he checked the noble dress again.

Julia pursed her lips and a shy gaze dart back to the mirror. For the first time he noticed that the little brunette had difficulty applying the makeup on her face. With slightly trembling fingers she tried to draw a straight line with the dark eyeliner.
The doorbell ended the tingling excitement. Evgeni asked if he put Julia's clothes into the car also. Dima nodded and asked her what to take with you.

"Everything ..." Julia smirked and closed the vanity case.

The two men looked at each other in disbelief. Dima shrugged and gestured wordlessly with his flat hand on the many things which belonged to the his guest. Evgeni took a deep breath and began to take as much stuff as he can carry.

"Did she already moved into your apartment?" Evgeni muttered as he walked with full packed hands out of the place.

"Not really. She was here for only two days ..." Dima cackled loudly.

The blond man shook his head and informed the singer that he will wait in the car.
In the late afternoon they reached the town hall 'Crocus'. With pride the singer stepped out of the elegant car and greeted their fans which were waiting for hours  at the side of the green carpet to see their idols.  The loud screams of the fans were noticeably louder at the arrival of the duo. Julia distributed countless air kisses and didn't move away from her singing partner. Even in the small interviews and the rush of the press, the wide smile on her face was persistently. 

Both stars pose good humored for the photographers, welcomed their fans with waving hands until they finally entered the hall. There was noisy turmoil as is customary for such big events. Among the hectic atmosphere Dima and Julia welcomed their friends. The singers were clearly used to the stress and didn't avoid to sign autographs and answering a few questions for TV and radio stations. 

Katja was already waiting in the dressing room. Together with Yana she sat at the small wooden table which stood equal to the window of the room. The two women were amazed at the breathtaking sight when the two singers entered the room. They looked unanimously at each other and a proud grin followed.
An hour before the show began the stars and the team indulged a small pause. While Dima fooled playfully around and entertained all participants with his humor and good mood, Julia drank a tea and ate some grapes.
Evgeni arrived also in the room and put the costumes for the upcoming performanceon a  coat hook. As usual he was totally stressed out. Before he disappeared again to check the of the technical preparations of the show he handed the singers a document of the today's programm.

A few minutes later the duet made their way also hand in hand to the VIP area of the hall. In order to increase the session with common friends of show business they pushed against two tables until they were able to sit together with their mates. 
Julia promptly took the chance to sit between her loved ones Mona and Dima to discuss and talk with them about the show.

The time for the common appearance came closer. Julia took Dimas hand to get his attention. As he looked at her questioningly, Julia put the second hand to his face and came closer. Due to the loud volume in the hall she had to talk directly into his ear to tell that she will go back into the dressing room. Dima nodded; signaled with his hand that he will also prepare for the performance in few minutes. Julia smiled and said goodbye just by winking with both eyes.
In the dressing room, she undressed in the black - red Manish Arora dress, renew the make-up and fixed the hair once again with some hairspray. Meanwhile Dima was also back in the dressing room. The singer was clearly faster prepared for the performance. A simple black dress trouser was enough for him while he left open his black jacket. At the sight of his naked upper body Julia couldn't hold back a mischievous smile. The young woman didn't take her eyes off him while putting the make-up back in the cosmetics bag. The young man was enjoying her staring gaze. Julia took a few steps toward him, placed a hand gently on his chest and flattered him in a whisper.
Silently he cupped her hips, pulling the petite body closer and the following subsequent kiss expressed more than thousand words.

"Ready for our next performance?" asked Dima when he ended the kiss with a smile.

Julia nodded eagerly and couldn't resist a grin when she could see his excitement in the eyes. He eagerly took her hand and held it as firmly as ever.
Once again Dima literally sparkled of incredible energy and affected formally his singing partner. While walking in quick steps through the corridor he began to sing his part of the song 'Golaya'. Julia threw their hands back and forth and finally sang along. His grin grew wider. The sparkle of joy was written in his eyes.
When they entered the backstage area it wasn't long before a moderator announced the two superstars. As soon as the melody of the song was audible Dima welcomed the audience and fired them up for dancing. Not only the trendy, new record version of the classic song 'Golaya' offset the audience. Also Dimas hauntingly bare upper body, his dancing moves with the breathtaking hip swing hypnotized many female fans again.
When he began to sing the huge wall opened slowly and five oversized dresses which were used for stage decoration were to seen.
In the meantime Julia had hidden under one of the dresses which moved up slowly into the air. No sooner when the singer was visible on stage she approached in elegant dancing steps toward Dima. Her rough powerful voice wasn't the only thing why the audience was completely taken aback.
She also didn't spare to adapt with sexy hip movements and precise movements next to her singing partner. The fans were really impressed how the two singers were flirting with each other during the performance. They spared no contact. The body language was impulsive and far more sensual than the song could give.

The once rather inhibited performance for the Eurovision Song Contest was forgotten that evening. The two stars were able to express the meaning behind the song due to their open nature. He signaled more and more how much joy he had in this sparkling appearance. The audience was completely euphoric as the two singers came closer to the end of the song and Julia put her arms around his neck. Her eyes shone satisfied, a facilitating smile followed when the cheering of the fans and the overwhelming applause was heard throughout the whole hall. At that point the success of the performance seemed secondary.

Julia literally melted away when Dima was obviously very happy. His smile was unstoppable and she felt his warm breath on her face. The short touch with the tip of the nose against his cheek eventually changed everything. Before she knew what's hapenning Julia felt his mouth on her lips. Dima kissed her passionately. In a split of a second, she ended the kiss. After a brief look into their eyes another stormy kiss followed which was so intense that Dima pushed her upper body slightly down. The strong man held the little body of the young woman in his arms. At that moment the kiss was a revelation during the deafening enthusiasm of thousands of people in the hall who clarify that they were enraptured by the unexpected passion. With a smile she ended the kiss reluctantly. The two singers forced themselves formally to come back to reality. By leaving the stage hand in hand the duet got a stormy applause.

Dima was in a good mood. He went with quick steps through the corridor and  In short, he leapt into the air, pulling both nimble legs. Julia burst out in laughter when he made his typical 'Bilan jump ' by which he was known throughout the whole world. No sooner  he had landed back on the ground the brunette took giggling his hand. Even though she would like to know exactly the reason what had moved him to kiss her in front of so many people. But she didn't want to interrupt the good atmosphere and decided to to get carried away by his mood and enjoy the evening.
However during the after-show party Julia had already to say goodbye to her friends and show business mates since she and Alexendra were invited the next day on the 'Monte Carlo' Grand Prix.
Dima accompanied her to the Mercedes, where Evgeni was already waiting for them to bring Julia back home. Arrived at the car  the brunette turned in front of the young man and clung literally at his hands.

"The last few days were great!" Julia squeaked happily, lifted briefly the shoulders up; wrinkled the nose cheekily and hugged completely carefree her singing partner.

Dima laughed at her cute gesture, holding Julia strongly in his arms. In this case, their bodies swaying back and forth.
For the first time she wasn't sad at a farewell. Though the singer had reasons for to be sad. After all both singers will have a busy schedule and will no longer seen each other for over a month. However the last three days had given her so much strength and courage that any kind of sorow was literally blown away.

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