Lubov Suka (Chapter 31)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 31

In the early morning Julia was awakened by the sound of a short message of her iPhone. With a sleepy glance she fumbled for her flashing phone which was on the small wooden nightstand next to her bed.

~ "Julitschka !!!! My MacBook is still at your place. I need it urgently! Can you give it back to me?? PLEASE! There's no chance for me to leave the festival. That's why I can't pick it up. PLEASE! PLEASE It's urgent!! - Dimka "~

The singer frowned and rubbed with the palm of her hand through the face. She was completely confused by the requirement and needed to read the message again.
The memories of the previous day came gradually back. Before she will fly to Cuba to shoot the video for the new single Dima has visited her the night before. He had to leave her in the early morning for the rehearsal of the performance. The festival took place in the middle of the city.
Julia blinked with her eyes and saw the time on the iPhone. It was 07.14am. At the same moment the brunette noticed that she was already too late. Since two hours Julia wanted to be awake already to start the day serenely. Now there was time pressue because she had forgotten to set the alarm the night before. Dima's demand didn't really help her to stay calm and a stressful day will unintended start.

"Damn !!" Julia hissed loudly  threw cursing the blanket aside and jumped out of bed.

With bare feet she padded over to the cupboard and went into the bathroom to undress in a very short jeans skirt and a black-colored strapless top.
In the kitchen she took a cereal bar, a small bottle of water and swept to the entry door to put the essentials in her purse. As soon as she had thrown her purse over the shoulder and was about to close the door  Julia noticed that she had forgotten the MacBook. With quick steps she sprinted back to the bedroom, jam on the Macbook under the arm and ran to the door. When she tore open the door, she felt a resistance, followed by a thud. A pained voice sounded and Julia looked straight into Vladim's pinched eyes while he held up a hand against his forehead.

"Outsch ... be careful, Julka ..."

Julia was stunned by the fact that her ex-boyfriend stood suddenly in front of her door.

"Vladim?! Oh God, I'm sorry! I didn't know that you are here. Did I hurt you?"

He waved his hand and rubbed his forehead one last time.

"It's ok. Why are you so stressed? Are you alright?"

Julia nodded eagerly and told that she's in hectic because of the time pressure.

"Yes, I'm ok, thank you. I'm sorry... I overslept and I have to go to the hairdresser and later I'm gonna pack my suitcase for the stay in Cuba. But first of all Dima needs his MacBook back. He forgot it here." said Julia excited and went out of the apartment.

"You'll fly to Cuba?" asked Vladim in surprise.

Julia nods again.

"I didn't tell you?"

He frowned and shook his head.

"Oh? Really? Well, yes ... I will shoot my new clip Cuba. But I really have to go now ... I'm really sorry ..."

Just as she was about to close the door, Julia asked about the reason why he wanted to see her. He  explained that she had asked him to pick up Viva today. For a moment Julia thought about his words and cleared her throat.

"Because I'm gonna go to Cuba?" she asked in surprise.

Vladim shrugged. "Apparently. I didn't know you're going to Cuba. Two weeks ago I got a message from you. You've asked me if I could take the little lady for a few days because you won't be at home and your parents will take the children." 

Julia took a deep breath to break down the internal stress.

"Yes, it is quite possible," she whispered, and finally embraced volatile her ex boyfriend and ran her hand over the short, possbile upcoming bump on his head.

"I'm sorry ... really ... I've currently so many appointments. I guess I'm a little overwhelmed right now..." murmured the young woman.

"It's ok, Julka. You should go now before you're too late."

Julia set off completely lost in thoughts. Just as she was about to go down the stairs, she turned around. The young woman smiled and looked one last time on the red spot on his forehead.

"Thank you, that you'll take Viva. See you soon. I'll get back to you, ok?"

Vladim smiled and winked with both eyes. She smiled back, gave him a air kiss and ran immediately in quick steps down stairs.

"Take care!" Vladim called one last time. Julia raised a hand and shouted back. 'You too..'

The brunette took the sunglasses out of her purse before she opened the door and got into her Porsche.

No sooner Julia had entered the festival terrain she felt a strong hand on her upper arm. The young woman was rudely stopped by a strong man of the security staff and pushed the woman few steps back again.

"One moment, please. May we see your VIP pass first, please?"

Julia frowned. "My what?"

"Your VIP pass!"

The singer was outraged by the inappropriate behavior and explained unnerved the reason why she must see the singer Bilan. However the guy only laughed and looked at his colleague who shook his head in disbelief.

"Oh? Really? This is something I didn't hear yet. That must be something new. Nowadays the people are working with all machinations to enter the VIP area."

"Excuse me?" Julia said in an irritated tone. "Seriously, I have no time to discuss with you about the VIP area. Let me go in now..."

Another security employee was close to this mates. He turned around and noticed Julia, who just took off her sunglasses and looked angrily at the two men. For the first time in her career, she was not recognized in such a situation. It was unusual that security people entitle the popstar to be a lunatic fan.

"Are you crazy??"  he shouted to his mates. "You should have a little knowledge about the Russian show business."

In urgent steps he came closer and apologized immediately, after realizing the unknown brunette.

"I'm very sorry, really Ms. Volkova. Go in, please. I apologize on behalf of my ruthless guy."

The unsuspecting and confused mate felt personally attacked and defended himself equal loudly.

"Hey hey hey ... what do you mean with ruthless?? I can't but know everyone in here who cross the place!?"

Julia shook her head, put the sunglasses on again and hadn't looked at the two men while she entered the huge yard. Without any answer she went in quick steps across the huge yard on which countless of assistants and employees ran hastily around. Some of them were busy with their headset, others with phone calls. Julia had to be careful to avoid a crash with the precipitate people. No one took care of someone else. Each individual was obviously intent on its work.
The singer looked at three large white complexes which were very similar. She stopped and looked around. An employee of the event in a dark pinstripe suit came closer.

"Excuse me... I'm looking for Dima Bilan."

The young man stopped and paused his call to the headset.

"Dima Bilan? He is the second complex. I can't tell exactly where his room is. Just ask a co-worker in the building over there."

Julia nodded friendly. "Thanks a lot."

The man nodded friendly back and continued his business conversation by using the headset. Julia opened the door of the second building and once again came some stormy security men passed by and had almost not seen her.

"Excuse me ..."  one of the muscular trio muttered.

Julia sighed annoyed. If she wouldn't be here because of Dima she would have immediately left this place. The singer did continue on looking for her partner. Since Dima didn't pick up the call the brunette had to ask again until she finally got a detailed description of the way to his dressing room.

Unfortunately Dimas dressing room was still in the rear compartment of the complex. Along the way, the brunette had always avoid the careless staff. Julia went close to the right wall and counted the number of rooms. The more she was at her destination, the less staff cavorted on the endless corridor. It was a great relief when she finally read his name on one of the doors.

Just as she was about to knock at the door the singer heard unusual sounds from inside. Julia cleared her throat and furrowed her brow in surprise. In order to make sure that the noise didn't came from Dimas dressing room she made two small steps backwards and listened carefully. But Julia noticed the audible groaning sounds came definitely from his room. The woman felt a deep stitch in her heart; the body stiffened and a hot and cold shiver ran down her spine at the same time.

All warnings of her friends seemed to come true. How could it be that Dima lied to her all the time? Did he play only with her feelings? Maybe all the rumors were true about him? Was he never serious with her? Was she just one of his affairs? But all his care and love couldn't be played?
She looked down at the MacBook bag; wondering if he has forgotten her visit? Would he cheat on her if Dima knew she could enter the room at any time? Who was the woman? What should she do now? Within seconds a dream seemed to break into a thousand parts like a mirror.
Julia felt so much anger and disappointment inside that she would loved to smash his MacBook powerful to the ground. But she knew that anger wouldn't change anything about the situation.
As the groans grew louder Julia went a few steps back. She couldn't stand the sounds of the game of love any longer. It seemed to rob her breath. The inner rage rose. She didn't submit the Macbook at his door. It would be obvious. Julia wanted to keep the secret that she knows more about the affair.

In slow steps she was  walking down the long corridor and felt the need to cry. Julia breathed deeply again and again to be able to suppress all tears.
Suddenly she remembered that Dima couldn't be alone here. Yana had to be on the festival grounds also. Once again Julia need to ask for the way, to find Yana Rudkovskaya and got finally the hint that she had to be near the stage. When the singer came closer to the backstage area she discovered the blonde lady and her steps became inevitably faster.
Julia just wanted to get away from the place. Far away from this festival, away from all people - just going somewhere to forget everything what happened.

"Julia??" welcomed Yana surprised when she saw the Russian singer and jumped up from the chair. "What are you doing here?"

"Here is Dima's MacBook. He left it in my place and need it. I have to go back again," explained Julia without even taking breathe and handed her the PC.

"But Dima is  ..."

"Alright ..." Julia interrupted immediately when she noticed that Yana wanted to explain where Dima currently was.

"Is everything all right with you? You seem to be stressed out and upset?"

Julia nodded, put on a contrived smile while turning back in quick steps. Without a real answer she made her way out of the festival ground.
No sooner the singer sat in her car she burst into tears. In a rage she hit against the steering wheel, holding her hands over her face.
She had so much hope in Dima. During the last few months he has made her and the children happy with his care and love. It was such a long way full of emotions, with doubts and hopes at the same time. Finally, both had reached the goal. Words seemed to be outspoken and this incident broken everything within seconds.
Once again Julia felt in love with the wrong man.
Again, she was hurt.
Again, she was standing at the beginning as a single mother and regretted it deeply that she never took any warnings of her friends serious.
Now it seems as if everything would make sense and why he wanted to hidden the realtionship in public.  Suddenly it was like a puzzle. Everything made sense. For Dima it was just fun apart from the work.
Julia took her iPhone out of the purse and called Katya to cancel the today's interview because she didn't feel good enough. In this moment the singer didn't care about her manager's thoughts and opinion. Julia  looked in the rearview mirror of the car, washed the last tears from her cheeks and checked her long black hair. Actually she wanted to have a shorter cheaky summer cut while the stay in hot Cuba. Due her current emotional state she felt so bad that the brunette also called the hairdresser's appointment.
One last time she washed the tears from her face before Julia drove furiously back home.

No sooner the young woman had entered the apartment she went straight into the living room and threw her purse angrily in front of the sofa. As she sat down, countless tears rolled again down her cheeks. Loud sobs could be heard. Just as the brunette buried her face in her hands, she heard her name. Julia startled looked up, and was stunned about the present of her ex-boyfriend who was still in her apartment.

"Vladim? You're still here..!?"

He came closer, nodded and knelt toward the equal, still sobbing, woman.
"I just came back from a walk with Viva and was about to leave. I didn't really know that you will be back so quickly?! Especially not in this state ... what happened?" He asked anxiously, looking in the with tears crowded eyes.

Julia took a deep breath, trying to be strong. She swallowed and it seemed as if the words would get stuck in her throat. As she spoke Dima's name with a shaky voice, she had to cry again.

"Dima again ..." Vladim replied bitterly, took also a deep breath now and shook his head.

He couldn't  understand why Julia felt something for this man. There were repeated disputes or discussions with him and hurt her regularly. he wanted to be there for Julia anyway and took carefully  her cold hand, stroked gently with his thumb over her trembling fingers. The man wanted to know what exactly happened. Julia lowered the head. There was a moment of silence. By the fact that Dima had cheated on her and thus broken her heart more tears ran down her face.
Julia obviously had an excessive force to tell what happened in the dressing room.
As soon as she had described the incident, she lifted her head and took a deep breath.

"How can he hurt me so much?? What have I done to him??? I hate him !!!! And even more... I hate to love this man!!!"

Vladim itself was also desperate, sat next her and embraced the whimpering woman. Julia immediately leaned her head against his chest. His caring present seemed to calm her down quickly.  ex-boyfriend did not express his opinion, even if he would have liked.
For Julia it was enough that he was close and listened to her. Vladim held her in the arms wordlessly and gently stroking the back while the sobbing was getting quieter.
Suddenly she took his hand and looked up at him.

"Vladim?" Her voice sounded hopeful.

He was speechless when the brunette suddenly asked if he wants to be with her in Cuba.
Even though due to the year-long relationship Vladim got used to her crazy spontaneity but right now he was completely overwhelmed because the flight to Havana will be in a few hours.
He took a deep breath and didn't know what to do. The begging blue eyes of the young man gradually weakened him. Since Vladim was still skeptical to join a trip like this with his ex-girlfriend he wanted to know the reason for her sudden request.
With a sorrowful glance Julia told that right now she need him by her side, specially after the incident with Dima. For Vladim this statement wasn't enough. He frowned, was full of doubts and remembered the brunette that she will have Katja. Julia was visibly nervous and started to play with his fingers.

"Vlaaadd .." she pleaded in a playful tone. "But I need YOU there ... you can calm me down. You are the only one who can do it now."
Julia sat on this almost irresistible whining glance.

"I need someone by my side when I'm sad. You know me and actually you also know me  much better than Katja. We were together for so such a long time. It's different with Kat..."

Vladim knew secretly that Katja was indeed a good friend who had always had an ear for the singer. But the sensitive woman needed more to calm the broken heart. 

Finally, he was more gracious. Nevertheless, Vladim didn't really agree with the trip. The well- organized businessman wanted to know how she will organize the very spontaneous 'last minute holiday'. Since her ex-boyfriend was getting weak, Julia grinned unstoppable and knew that she needs to give only some good arguments so she could have him by her side in Cuba.
With a phone call to her grandmother the young woman had quickly found an alternative accommodation for her dog Viva and few minutes later she reserved a seat in the Business Class of the airplane. Vladim contacted the hotel management. Since they had booked in one of the most expensive hotels in the impoverished state Cuba it was kinda easy to rent one more Deluxe room. The preparations for the long journey began and Vladim drove back home to pack his suitcase quickly and brought the Jack Russell girl to Julia's grandmother.
A few hours later they met at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport. Katja was visibly surprised by the unexpected accompanying. Julia promised as soon as they will be on the plane she will explain the reason why her ex-boyfriend will join them on the journey. It was formally to read in Katya's eyes that she couldn't  wait to hear an explanation. After two hours waiting in the Lounge Terminal of the airport they entered the plane and another big step in Julia's solo career should begin.

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