Lubov Suka (Chapter 33)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 33

Since the temperatures in Cuba could easily reach over 30 ° C during the day the shooting began in the early morning. In a side street in the midst of Cuba's capital Havana was the first place for Julia and her team. An old renovate needy building, which also served as restaurant, was the perfect location for the clip.
The entrance of the restaurant was difficult to find - it looked almost anonymously at first glance. The family-run restaurant on the third floor was reached only by a gray stone staircase with wrought iron railing.
The young mother was equally impressed by the warm welcome of some children. They lived in rather poverty , were still visibly happy.
They ran curiously behind the camera crew and observed each step while the team set up the scenery and cameras.

The youngest of the family was clearly fascinated by the singer; looked excited up at her with his big brown eyes. This gesture brought a smile on the brunette's face. 
Julia sat on the first step of the stairs, hit with both hands on her lap and asked him in russian to come over. It was simply a trait of the singer to communicate frankly without hesitation in her native language with foreigners. The beams in the eyes of the locals came noticeably from the heart and it was enough that they completely communicate with their body language.
Initially, the little boy hesitated. But he was lost in the loving warm smile of the young mother and finally climbed onto her lap. Julia usually showed no shyness toward children and placed carefully her arms around the little body of the boy.

He still couldn't take his eyes of the the big white sunglasses. Julia felt his interested facial expression, took off her glasses and put them on the little boy's nose.
Hindrek Maasik, the producer of the video, wanted to know whether the singer liked the decoration. But the brunette was still busy with the children that she send Katja to check the setting. It was a warm airs and graces of her which angered not even the producer.
Nevertheless Julia had to say goodbye to the children when the team was finally ready for the shoot.

The later it was, the more everyone started to sweat. The erotic dance routines were almost unbearable for Julia. Again and again the star had to refreshed with some cool water and need newly make up on her face.
Even though in the midday heat which stolen the last reserves of strength, the team had a lot of fun on set.

When the first scenes of the clips were done Julia wanted to see more of the capital. Katja, Vladim Alexandra and Julia took a bicycle taxi to have a ride through the city center. 
In Old Havana they shot countless photos of the neoclassical monuments and visited the former Governor's Palace. It was one of the most beautiful buildings which the city had to offer. After a three-hour tour through the narrow streets and the ongoing struggle with the sweltering heat, the women finally cooled their sweaty bodies in the sea in the late afternoon. While Julia and Alexandra ran happily over the white sand toward the water, Katja and Vladim prefered to stay at the nearby beach bar and refreshed themselves with a cool cocktail and talked.

Next morning in a small suburb of Havana the shooting continued in the early morning.
Julia put off the alarm of the iPhone and realized that the trip to Cuba was very energy sapping. The singer was also exhaust because of the climate change. A cool shower finally helped her to be completely awake and be able to withstand the already rising heat in the morning. Julia decided to wear only a bikini and a white until the thigh cut dress.

The team had close off a straight secluded side street to shoot more scenes with a black groomed Mini Cooper. Since they had only for a few hours in this district it was quite hectic on set. Nevertheless, the singer put in some more small details thus giving the video a personal touch.

The four-hour break at noon Julia and Vladim decided for sunbathing. They took the necessary utensils from their hotel rooms and went to the beach. No sooner they had chosen two lounge chairs Vladim ordered two refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails at the beach bar. When he came back with the long drinks Julia was thrilled by the idea and took the drink gratefully. Julia noticed his red skin along the shoulder blades. She pulled out quickly the suntan lotion, got up to sit next to him and rubbed tenderly over shoulder. Even if it was an unusual situation that her hands were rubbing over his skin Julia gave him a relaxed conversation and a quick feeling of pure comfort.
More and more Vladim got the feeling that she took the friendship very seriously and was lieterally enjoying to have a good friend at her side. With his company the stay in Cuba was considerably more pleasant.

To illustrate the relationship of the clip, Julia and Alexandra had to return to the restaurant in the late afternoon again to shoot some more scenes. The shooting at this day seemed to be endless since the team had the Mini Cooper for only twenty-four hours available.
Before returning to the set, Julia went to the hotel and undressed into on a blue - white striped top, a denim skirt and tied the long black hair into a ponytail.
The singer refused some make-up because of the unbearable heat and covered the tired eyes with a white sunglasses.
In order to protect herself a bit from the sun she sat on a white Panama hat, took her purse and made her way into the restaurant where the team was already waiting.

The third day in Cuba was much more relaxed. Julia and Alexandra enjoyed their freetime at the pool  and let the breakfast served by the hotel staff. The women were talking incessantly about their previous experience and time on the island; as well about their upcoming plans as soon as the shoot is finished. No sooner the ladies had their breakfast, they strolled along the beach and decided spontaneously for a small tour with the paddleboat.

Afterwards they went back to the city of the Cuban province. The streets of Cuba were unique and showed clearly the 50s nostalgia and the 68s longings. The native people are standing in front of their oldtimers with the open hood and repaired it for the umpteenth time. They also enjoyed the peace and the use of tobacco and rum. Street musicians lived in their music and played passionately on their accordion the music and dance from salsa to Tropicana. In this fascinating city Julia completely forgot about the Shopping Paradise of designer shops or star gourmet temple in Moscow.

The women bought souvenirs for their loved ones.  Alexandra had chosen a Ernesto Che Guevara Cap for Samir, which liked the mother immediately, too. For Victoria, they bought some earrings. In addition, both kids got a T-shirt with the contour of the Cuban island. The tourists used every opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beach of Havana.

In the evening they sat at the beach, chatted and drank with drinking straws the juice right out of guava and ate fresh fish. They deepened the energy for a new upcoming long and hot shooting day.
The following day, another dance scenes was filmed in the restaurant again. The Russian TV was also there to report about the new clip.

Julia's impulsive apperance was exceptional and showed her true colors. It seemed as if the TV crew couldn't have enough scenes from the sexy singer. In an tight black dress she provoked with disreputable movements with her hips. Julia enjoyed the attention to the fullest that reporter kept every moment of the inappropriate movements.
Even in the afternoon when she was  on the beach with Alexandra, the singer couldn't hold back some scandalous headlines.
She sent hot nude photos to her native country with some greetings from Cuba. But that was not enough for Julia.

She took secretly the chance for making rumors to strengthen her wounded heart. Also Dima should see how much she enjoyed her days on the island. The blonde actress was perfect for this plan of revenge. Thus, the women posed naked and tightly entwined on the beach. Julia was known for excessive actions for the camera and the latent ambiguity should not only shock her worldwide fanbase.

At the penultimate day on the island, the end of the clip was shot on the beach. They were besieging a  of bamboo, straw and palm leaves accommodation which were to see everywhere on Cuban beach. Together with some voluntary open-minded tourists as well as second-rate actors the clip got a special highlight.

Though the last shots of the clip was exhausting. For the encouraging beat of the song 'Didn't wanna do it' the directors added a suitable dance performance. It was tight and hot. Each individual dancers showed a lot of skin. They were sweating and dancing. Even the singer who was always very careful about her appearance in the music videos couldn't withstand to pour cold water over the head during the breaks.

They used the last hours in Cuba to wander through the town of Cuba before the producer and his team will finish the video finished in the late afternoon. The final product of the video was breathtaking. Julia was thrilled with the result and couldn't wait to publish  the video and the song internationally. Thirteen years of experience in the music business was noticeable. The producer was also happy about the great collaboration, adding that he was surprised by the expertise and creativity. Julia put in some of her ideas. Her personal touch in the video was clearly visible. The enthusiasm on the set was outstanding.

When the women said goodbye to the team they wanted to take one last walk at the Cuban beach before they will travel back home in the evening.
When they got there the singer looked into the distance, and listened to the noise of the sea for a moment. She was missing already the clear water in its typical Caribbean turquoise colors of which she couldn't get enough.

Julia went inbetween Vladim and Alexandra, took their hands and gave them a joyful smile. Both were delighted by that nice moment and they strolled leisurely over the white beach. Not only the singer could relive the trip of the last days.
Cuba was a wonderful experience. Beside the small musical challenge due to the ongoing heat, the warmth and love of the native people on the island opened everyone's eyes. Each of them took a piece of warmth with his trip back home.

More concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Fanmeetings, as well as smaller events in which the singer was invited was waiting already in Russia. Now it was time to solve the problems with Dima, event hough she could forget the heartache for while.

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