Lubov Suka (Chapter 32)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 32

First of all the singer wanted to recover in the hotel from the thirteen hours flight to Cuba. On the way from the airport to the hotel she was delighted by the beautiful landscape. Even if there won't be much time between the shooting of her video Julia wanted to see more of the absolutely extraordinary city of Havana. It seemed as if it's a travel back in the past.
There were numerous in need of restoration old buildings. The plaster was falling throughout some walls and ceilings. The streets littered with potholes and shown a classic style of the country. The typical Cuban cars were seen in all imaginable colors.

The hotel was located in the center of the city. From there it was easy to reach the beach as well. Within some minutes Julia and her team can reach all needed locations for the shooting. This historic hotel had a prime location with views of Central Park, right near the Capitolio. It was simply perfect for exploring the old town.

Alexandra had already arrived a day earlier and welcomed the pop star in the lobby of the four-stars hotel with a warm hug. When Katja was getting the keys of the room Vladim carried the suitaces in their rooms. The two women shared their first impressions of the country. It became quickly apparent that they will do as much as they can in the coming days of Cuba's capital.
Alexandra felt that Julia wasn't only tired from the long journey, she was also a bit upset. When she asked about what was wrong, the brunette just shrugged the shoulders and told in a few defiantly words what has happened. Alexandra glanced at Vladim and frowned.
She saw Julia's ex-boyfriend of a picture before, which the brunette had once shown her on the iPhone. It was obvious that she was completely taken aback.

"And why is Vladim here?" She asked in surprise.

Julia took a deep breath.

"He's here to cheer me up. I need him."

For her counterpart it sounded all very absurd and incomprehensible. She would never ask her ex boyfriend for help when there were problems with a new lover.
Despite everything, it was obvious that a more profound conversation was currently not possible. That's why she didn't ask for more details and stroked compassionate over Julia's arm and offered to be always there for her if Julia wants to talk about anything. The brunette nodded with a smile and thanked her.
Meanwhile Katya had handed the room key and told that she will enjoy a bath now. Julia smiled to her blonde friend and wanted to unpack the clothes quietly.

"May I invite you for a nice dinner tonight? Last night I saw a beautiful bar right here in the vicinity of the hotel."

Julia didn't hesitate and agreed.

"08pm in front of the hotel is okay for you?"

Although the petite woman avoid to eat something at this hour she wanted to make an exception and nodded. Before Julia went to her hotelroom, she tilted her head to the side and apologized for her depressed mood. Alexandra just smiled encouragingly and winked with an eye.

"Hey, it's ok. Don't worry. It's not easy with the men."  

Julia pointed her index finger to Alexandra, thus showed how right she was with the spoken words and had to agree with a short laughter.

"I'll see you later ..."

In the hotel room the singer noticed the difference to the European accommodation. Cuba couldn't reach the luxury standard like in Europe. It was a simple but very cozy, decorated in a colonial style room. Also Vladim was excited and walked curious through the small rooms when he had gave her the suitcases. The interiors were strewn with roses ruffles, also the drapes and bedspreads. The chandelier had an antique style and the old cupboards were very lovable decorated.
The two large balcony doors gave plenty of light. The young woman couldn't resist the temptation to open them to enjoy the sight on the city for a moment. Julia leaned against the railing and looked into the distance. The wind blew again and again through the long black hair. Moscow was far away. Now she was on the other side of the world to work on her solo career. It was like fate she could right now off to in a very different place for a few days of the Moscow daily. There was no Dima. No stressful show business. She was alone, accompanied with a great team, friends and her music.
Julia took a deep breath and followed her own motto: Live in the here and now. Enjoy the moment. Some wonderful days in Cuba should wait for her.

"Your stuff is standing right in front of the wardrobe. I'll go to my room. If you need anything, you know where to find me," said Vladim.

Julia turned and nodded wordlessly. A rather oppressive smile was read on her face. Before she left the balcony, the brunette stroked gently  his arm and thanked with warm words.

"It means a lot to me that you accompanied me so quickly. Do you like to join me and Alexandra to the bar later?"

Vladim had to smile. "Initially, it was a little crazy. But now that I'm here, I even think it is very exciting and also look forward to spending the upcoming days with you."

However, the young man refused the invitation since he was tired from the long flight and prefered to relax now in his room. She grinned.

"All right. Maybe we will see you later. Otherwise we will see you tomorrow at breakfast?"

Vladim nodded and left his ex girlfriend's hotel room.
Julia headed to the remote control of the TV to turn on the radio. It took a while until she had found - besides classical music of the country - a station that played the latest songs from the charts. She turned on the volume and started to take her clothes out of the suitcase to place them carefully in the wardrobe.
Afterwards the young woman rested in the bed and turned off the radio to play some music on her iPhone.  When the first beats sounded from the small speaker by her favorite band Kazaky  she read the numerous unread messages which had accumulated in the Inbox. Among them was a message from Dima. In reading his name she caught for breath and her heart started beating faster.

~ "Have fun in Cuba, babe. Don't drink too much rum ... ;) I am looking forward when you're back in Moscow." ~

Julia was literally stunned by the news and deeply affected by his infidelity and feigned words. He behaved as if nothing had happened. For a while she stared at the display. The music  she heard replied in a kind of numbness. Even though it was hard for her to get rid of the negative thoughts Julia had finally getting tired to swim for this man in heartache and decided to ignore the message.

No sooner when had Julia entered the hotel lobby in the evening Alexandra was visibly delighted by her appearance; in light of the white sports shorts which made the tender tanned legs visible. The gray Muscleshirt also showed that the young woman prefered a more sporty look this evening. In welcoming the two women embraced. After a quick kiss on the cheek, the blonde flattered her friend. Julia gave the compliment back as she looked down at her.
Hand in hand they walked to the  bar 'El Floridita' which was just a few minutes away from the hotel.
The bar located at the center of Havana and was one of the most famous in the world. They started the evening with a Daiquiri they and talked immediately about the upcoming cooperation. The Cuban music in the background gave a cozy atmosphere quickly. After the long trip to Havanna they were able to arrive mentally in the country. 
The women exchanged their impressions of the horse racing at the Radio Monte Carlo Grand Prix, which they had visited together two weeks earlier in Moscow. Alexandra had to admit that she misses the many glamorous events. Moscow had much to offer in this regard. Julia agreed and told about her visits of the countless boutiques and restaurant openings.
For a while the singer was able to forget the heartache. Once the conversation paused for a moment, Julia returned involuntarily back to the negative thoughts. With the straw she pulled absently the alcoholic beverage in her mouth.

"You can't forget him, right?" Alexandra asked sympathetically.

A mounted smile came over Julia's lips and had to admit that it's almost impossible to forget Dima. After the wonderful time that they had spent in the last few weeks  she couldn't believe that he had cheated on her.
When asked if she could forgive him, Julia shrugged and stared into the in front of her standing red Daiquiri. Even if, she will have doubts because trust is the basic foundation for a relationship. Especially in their case, since they are separated so often from each other.

"Why are you so depressed when you're not even with him?" Alexandra asked.
Julia had to smile.

"Many people were wondering this. Maybe because we were trying to have a real relationship. We felt our approach with small steps."

"You both? Or just you?"

The brunette frowned.

"What do you mean by that?"

Alexandra took a deep breath and searched for the right words.

"I'm sorry, but it sounds all very absurd to me. If you ask me, he uses you for his musical career. He will get everything out of you, and when he's done, he drops you and takes another one."

Since Julia had heard similar words before by her ex-boyfriend she got doubts for a moment about Dima. But The memories of the intimate togetherness, deleted promptly any questionable thoughts.

"No!" Said Julia confident and made a horrified face. "No, he wouldn't play such bad games.."

"It seems he had cheated on you with another woman. Don't forget it. No offense but you're really madly in love with him. You're seeing things in a different way ..." giggled Alexandra.

Julia nervously biting her lip and looked suspiciously at her counterpart. For a second she was upset and even a bit mad about that statement. On the other hand, she couldn't disagree.  It wasn't encouraging at all about the imagination that bit of truth could be behind it. Alexandra took Julia's hand and looked into her deep eyes.

"Hey ..." she said in a soft voice, looking for her full attention.

The brunette looked silently with a bowed head into the eyes of the blonde.

"I didn't  mean to offend you with my words. It may sound strange, and it is certainly not easy to implement. But try to see your affair a little looser and relax. Eventually it will show whether he is the right person is for you. You won't achieve anything with pressure. If you see him the next time, then talk to Dima and tell about your assumption. Everything else will show the truth. "

"Yeah ..." Julia replied sparse, hoping with a fake smile to end the unpleasant topic.

Alexandra stroked one last time over Julia's hands, straightway her eyes were focused on the entry. A pleased smiled was visible.

"We have new visitors ..." she said, waving with a hand to give signals to the two women.

Julia turned curiously and discovered Katja and Elena Kiper entering the bar.
Since it wasn't clear if Kiper would join the team in Cuba the surprise of her sudden visit was great. The serious and distressing conversation topic was forgotten in seconds. Julia got up to embrace Kiper.

"'So nice that you're here ..." Julia said happily and hugged her friend warmly.

"Nice to see you again too, Julchik ..."

The good mood was unstoppable after the women had ordered a whole bottle of rum for this evening. Besides small snacks like tamales or banana chips, the women had decided to smoke  smoke a Cuban cigar together.
At midnight, the women went back to the hotel. Once there, Julia saw her ex-boyfriend at the hotel bar. He was completely lost in thought, looked into his beer. The singer said briefly  goodbye to her friends and headed to Vladim.

"Hey ..." she greeted him affectionately, stroke shortly across Vladim's back and smiled at him in good humor. Due to his attached smiling the young woman was a little worried.

"Are you okay?" Julia asked and sat down on the bar stool next to him. "Why are you here alone? I offered you to come with us. It was great."

He sipped his beer and felt the staring curious look.

"No thanks. I wanted to be alone a bit."

One moment doubted Julia at her ex-boyfriend was still happy about the spontaneous idea. On the other hand Vladim was a man who honestly expresses his opinion. If he doesn't want to join her, then he wouldn't be here. Supposedly he had yet another profound phase. How often he had already written thoughtful poetry and sometimes he even didn't spoke  a word in the whole evening. However in this situation there was something different.

"Do you regret it to be here?" asked Julia anyway. Her voice was uncertain.

His response was clear. He looked at her horrified.

"No. Of course not!" He replied confidently.

The statement wasn't enough for the brunette. She put a hand on his shoulder and laid the head to one side.

"But I've the feeling you're a bit sad or depressed ... do you like to talk about it?"

At first he was silent, shrugged casually with his shoulder. For a moment he was thinking. Finally, he used the moment and explained the problem.

"Since we broke up, it is hard to find a woman. It seems as if I had become extremely picky. No woman's perfect for me. No can make me really happy."

Julia frowned and was surprised by this unexpected reason and statement. Obviously, she wasn't the only victim of love. The fact that Vladim was suffering made her also a bit upset. Since Julia didn't like to show so much mercy she gave him a bit more courage. She gently stroked his shoulder.

"You are such a great guy and you'll find a suitable wife. We both grew apart. Obviously, we were not meant for each other to maintain a relationship. But you have character. You're strong, loving, and you can wonderfully listening. Women love men who can listen. And unfortunately not so much men can do it. It's all in your hands. "

Due the warm words he had to smile. About this brief but informative note he had indeed to think about it. But he knew that this fact will have certainly an influence. Because she was right. One of the reasons why Julia had once loved him, was the fact he can listening. She could tell him everything and he was always able to cheer her up or give support.

"Now we're sitting here somewhere in Havana and curse the love. That's hilarious when you think about it .." sighed Julia, took lightly his beer glass to drink a sip.

When placing the glasses back they looked at each other and started laughing in the same time moment.

"And that's one thing I've always loved about you. In the most bizarre moments you have this dark sense of humor."

Once again the former couple laughed.

"Ok, I'll go to bed. It's very late ..." Julia said finally; struck gently over this thigh.

After saying goodbye to each other Julia made her way to her hotelroom.

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