Lubov Suka (Chapter 34)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 34

In the early morning Julia and her concert director drove to Barvikha. The district was located about 18 km away from Moscow. The hotel in which the singers will stay the upcoming days was linked in the so-called 'luxury village', a famous pedestrian street. There was renowned boutiques and car dealerships, gourmet restaurants and a concert hall world. In addition, the passage included important names of the fashion world and has had sufficient offers of world-class collections of jewelery and watch brands.
There shouldn't be placed not only another milestone in her career. Also an emotional hurdle was to overcome, as she had to shoot the video together with Dima for their common song 'Lubov Suka'.

Julia parked her Porsche in front of the five stars hotel whereupon Katja immediately got out of the car to contact the hotel staff, who should bring the luggage to the room.
However, the singer was still sitting in the car and lost in thoughts that she once winced when Katya was slamming the car door. The concert director gave the young woman a hand sign that she will go to the hotel. The brunette nodding with a fake smile.

The countless luxury cars in the parking lot were a sign that her singing partner must be here already. The imagination to be next to Dima in few minutes was causing unpleasant abdominal pain. Julia wondered how she should approach him. For a moment she thought about to ignore the situation and acting as if nothing had happened. However, it was questionable if it will be easy to act uninterested.

After deliberation, the woman decided to treat him neutral as possible to check his reactions. It was her only hope to find out the unpleasant truth.
Julia had hardly left the car when she discovered Dima in the hotel lobby. For the first time the singer wished to bring her luggage into the hotelroom herself to avoid any contact. While running away would be pointless.
With a brief 'Hi!' she greeted her singing partner. Her gaze shifted nervously through the lobby. It as hard to keep eye contact.  Dima replied in the same tone and acted with distant. It was already clear how difficult it will be to lead a normal conversation with him. He acted inaccessible and much more nervous than the brunette.
There was no attention. His thumb flew several times, completely in vain, over his iPhone display. Julia secretly regretted that she hadn't just done the same thing when she walked into the lobby. With the help of the iPhone it would be easier to stand thoughtfully behind Katja and thus she could ignore Dima.

"Have you finished your new video on Cuba successfully?" Dima asked suddenly. 

His voice was audible cold and pulled the young woman completely out of her mind. Apparently he was looking for contact.
Julia nodded. For one moment the pride in her eyes was visible as she remembered the video and the wonderful country of Cuba. However, the singer became immediately serious again when she was looking in his unusual empty cold eyes. It was an unbearably depressed mood. Both were markedly against an emotional ruins. Not only Julia had difficulty to find the matching words for a conversation or even a careful diction.
The tormenting ignorance seemed to go on as he was called by Yana for an interview and thus silently disappeared.

"Will you join us later? In about an hour we are in the restaurant to eat something," Yana said hopefully, who clearly didn't know about the emotional chaos of the two singers.

Julia stared at her blankly, initially found no answer to the question asked. She wanted to avoid a hypocritical sitting together with the man who had betrayed her a few days ago.

"Maybe ... I have no appetite yet ..." Julia said.

Her voice sounded unusually restrained. Yana questioned whether everything was ok. The wordless nod wasn't really convincing enough for the manager.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah ..." Julia said.

Even if her suspicious behavior shown much doubt, at the same moment Julia tried to act so cheerful as possible. She didn't know whether she had success with it. Yana nodded with a smile and finally followed Dima in the conference room where the interview took place.
Just as Julia headed to the elevator the producer of the video of 'Lubov Suka' handed the script to the singer. The producer said innervate goodbye. The singer looked oblivious to the two papers, read just a few words and went in small steps to the elevator where Katja was waiting for her.
At that moment, it was hard to imagine to shoot a common video with Dima. How should it only be possible to cooperate with this depressed mood?

Julia winced for a moment as she saw the serious expression of her concert director. Only with the wordlessly gesture Katja was able to tear the brunette's thoughts. Thus, Julia tried to act so self-conscious as possible not to make the blonde mad again. Unfortunately, she could constantly read the mood and minds in her face. Surprisingly, Katja didn't say any word. One reason for this was certainly that Julia had no other choice but to work together with Dima. The singer had to harmonize. Whether they wanted it or not.

"In two hours we'll meet in outside the hotel!" Katya said quietly but with a determined tone and handed the card for the hotel room.

It seemed as if Katja would enjoy the difficult situation. She never used such a rough tone toward Julia because she knew that Julia hate when someone delegate her.
As her manager a certain flair was essential for a god cooperation . The blonde kows the singer for a long time and can deal with this attitude.

Julia arrived the hotel room and put the card into the slot. In the background, quietly hummed the air conditioning at its lowest setting and gave the guests a pleasant cool stay. For the so-called 'luxury village' in which the hotel was located, the room was fairly basic. The bathroom was comparatively small. The greater was the living room. A white cotton rug decorated the light brown parquet flooring. The matching walls were simply decorated in white.
Only the lower wood border avoid that the room was looking like a sterile hospital room. Right at the window was a green sofa with a round metaled table. Before the double bed was a big flat TV screen and a very large floor lamp.

When she was looking at the blue-colored sport backpack equal to the bed, the unwell feeling in the abdominal region returned back. Julia couldn't remember that she hase ever shared a bed with Katja. Moreover  none of the two ladies had ever a sport backpack on tour. She frowned and glanced at the already open bag. The visible Hugo Boss underwear was enough to understand to which person belongs the stuff.
Now, the uninformed Yana was wrong with her philanthropic nature. The idea of booking a common room with Dima was certainly meant well. However, at the same moment it was probably the worst time where she want to share a bed with Dima.

Julia sat down a bit deposited on the edge of the bed, staring continuously at his bag. For a moment she thought about whether it would be better to reserve a room by her own expense. But maybe it would be very rude toward Yana; least she wanted only the best for fresh romance.
Julia caught herself rubbing continuously her hands. The blushed knuckles ached. In order to endure the nervousness  Julia took a stick of chewing gum out of the purse and lit two piece in her mouth. The young woman looked up at the window, wrapped repeatedly a curl around her finger and chewed restlessly on the chewing gum. She didn't feel like having lunch with all participants, especially not with Dima. That's why the singer decided to zap through the TV - even though not only one TV show was able to completely distract her.
Every afternoon the Disney Channel was on at home. Her children love the cartoons and watching it with passion. Julia didn't know why she was stuck into a children programm. Maybe a daily custom or the  simple minded kind of a children's show made her forget the problems least for a moment.

In the commercial break Julia opened her suitcase and took out the make-up and a bottle of hairspray to freshen up a bit in the bathroom. The singer was already considered about how she would like to look in the video. Within minutes she was totally recessed with the makeup of her face that she didn't notice that Dima entered the room. Only when he closed the door, the young woman winced.
And it seemed that the had no idea about his room mate also. It was clearly to see in his horrified face expression as Dima looked into the bathroom. In seconds, the perceptibly tension was in the air again. His aimless hurried steps through the room could guess that Dima was also nervous.
When leaving the bathroom Julia explained timidly the reason for her presence in his room. First Dima wasn't really amused by this imagination.  His gaze wandered frantically across the floor. As countless thoughts and emotions flooded in him, he grabbed hastily for his iPhone and sat down on the sofa and mumbled.
The thumb on his lower lip wasn't the reason for the inaudible words.
Julia pressed nervously her lips as she looked at Dima thoughtfully. It was difficult to begin a conversation. Just when she thought that she had found the right words, the singer stood up and took a few utensils from his backpack. Dima passed by wordlessly and headed to the door.

"I can also book and stay another room ..."

He paused for a moment, looked at the floor. Dima shrugged uninterested when he replied in grumbling tone that currently all rooms are occupied at the hotel.

Now it was obvious that he had wrote a message to Yana if he could stay in another room because without hesitation he has immediately reached for his iPhone as he entered the room. The imagination to share one bed with Julia and having the proximity of the young lady seemed to be a weird situation for him, too.

Julia felt inner anger and grief at the same time and didn't understand why he is playing with this ignorance. She would like to run behind him, asking for a discussion.
But the serious conversation will take time and it's pointless to discuss such a problem in a hurry.

Later in a black Mercedes Julia and the team drove via Krasnogorskoye street to a nearby forest to shot the clip. The camera crew was already in place and working on the backdrop.
The artificial fog should provide a mysterious ambience of the video. However it was a great effort to keep the thick fog among the trees.
Before the shooting started Julia went into one of the three caravans in which the make-up artists were waiting for the stars. Her long black hair was loosely tied, some wild curls fell over her face and the dark make up perfecting a rough look. The tanned skin smatch to the short jeansskirt and a black leather vest and complete a sexy appearance.

The relaxed conversations with the local team was able to alleviate her depressed mood a little bit.
On Set Julia played the confident woman who was able to divert attention from their fury, even though inside herself a voice was telling how much she was lying to herself.
Dima seemed to be less talented in this regard. It was written in his face that he was less pleased to shoot the clip with her. The young man gave the team grumbling snappy answers and try to avoid constantly any contact of his colleague.

Enclosed his behaviour presented also a lot of skepticism. If Dima is having a secret affair with another woman, he would be probably in a better mood.
Julia felt a little spitefulness by at the thought that the Lady has left him after the love adventure.

Both stars were shooting their first scenes separated in the forest. After nearly two hours of shooting Dima's mood was surprisingly a little more cheerful - still he paid less attention to his duet partner but tried not to avoid the contact completely.
The previously shot scenes were connected on the PC and not only the singers were curious about the result. Julia was surprised that Dima had placed hisself right next to her.

" Do you have finished your scenes already? " , Julia wanted to know.

Although her question was absurd because the answer was already clear, she tried to use his positive mood to get in touch with her singing partner.
He nodded and replied unexpectedly in a normal tone. To get a little more out of him, she smiled at the young man friendly. But in this moment Dima looked back cautiously to the ground and his mood was tensed again when they should prepare with a script for their first common scene.

Julia was hoping secretly that she could make the kiss looking real without pretending that the exciting moment had an explosion of feelings as result.
In the end both singers had plenty of experience when it came to kiss a person in the clip.
On command of the camera team they ran to a tree and within seconds Dima pressed himself ruthlessly against her petite body. The hope for a played fake kiss was literally shattered.

Dima had never kissed her so powerful in such a coarse manner.
It seemed as if he let go all his pent up frustration in this moment with his mouth and tongue.She was sure that the kiss hadn't been written this way in the script. Julia wanted to perfecting the scene to avoid shooting the scene once again. She didn't want a kiss of him like that.  It was a pure intuition, since she was totally overwhelmed by his actions and the own emotions.
Julia buried a hand in his hair, trying to tame Dima and make him to kiss her more gently and stop to the rapidly rotating tongue in her mouth. But the action failed. At the same moment he cupped her wrists mercilessly and pressed the woman - still dominating-  against the tree. Julia desperately pressed greedy her lips ons his mouth.
It looked like an extremely passionate and hot snog. But the situation was more profound.

As soon as she had taken control a bit they had to end the kiss on command of the  camera crews. Here Julia pushed the young man ruthlessly at full strength away.
With the palm Dima rubbed his wet mouth dry and looked bitterly at her.

His dark stare betrayed the he had achieved his goal with this dominanting kiss and also his mind was also satisfied. He turned back wordlessly, he disappeared from the high operating between the director and camera team. Julia, however, felt humiliated by its unexpected rough behaviour.

Julia went back to the caravan while the team was verify the entire footage of the day and checking whether the previous scenes have to be shot again.
In order to calm down by Dimas humiliation, she sat down at the table and played with the
numerous cosmetic utensils to distract herself. But she was still horrified by Dimas unusual handling during the shooting.
He got what he wanted and she had no chance. What had she done to him that he treats her suddenly in such a tactless way? Maybe the questionable pictures from Cuba which provoked him?

But his current behavior was to excessive or was Dima really madly jealous.
The imagination he could be in love with another woman and tries to get rid of her in a heartless way set off a cold shiver through her body.

Only when Katja put  a ham sandwich on the table, the young woman was pulled out of her negative thoughts. She thanked the concert director with a fake smile, unwrapped the sandwich while looking out the small window. She had a direct view of the team and its Director. Only upon closer inspection, she discovered Dima as he sat on a bench; apart from the setting and looking into nowhere alone. He looked thoughtful and bitter at the same time. His expressionless face was tense. In this unusual sight Julia badly wanted to know what was in his mind. The unsuspectingness was such a torture.

With a sandwich in her hand, the singer finally walked out of the caravan and headed to Dima. He was still motionless on the bench and tugged absently with his fingertips on the packing of his lunch.
Even if he had hurt her, Julia felt pity. She had never seen him with such a serious and depressed expression. It was possible that he deeply regretted his affair. One last time she bit a piece of the sandwiches, sat right next to him and was searching for the right words.

"What's wrong with you?", the young woman wanted to know.

The chewing seemed to calm her a bit, whereby she biten once again hearty in the sandwich and looked questioningly at her partner.

"I could ask you the same...", Dima muttered reproachful. His word sounded childish and helpless at the same time.

"Why?" she asked.

First he shrugged defiant, still plucking on the packaging of the snack which he hadn't even taste yet.

"Do you enjoy hurting me?" he asked seriously, still avoid every eye contact and kept on staring to the ground.

In this moment Julia tried to control herself with taking a deep breathe not to cry and saying something rude. Least she was the one who got hurt.

"Why did I hurt you? What have I done?"

"I understand that you need freedom and I accept the fact that you also like women. But you don't need to provoke with topless pictures at the beach with you co-worker. I'm not jealous. But I don't get the point why your ex boyfriend joined the trip to cuba. I don't wanna play a possessive lover. But one thing is for sure - the trust is broken. Why did you tell me nothing of all this? It's not the first time that you spent so much time with him. 
I don't even know in what kind of relationship you're now with him. You're a very open-hearted woman. I know that. But I've no sympathize that you're relaxing completely naked next to him at the pool. He is touching you in a way like a boyfriend does. It's not usual for an ex lover. It's obvious that you had lot of fun in Cuba."

Julia had to laugh sarcastically what Dima outraged even more. She shook her head in disbelief.

"Although Vladim and I have a very close friendship, it doesn't mean that we have sex He is still a very good friend and I was happy that he was by my side. You're talking about a breach of trust. Then I wonder what you've done ... "

For the first time since the beginning of the conversation Dima raised his head and looked into the eyes which shown disappointment and anger. He looked at her face.

"Why are you accusing me? Why should I've broke your trust?"  

"Because it is like that..."

"When and how should I do that?"

Julia didn't move, staring only at her counterpart in the questioning eyes. Even if she wanted to hear it from him, finally her words tumbled relentlessly out of her mouth. She waited excited for his reaction when she told almost in a whisper, what she had heard in the dressing room. Dima frowned. His behavior clearly showed that he was confused about this accusation. Incredulous, he leaned back and slowly took the sandwich out of the package.

"I have not cheat on you. I had my soundcheck while you were at the festival terrain. 
Moreover I've called your name awhen you was talking with Yana to hand over the MacBook. Apart from that, I've been unfortunately too far away, it was too loud. "

Julia had a feeling that she was completely pale within seconds. If he wasn't in the ward roobe, it would mean that he had no affair indeed and therefore all the worries that she had on Cuba were unnecessary. Despite his words sounded serious she wanted to know more. Suddenly Dima burst out laughing and shook his head in disbelief.

"That was certainly the crazy brother of my drummer. The boy is 20 years old and he has only mischief in his mind. On this day he was with us at the festival. He is addicted to pornographic films. Obviously his laptop was way too loud. He sat alone in the dressing room while our soundcheck. I can't believe that you have believed that I was having an affair ... "

"Me neither..." Julia answered horrified and was looking with wide eye straight ahead to the ground.

She was perplexed and froze formally due to the truth. But the fact that she had hurt Dima almost intentionally with the pictures of Cuba, was irrevocable. It was a misunderstanding. It could even be a fairly amusing misunderstanding - if the truth would have less consequences. All worries and thoughts were in vain.
Looking back, at the time it was all so painful that she didn't even think of a conversation. Now further more  questions tormented her. Why she had any doubts about him? Why would he cheat on her? Dima tried constantly to maintain the relationship,  didn't see the things so narrow-minded and was able to forget the problems which arise from his previous relationship. Julia felt bad and relieved at the same time.

Slowly she turned her head and looked at Dima, with her still disbelieving gaze. For a moment Julia looked at his face. The discussion has obviously calmed him too. His facial muscles were not tensed anymmore, but she had to win back his incessant twinkle in his eyes. She took quickly his hand and watched how her thumb was wandering up and down his hand back.

"I'm sorry. I don't know why I've wasted just a second to believe that you are cheating me. I couldn't believe it when I heard the sounds in the wardrobe. Nevertheless, in the first moment there was no other explanation for me. It's unbelievable that we're talking about a porn. So 's completely absurd ... Something like this never happened to me..."

Dima nodded sympathetically. Even though, despite Julias apology he was still distracted, pulled his hand from her and began to eat his sandwich.
Julia cleared her throat and looked at the last part of her snacks. Now her appetite was completely gone but forced herself to eat the last piece. Dima was also hurt. Maybe it was the reason why he had treated her so roughly during the shooting.
Although Julia was still upset she didn't feel like to continue the conversation. After all, he was guiltless and the unpleasant misunderstanding had caused so much commotion that her singing partner was noticeably overwhelmed with the situation. Julia had to admit that the untamed kiss was very passionately.  Looking back, Julia had to admit  that the untamed Kiss was very passionate. His impulsive manner clarified apparently that she belonged to him.

She observed when Dima finally wordlessly stood up and made his way back to the camera crew. It seems that he need to think about the outspoken words. Julia sighed and crumpled the package in her hands, once the director had called her to continue the shooting.
It was almost expected suspecting that they had to re-record some of their scenes at the end again. It was visible that Julia was unfocused in the previous recordings.

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