Lubov Suka (Chapter 5)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter  5

Although the day began with powerful emotions and countless thoughts in the end it became unexpectedly beautiful. Dima was thrilled of Victoria's talent in tennis. The young girl was a natural talent. She played with so much confident. In the end of the training session Dima even dared a little match with her. Julia and Samir had a lot of fun in this little battle. Especially because Victoria was far superior.After the tennis lesson they had still a bit time before the dinner of Larissa.
They decided to walk in park which was near the sporthall.
Despite the thick gray clouds the sun was pushing through it and gift the residents of Moscow a first spring fever of the year.
The children even became more open to Dima. At a small pond in the park they took a short break and were watching the squirrels and birds in there.

"The spring will come soon. You can feel it!" Julia said. 

She lifted
pleased her head to breathe some fresh air. She closed her eyes as the smell of the nearby fir trees rose in her nose.

"Yes. Right. But it's still very cold!" Dima said and was rubbing his hands warm.

Julia opened her eyes and looked at him with a surprised facial expression.  

"Are you cold?" she smiled slightly.

"Hmm .. well, yes ...." Dima stuttered somewhat reserved and looked down
on the asphalt

 He shrugged his shoulders and tried to smile back through his frozen face. However, Julia knew he tried to cover up the truth and made a step toward him. She looked briefly at his pale and obviously cold hands. This almost tore her heart.
She took carefully his hands and was rubbing them gently in hers to warm up his fingers a bit.
Julia was very close to Dima now. His perfume
encased slowly around her.She needed to remember the early morning. His sweet kisses. His gently touches.
Her heart began to beat
uncontrollably fast again that she even momentarily stopped breathing for a second. Julia hadn't the courage to look in his eyes. Though she wanted to do it. 

"I feel much better now", he said in softly and stroked his thumb gently over Julia's wrist.

She looked briefly into his eyes and smiled
bashful. Julia felt his fingers, caressing softly her cheek. 

"Your face is also very cold," he said, almost whispering.

Dima put both hands on Julia's cheeks to warm them up aswell. Julia's heart was beating faster as she felt his soft hands. In a more serious tone, he asked Julia to look at him. Somewhat she obeyed his command
hesitantly. When their eyes met he smiled at her delighted. Suddenly she felt that both of his hands started squeezing her cheeks. Julia was wondered about that. She was surprised the sudden change of the mood.

"That's good," he chuckled and squeezed Julia's cheeks even a bit more."Now repeat ... 'I am a fish' ..." Julia looked at him questioningly, trying to speak his name. 

But this was a big mistake. Dima started laughing.

"Oh great this is even better ... repeat my name 'Dima Bilan '... come on baby, tell me!!"

 The young woman was still staring at him, totally confused. But his boyish grin let her join this game. 

"Dma Blan ..." she murmured.
She also had to smile, which proved to be difficult because her lips were still pressed by Dima's hands. He was laughing even more and let his hands slip from her cheeks again.
The children followed the embarrassing situation of her mother and laughed loudly about it.
Dima suddenly turned to the children with a serious face expression.

"You dare to laugh about your mother?" he asked in a deep voice and put on a little psycho gaze.Both  kinds were looking
startled in his eyes. The loud laughter of children stopped within a second.

"Then it's just fair that your mother will have the chance to laugh either," said Dima and jumped towards the children. 

Before they could run away Dima has choosen his next victim. He put his hands quickly on Victoria's cheek.

"Now repeat ..." I ..will ..not ..laugh ..about ... "
 As Vika was looking at Dima's amused expressions she also had to start laughing.


The dinner at Julia's parents was very quiet. Dima met Julia's father and they harmonized equally with each other. The men chatted with each other throughout the whole evening. Dima told him about the start of his career and Oleg about his experience as a father of a prominent daughter.Julia watched every single move of her duetpartner. She was engrossed in his sparkling brown eyes. When he laughed two little wrinkles softly deepened in his cheeks. His delicately curved lips bordered on perfection. They were like drawn by hand. While he was listening Dima always got a dreamy look. His voice was strong and gentle.Julia winced as she suddenly felt a hand suddenly on her shoulder. She looked up into the smiling face of her mother. 

Are you tired honey? Your eyes are very small."
The singer was a bit confused by this question. Then she realized that she unconsciously observed Dima.  

"A little bit..." the young woman smiled and she could feel the gazes of her family as silence filt the room. 

"Oh Julitschka..why you didn't say a word before. I'll drive you home now," said Dima worried and took the last sip of his water. 
"Dima take your time, please. You don't have to jump immediately." 

But Dima ignored her words and walked into the floor to take her jacket from the wardrobe. He gift the brunette a warm smile. Julia smiled a little embarrassed and pressed her lips. She walked up to Dima and turned so he could pull her sleeves over her arms. 

"You're treated with a great honor, Princess." Oleg laughed and clapped the young man on the shoulder. Dima started blushing and looked down with a smile.

"Yes ..." she replied sheepishly and buttoned her black coat.

 Larissa tugged the collar of the jacket and took her daughter's face in both hands. She kissed lovingly her forehead. "Come home safely my angel." 

Julia nodded and hugged her mother. They stroked each others back. 

 "I will pick up the kids on Valentine's Day. I've a free day and I would like to go to the Moscow Silverforest with them."  

"This is a great idea!" Larissa replied, pushing her daughter gently against her body for the last time. 


After Julia and Dima said goodbye to the family they went back to the car. When they opened the door an icy wind blew through the streets. Dima ran with small steps to his BMW and opened the passenger door. Julia also followed him with quick steps and thanked him with a shy smile as he opened the door. They went into the cold car and she put her handbag in the footwell. She sank tiredly in the white leather seat.

"Your parents are very nice," said Dima when he also got in the car. He rubbed his hands fast to get them warm again. 
"Thank you. But they like either you a lot. This is rare and don't happen often. They aren't so open for my showbuisness friends."Dima was silent for a moment, starts the engine of the car and turned the heat on to warm the car up.
"I'm not surprised."
he said
. Julia was surprised by his serious tone. His face was rigid and almost worried. He looked at Julia's questioning eyes.

"Topalov," he replied barely and started his car to make his way to Julia's place.

Countless of memories, which she had in connection with this name, let the woman froze for a second. She cleared her throat and tugged nervously at the sleeve of her coat.

"Your father told me everything while you washed the dishes with your mother. Since I know Topalov personally, I can imagine what kind of bad effect he had on your life."

Dima took a deep breath. His gaze was fixed on the busy Moscow traffic. Julia felt that this part of her past, made him obviously very upset. She had never seen him before like that. So speechless and reputable. She laid a hand gently on his shoulder.
A smile spread on his lips, when Dima turned his head and looked at Julia's sparkling and familiar eyes.

"It's ok, Dima. This is my past. A part of me which I can't deny. I can't undo it and I will never play again so easily with my life. I wanna be happy now and enjoy every moment in my life. "Dima nodded.
"Ok, let's not embellish this topic. We should end the night with some positive thoughts, right?" 

"Yes," Julia replied.

The car had become a nice indoor temperature, which made the singer even more tiring. She made herself comfortable in the passenger and looked out the window. She loved Russia's capital at night.

"Would you like to hear some music?" asked Dima.

Julia replied with a
nodding smile. The young man choosen her taste. In the background sounded 'Grenade' by Bruno Mars. Apart from the many street lights and countless road signs, the Moscow city adorned by countless commercial signs. The young woman tried to read every single advertisement. She did this even when she was a  child. It was kinda like a hobby of hers, to prevent boredom while the driving. But the many street lights in the darkness made her even more tiring. Her eyes burned and she thought about to close her eyes for a second, to get rid of this unpleasant feeling of tiredness.


Julia opened her eyes again. A gentle male voice had torn her from the sleep. The young woman looked up, almost nervously she looked at a building where two window brightly lit. Her eyes turned back to Dima. He was leaning against the side of the driver's seat and his body leaned slightly toward her body. His hand rested next to her thigh on the passenger seat."Oh my god, I felt asleep?" Julia asked horrified and noticed how ridiculous this question actually was, because the situation was more than obvious. She got a smile of him as an answer. She glanced at his flawless teeth. Then she looked back into his hazelnut brown eyes. Julia was overwhelmed by her own thoughts. She wondered what this mystical view meant, which also gave her some incredible feelings in her abdomen. Again she felt this tension while their eyes deepening more and more. Her minds always turned off when she was in this situation with Dima. She wanted that this moment will never stop. Once again she needed to think of today's morning. Julia couldn't stop thinking about his gentle and at the same time powerful touches. But she forced herself to stop this memories. 

"I will go now," she said in a calm voice. She took her handbag off the footwell blindly because she didn't took her eyes away from him. "Tomorrow at 10am in the studio." His tone was almost stern. Dima leaned back and put his hand on the steering wheel. "Shall I pick you up?"Julia shook her head. "No, you don't have to. Today you have done enough for me. Thanks again."The young woman said goodbye with an almost obsequious smile and got out of the car. Before she closed the door, she looked again at the driver. "Bye, see you tomorrow."

 Dima just raised his head and blinked elegant an eye. When Julia closed the door of the car, she stopped for a moment and waited until he left. The powerful engine of the BMW's roar shortly. She waved at him a last time, even though she didn't even know if he'd ever seen it. At the same moment she wondered why Dima was so quiet during the last minutes. He hardly spoke a word Didn't really answer. Mostly he answered with his facial expressions.
And how long she had actually slept in the car?
She checked the time and swallowed as she noticed that it was already midnight. Julia Immediately forgot about her minds and made her way into the house. Today she wanted to go to bed early because she doesn't want to dissapoint Dima once again.


As Julia entered the apartment it was dark and she smelled some fried meat and a touch of masculine shower gel. She put on the light, took her iPhone out of the black calf-leather designerhandbag and hung it with her dark coat at the wardrobe.The young woman wondered if Vladim was ever at home? Or if he had thrown hisself into the nightlife of Moscow. She went with big steps into the bathroom to take a hot shower quickly. The delicate body of the singer was still slightly frozen. Maybe it was also because she was tired and exhausted of the day.As the hot water ran down on her soft skin, she closed her eyes and enjoyed every single second of her warmed up body again. It seemed as if  all the worries of her soul dissapeared for a second. Maybe she should plan to enjoy a day just for her own. A day where she can relax her soul, with a hot bubble bath, soft music and candlelights. Julia liked the idea and wanted to do it as soon as possible.She got out of the shower carefully, grabbed the white terry towel off the wall hooks and wrapped her upper body in it. After she had dry her black hairs with an hairdryer she slipped in her gray silk negligee, picked up her iPhone and toddled with small quick steps to the bedroom.Since the rolling shutter were closed she suspected that her boyfriend had to be here. She paused briefly and heard his deep and dark breaths. He doesn't snore. But when he was sleeping, his breathing was so loud that he had gift her already a few restless nights. She crept quietly up to her side of the double bed. She sat at the edge and turned on the alarm. Julia knew already that she will be very tired tomorrow night again. But she wanted to get up early to start the day in peaceful. The brunette tried to be very carefully and quietly as she put the big sheets over her body till her breasts. Fortunately Vladim had a very deep sleep, which wasn't hard to hear.Everything what happened was running through her minds. She wondered if she really felt something for Dima?
Why did they kiss?

Was it just because they had talked about to kiss in their pcoming performance?

Did Dima had the same feelings for her?

Does he really feel the same?

Or is it only for the benefit of the purpose of the rough show business?
He looked so in love as they were at the pond. As if he really feels the same.
Could these eyes lie?
Why was he so quiet when Julia got out of the car?
Was he sad?
Confused? Still emotionally affected by their past?
Countless questions tormented the young woman.
She took a deep breath. Julia finally wanted to forget this day and be able to sleep peaceful.