Lubov Suka (Chapter 6)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 6

Julia sat in the kitchen and had just prepared some 'porridge', her favourite russian breakfast . She was still very tired and kept on looking at the modern clock of the kitchen which hung over the door and presented an inhuman time. The ticking of the clock next to the sound of the shower in the bathroom was the only thing she heard. Vladim either woke up also because of his girlfriend's alarm. When Julia was sitting up in bed and was rubbing her eyes he gently stroked her back. They still didn't speak to each other. Just a friendly smile.While Julia freely scraped the white-brown porridge from the edge of the plate , she was wondering if she had some feelings while Vladim was touching her back. But she couldn't identify some feelings.The door of the bathroom opened and entered the kitchen. Vladim poured some cornflakes in a little red white bowl. While Julia's porridge was resting on her tongue she watching every single movement of him. He turned and sat down right across of his girlfriend. Julia smelled the scent of his AXE shower gel. It must be new. It was unknown for her. In that moment she realized that the fresh smell of his musk let her completely cold, compared with Dima's smell.

"By the way, the car service station called yesterday." Vladim said in a calm voice. 

 "You can pick up your car." Julia couldn't resist a smile. 

"Do you know when the service is open?, she asked, putting the spoon on the plate.Vladim took his leather wallet, which was on the table and pulled out the visiting card of the service.

"At 8:00 clock," he muttered, and put the card back in the wallet.Julia looked once again at the clock in the kitchen. There was still enough time for enjoying the breakfast in peace. She sipped briefly at the warm mint tea and her eyes turned back to her boyfriend. 

"How did you sleep?" she asked and had to think of his deep breathing while he was sleeping. 

"Well, I didn't even noticed that you came back home yesterday evening," said Vladim and studied the tense face of his girlfriend.Julia raised her head slightly and her eyes went from Vladim's eyes back to her porridge. She finished her mint tea and put the cup, plate and spoon in the dishwasher. As she was about to leave the kitchen, Vladim offered her to bring her to the car sercvice. The singer was standing at the door and turned around with a pleased facial expression.

 "Great . If you want to..yes! Thanks!" she replied with a spleased voice and went into the bathroom to get undressed. 
She was standing in front of a large mirror with a rustic dark brown wooden border. Today the young woman had decided to some casual clothes. She was wearing a gray-colored wide hoodie, including a light blue jeans and a pair of white and red striped sneakers. Julia checked her make-up a last time before she went back into the corridor and put on her dark winter jacket from the previous day.


Vladim brought his girlfriend to the car service. The conversation during the ride were very one-sided and cold. Julia could feel this awkward tension. Every efforts to loosen the relationship between her and Vladim failed. She even imagined what would happen if the relationship would end with him.
What would change?

Would Vladim pack his bags and will completely disappear out off her lives?  
Maybe Vladim has more feelings for her as he can show?
What will happen with all their upcoming plans?
The imagination of ​​being a single again tormented the young woman.

But does her love to Vladim still have enough power to keep up the relationship? 
But even all thos 'in-love' feelings in her stomach were gone.

The singer entered the office of the car service.  A long-legged beautiful blonde woman friendly
immediately welcomed her. Julia was wondering if this almost exaggerated friendliness is probably just the typical 'Porsche Service, or her prominence was the reason for this?

"Take a seat!" demanded the service woman and pointed to a luxurious white leather couch.

"Be patient for a little moment, please. My boss, Mr. Kovalev, will be here in few minutes. Would you like to drink something? Maybe a coffee or some water?"

 Julia shook her head as she sat on the hard leather white couch. She looked into the blue eyes of the young blonde who was still showing her shining white teeth with her exaggerated smile.The lady dedicated to the MacBook behind the reception desk again. Julia couldn't stop take her eyes of her long, elegant legs. She appraised the fine black tights awith the matching stylish leather boots. The shiny white stone floor was polished so much that the legs of the receptionist were reflected in it. Just as Julia caught herself again while gazing at some female legs, a dark male voice was talking beside her.

"Good morning, Ms. Volkova."

 Julia looked up and saw a quite dainty young man. She blushed a bit and was wondered if he had noticed that she was starring at her beautiful female workmate.

"Mr. Kovalev," he introduced himself and gave the singer's hand. Julia stood up and shook the hand of the
quite young businessman.

"Good morning!"

 "Follow me. I'll bring you to the car."
 Julia accompanied Mr. Kovalev into the backyard. As they passed the reception, the blonde woman gift her again this exaggerated smile. As they walked down the hallway to the backyard, Julia looked at the countless images of ancient Porsche Models, which were outlined in priceless frames. The young business man extended his arm and pointed to Julia's car which wasn't only repaired, in addition also washed and polished, as it was usual for the expensive Porsche Service. Mr. Kovalev handed the singer her car keys. After he has showed her the repaired damage the singer handed him the golden Porsche Card. With this card you can pay your bills in a easier way. 


Right on time Julia arrived in the music studio. She entered the dark corridor and she could hear already the instrumental of the song 'Back to her future'. She opened
carefully the door of the studio and saw Dima's manager Yana next to the SoundPool. The two women greeted each other with a customary hug. Julia felt a small bulge on her stomach. Julia looked down and laid her hand gently on Yana's belly. 

"How are you and the baby?" asked Julia and smiled pleased. 

"The baby's fine. But since I got pregnant I'm constantly dizzy. From morning till evening. Slowly I am getting used to it. But I'm surprised ... you're the first person who asks how I am feeling. Most Pof the people just care about the baby," laughed Yana. 

"I know that feeling dear. I made it through twice. But it will be worth it, believe me." Julia explained and blinked an eye. 
Julia put her handbag on a small wooden table and looked for her iPhone. While Yana told about the last examination at her gynecologist and her emotions when she saw her unborn child for the first time on the screen of the ultrasound.a familiar voice sounded behind them. 

"Women conversations ... I'd better go again."

Julia turned around. When she looked back in Dima's dark brown eyes, her heart began to beat uncontrollably wild again."This is also a topic for men. After all you've been there while 'making the baby', right?" said Yana and Julia had to smile about
Dima's embarrassed face. 

"I've never been in that kind of situation and I will never get into this situation."

This statement froze Julia's body. She wondered why she was hurt by the fact that Dima wants no children. Maybe her subconscious seriously was busy with the thought that one day she wants to be with him and even having a family?
This would make sense of her sudden shock.
But maybe Dima just never met the woman who will change everything in hislife? Or he don't want to change himself and his life?

 "Never say never, right Julia?" Yana laughed and thrown Julia out of  her little black 'mind hole'.  
The singer only set up a fake smile and nodded slightly.Two arms suddenly wrapped around her waist and Julia was slightly pressed against the muscular body."First of all, good morning,..." Dima whispered and his voice gave the young woman a shiver through he body. She took a deep breath and whispered a quiet back.
"Good morning .. "

"You're on time today."Julia nodded. 

"Yes, I woke up early. This morning I even picked up my car from the car service already. I didn't want to disappoint you again.""You never disappoint me, Julitschka."

 The young woman could feel his warm breath on her neck and she felt goose bumps all over her body. He went with his hands over Julia's coat and opened the big black buttons of her coat Julia forgot to breathe for a brief moment as she observed his hands, which wandered over the dark textile of the jacket. 

"We should start with the recordings," he breathed again in Julia's ear and pulled the coat off her arms and hung it on the white-colored wardrobe, which stood in the corner of the studio.Julia nodded and took her matching headphones off the shelf. She was wondering what Dima was feeeling for her. Once he is so closed and silent. Then he is open and lovely again.
Moreover Dima is a very humorous person.
It's hard to find out his limits of seriousness.Julia went into the recording room and stood right next to Dima at the microphone. The instrumental sounded softly in headphones and the recordings for 'Back To Her Future' went into the last round.
Evertime Dima was singing you could see how the music flows through his whole body.
Whether on stage in front of his fans or in the studio. The music is literally alive in his body. Julia always loved to watch him because this kind of singing gave her a lot of strength.


The day in the studio was a big success. After eight hours the entire song was recorded and soon the Russian superstars could start in the
predetermining round of the Eurovision.As the producer played the whole song for the first time, Dima put his arm around Julia's waist and pulled her closer. Both smiled and proud was written in their eyes. Julia gently lays her head on Dima's shoulder and even closed her eyes for a moment. She enjoyed his warmth and the beautiful song at the same time. When the song was over the singers hugged each other and they squealed of joy.

"But now I'm hungry," Dima
moaned. Julia nodded eagerly. 
"Same here. And you know what? I'll invite you for a big dinner because you helped me so much yesterday. And...I think we've to celebrate something..."  

Dima smiled. "I gladly accept your offer. I'm starving!" Julia turned to Yana and the producer to invite them also to this collective dinner. But both declined.

"I'm going home and put my feet up. I can't stand any longer. Anyway, thanks Julia." Yana said goodbye and hugged the two singers a last time. Dima took Julia's coat off the wardrobe.

"Today you're a gentleman again?" Julia asked and giggled while her arms slipped into the sleeves of the jacket."I'm always a gentleman for a beautiful woman like you," he answered with his boyish cheeky smile

He raised his arm so Julia
unlatched in with her arm.

"Of course you're are."

 The singers laughed and went out of the studio to make their way to Julia's car.

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