Lubov Suka (Chapter 10)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 10

It was Valentine's Day. Overnight the winter came back again in Moscow and brought a lot of snow. The last two days Julia was able to recover from the break up with Vladim and the unexpected visit of Olga. The singer made major shopping tours in the largest shopping centers in Moscow in company with Mona to alleviate her pain of the break up. In the evening they dined in expensive restaurants and afterwards they spent many hours in luxurious bars and played countless of rounds backgammon with some tasty sweet red wine.
Julia has meet Mona some months ago in a Moscow fitness center. Mona is a sporty young woman and also a singer. The both same age women were on the same level from the first sight and shared many common interests.

After the breakfast Julia drove to her parents and spent the rest of the morning at their place.
She told them about the break up with Vladim. Despite the less nice and unexpected news her father was thrilled from Vladim's offer for keeping a friendship.
When Oleg wanted to discuss for hours about this idea, Julia quickly changed the subject. She didn't feel like talking about a possible friendship with her ex boyfriend on Valentine's Day. It was already hard enough for her beeing alone at this wonderful day while countless of couples will spend romantic moments.

After lunch Julia drove to Serebryany Bor with her children , the so called Silverforest, in Moscow. This forest is rather equated with an island and located near her parents house, the small neighborhood city called Ostrov and was surrounded by the large Stroginskaya lake and the Moscow River.
There were many paths for wandering and beautiful meadows for recovering. Many of Moscow's residents are going to this place for fishing, for barbeque parties or even partly for paragliding due to the large open area. When the lake is frozen many people take the chance to skate some rounds on the ice.

Julia parked the car in a nearby parking place and went to a playground. This playground offered many opportunities for climbing, swings, carousel rides and much more what children's hearts let beat higher.
This place was the undisputed favorite playground of her children. When Samir heard that they'll visit this place he is always taking his small blue bag and fills it with a sand sieve, buckets and everything what a child needs in the sandbox.
And he didn't care whether the sand was frozen or not. It's just a part of his standard equipment on the playground.
At this snowy day Victoria was more focused in building a snowman and got some active support of her little brother. He was throwing big snowballs against the snowman with help of his little brown colored shovel.
The third time at this day the children noticed a flying red heart shaped balloon in the sky.
Julia was sitting on a bench and observered how the balloon was moving toward the big city with the cold wind.
She was wondering where the balloons were coming from. Maybe today was a little store open which was selling that kind of heart shaped balloons for Valentine's Day.
The young mother had to smile about the imagination of a young kissing couple who are just in love and forget about everything while the balloon rises in the far horizon. For a second she had to think about Vladim and wondered what they would do now. Samir and Vika also heard that she is no longer with him. The disappointment in the eyes of her children ached in her soul. Almost more than the fact that she is a single mother now. Julia had told them that they will have a friendship with Vladim and that they still can visit him whenever they want. Though she wasn't even completely sure about that desicion. Julia took her iPhone and decided to give it a try. She was writing the first nice but short message to Vladim after the break up.

"Hey Vladim. Happy Valentine's Day .. Julia"

Just as she had sent the message Julia was wondering if it was a good idea to send a message to her ex boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Maybe he will take it sarcastic or maybe she will even hurt him? Julia shook her head inwardly. Least he was the one who ended the relationship. And if Vladim wants to have a serious friendship, he will surely react accordingly. After a few minutes the young woman got an answer.

"Hi Julia, thank you for your message. I also wish you a Happy Valentine's Day and greetings to Vika and Samir."

Julia was pleasantly surprised by this reaction and was about to answer again. But she erased the message again because she didn't want to be so obtrusively in the beginning of the so called friendship.
Just as she put her iPhone back into the handbag a old man handed her a red heart balloon. The same balloon as one of these, which previously flew in the air. The children looked up to the heart-shaped balloon and ran in a race to her mother to get the unexpected gift. Julia gave the balloon to Samir. The mother explained that he needs to give it to his sister in some minutes just for avoiding a typical sibbling fight.
Julia turned around but the stranger was no longer visible. Maybe someone is giving away this little present for Valentine's Day.
Meanwhile the sun was coming out more and more through the thick grey clouds and shares some warmth at this cold and gloomy day.
Julia leaned and lifted her head and enjoyed fully the warmth of the sun.
But this relaxing moment was interrupted by screamings of her daughter which pulled her out of the daydreamings. Julia opened her eyes again and one of these heart balloons flew once again across the sky. When Julia was looking at her daughter she noticed also a balloon in hand. And when her eyes wandered to Samir she knew that this wasn't the balloon which was a gift of the stranger.

"Where do you have this balloon from?" she asked.

"A woman gave it to me. She was just over there," explained her daughter happily and pointed to the other end of the playground.

Julia frowned and looked around. But there was no one to see. At the beginning this balloon story was beautiful. But now Julia had enough of this mysterious balloon invasion. After she was helping her children to finish the snowman they walked along the lake.
They met a young couple which also carried two of this heart balloons.
Julia was pleased that she wasn't the only one who was surrounded by the helium parade. But suddenly the couple stopped in front of her. With a big smile they handed her two more balloons and Julia's inner joy dropped down again.
Just as the couple wanted to go again, she stopped the strangers and asked where they got these balloons from. But the couple just shrugged the shoulders concurrently and without saying a word they kept on going.
Her children were happy about the new balloons. But Julia got an unwell feeling and went with faster steps back to her car.
When they arrived the parking place the mother was looking at the heart-shaped flying gifts and realized that she had to put the balloons in the trunk now. It was impossible to drive the car when the balloons were flying around and block the complete sight. Actually she would love to let them fly but then she will have the biggest drama with her children.
Julia took all the balloons while Samir and Vika got into the car. She opened the trunk of the Porsche and tried with much effort to stick the balloons in it. However it turned out to be more complicated as expected.
There was always least one balloon who dared to fly out of the trunk again.

In addition from the backseat her children observed every movement of her mother. In particular, it was again this gaze of her daughter which told her that she shouldn't make one single mistake and bring more effort to save the balloons properly. It was exactly this gaze which she gave her own mother in similiar situations when she was younger.
Her children turned satisfy back again when the last balloon finally floated safely in the trunk .
Julia looked at the flying drama in her Porsche Cayenne and sighed. She never thought it could be so hard to put four flying balloons in a trunk.
As Julia closed the trunk she looked frightened at the rear window which reflected a dozen of these heart balloons. Her heart was beating so hard of excitement that she could almost hear it. She stared petrified at the window and watched the balloon bundle which slowly moved back and forth with the low wind. Julia didn't dare to turn around to see who was behind her. Maybe all this mysterious gifts made her just insane?  Or was this inner fear causing her to freeze now, partly due to her dangerous life as 'homosexual superstar' in Russia? It wouldn't be the first time someone stalked her in a sick way. But this experience was a long time ago.

"I was afraid that you will fly away when I give you the whole balloons all in once", suddenly a familiar voice sounded behind her. This voice which regularly unleashed explosive waves inside her.

"Dima? YOU?" Julia croaked and turned around. She looked into his boyish and cheeky smile with the dimples in his cheeks. Julia's heart started promptly to run marathon and looked up at the balloons and wanted to know how many he had bought.

"54 balloons", he said proudly, waving the remaining balloons back and forth which he still held in his hand.

Julia frowned. "Why 54?"

Dima innocently shrugged his shoulders. "The store had only 54 left."

The young woman had to laugh about it and didn't want to imagine how many he would have buy otherwise. She couldn't believe that Dima was the reason for the mysterious gifts and wondered why he had done that. Nobody is running in Moscow with 54 balloons just for fun. But Julia wasn't brave enough to ask.

"How did you know that I'm here today?" she wanted to know. Her voice was very soft and her eyes were still fixed on the balloons.

"Last week when we were at your parents house you have told your mother that you're going to spend Valentine's Day with your children here."

Julia was amazed that he could remember this. She looked at him with a surprised gaze. Dima could see in her eyes that she wanted to know more.

"So today I drove to the house of your parents and have seen your car. I've been waiting till you're gone.  Then I rang at your door and have spoken to your mother. I just wanted to make sure that you really come in the silver forest ..... "

Julia cleared her throat and interrupted Dima at this point.

"... Really? ..."

"Well ...", Dima began to stammer and looked a bit nervous at his feet. "So ... your mother hasn't just told that you're here with your children. She also told me that Vladim broke up with you."

"She has ...?" Julia began her sentences surprised and cleared her throat. Dima was shrugging and looked in the face of the young woman. She was a bit upset about the fact that her mother is telling news about her personal life. It doesn't matter if it's a workmate or not. After all she wanted to talk about it personally with Dima. It seemed that Dima twisted not only her, also her mother's mind. He asked cautiously about how she is feeling. When Julia saw his curious and sincere look she had to smile and nodded.

"Yes I'm fine. I was able to calm down with a big shopping trip in Moscow and a few rounds of backgammon."

"With who you've been with?" Dima wanted to know and lift an eyebrow.

Julia pressed her lips slightly and her view in the air was so mysterious that Dima was kinda melting of  curiosity. She was enjoying this moment and casually shrugged her shoulders playfully. She changed the subject.

"Tell me once again..what do you wanna do with ... how many?....  54 balloons?"

"I don't know what YOU want to do with them," he answered, and held out the bundle of balloons.

Julia's eyes widened and she shook her head with a smile.

"Oh no, no, no ... you can't do that to me. I can't take all the ballons to my home." 

Dima pouted and put on a heartbreaking expression. When Julia saw this she could hardly resist. She bit gently on her lower lip and made a step toward Dima and gratefully took the balloons.

"You are so crazy ..." she whispered. Once again she was standing in front of him and stared into his brown eyes. The young man smiled mischievously and asked if Julia would like to go in a restaurant with him. Regarding to the balloons she frowned and waved with the heart shaped gift.

"Well, then we will let them fly over Moscow," said Dima and in the same moment he included Julia's hips. The woman squealed loudly as the singer suddenly lifted her into the air. She had to laugh so much that the balloons slide out of her hand. While these rose in high speed to the sky Dima lifted the young woman higher in the sky and sang loudly a part of his song 'Kosmos' *.

"Mooooi cosmos .... moooi me ... vselennayaaaa ... moi ... moi kosmoooos kosmoooos ..."

While she was still laughing continuously and squealed loudly his name she was begging him for bring her back to the ground again. But Dima had a lot of fun to raise the skinny woman repeatedly into the air. He encompassed her belly with his arms and pulled her closer and began to move slowly back and forth. Julia laid her head slowly backwards, right on his shoulder. As Dima looked into the bright shiny blue eyes he lost all his strength. The young woman slowly slid down on him and put her arms immediately around his neck. She didn't lose her view from Dimas eyes and her heart  began to beat faster as their faces were very close again.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Julitschka .." he whispered with his boyish smile and brushed gently a strand from Julia's forehead.

"Happy Valentine's Day..." breathed Julia back.

For a moment she thought about kissing him again. A kiss would make this exciting Valentine's Day surprise complete now. But for the first time Julia was able to use her mind when she was in front of him.
She remembered not only Vladims so called brotherly advice, also Dima's regulary changing mood.
For one moment he's incredible open and shows his feelings, then he was closed again. Julia wanted to test him now. Even though she was less pleased with that decision and would like to deepen this romantic valentine moment. But she wanted to know whether Dima is serious about her or if he only plays with her like a cat with a mouse.

"You look so thoughtful," he said wondered.

Julia had to smile inwardly about this and set on an enigmatic expression. She lift her eyebrow and pursed her lips. In the area of ​​paying attention he had won a big plus already. She enjoyed his thoughtful look and waited for a response. However, Julia tried to control her strong heart beating and the associated emotions. It was almost a disappointment when Dima made a step away from her. Many questions fired in her mind again and she bit nervously her lower lip.
Why he didn't kiss her? Maybe because of the break up with Vladim?
Or Dima has no feelings for her? When he has no feelings for her why did he prepared this spectacular plan for Valentine's Day? Had he done the same when she would be still with Vladim? His question regarding to an invitation in a restaurant tore her out of the mental chaos. Julia looked into the car to her children, who looked excited over to them. In this moment she was glad that Dima hadn't kissed her. She would obviously need to explain this to her own kids.

"Your children are also welcome. I would be glad." said Dima and smiled hopefully.

Julia thought for a brief moment and accepted the invitation.

"First I need to go back home and change the clothes of the kids," said the mother.

"Of course. If you want I'll reserve a table. How about 18 o' clock in Kurabie restaurant again?" he asked.

Julia nodded happily while she made a step towards and hugged him.

"Thank you," she whispered in an almost modest tone, pressing herself formally to the well built upper body of the young man.

*The song 'Kosmos' is available in the playlist of the site

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