Lubov Suka (Chapter 11)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 11

The initially dark Valentine's day was saved by Dimas extraordinary balloon surprise and the following dinner at the Kurabiy Restaurant together with her children. Julia was surprised about her otherwise rather reserved son. Samir was happy to see Dima again and was incredible open. After dinner he even sat on his lap and the singer read the favourite story from his favorite fairytalebook. Dima's added some of his fictional characters, which resembled one his unique humor. The new kind of the fairytale story entertained not only the five years old boy. 
The female russian superstar wanted to spend the remaining free time with her children and family since she will have countless of appointments in the next weeks. After the dinner at the Kurabiy Restaurant she brought her children in her apartment.

As Viktoria and Samir fell asleep in their beds, Julia sat on her sofa in the living room and poured herself a glass of wine. After the first sip of the dry red wine she leaned her head back, took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Now she was enjoying the silence after this unexpected exciting day. The whole impressions of the day were running in her head like a movie once again. 
The pain of the break up with Vladim dissapeared slowly. The young woman was able to devote to her true feelings. Although she still didn't know whether she felt some serious feelings for Dima since there was still the fear of loneliness.

Just as she sipped her wine a quiet voice sounded behind her. She turned around and looked straight into the little brown eyes of her son.

"Mommy? ... I can't sleep ..." he muttered in an exhausted tone.

Julia compassionately laid her head to the side and stretched one arm to her son. 

"Come here darling...." the mother said softly, pulling her son on her lap.
She gently kissed the boy's head and stroked his arm. She wanted to know why he can not sleep. But the boy just shrugged his shoulders and played with the ear of his fluffy brown dog.

"Do you wanna sleep in my bed tonight?" asked Julia.

Samir nodded and smiled happily at his mother. She looked at the clock briefly which showed almost midnight. Julia was exhausted from the day but she wasn't sure if she was tired enough to fall asleep.
"Then go to bed already. I'm with you in few minutes, okay?"

The boy nodded pleased and headed into the bedroom.
His singer looked one last time on her iPhone and drank the last sip of her wine. Then she went to the bathroom and after brushing her teet, she took her white colored silk nightdress from the wardrobe and undressed for the night.
She went into the bedroom, closed the window with the curtains and sat on the edge of the bed. Samir laid on its side of the double bed and played gain with the ear of the fluffed dog. Julia ran her hand through his short brown hairs and stroked her thumb over the soft cheek of her son. Samir slowly closed his eyes and thus gave the young mother a smile on the lips.
With a calm voice Julia sang a russian lullaby. When she was in Samir's age and they visited the grandparents, her grandmother had sung this song every night for her. Julia lay next to her son carefully and put her arm gently around his neck. Samir put his head on his mother's shoulder.
She kissed his head gently and pulled the blanket slowly over herself.
With her free hand she blindly put off the light from the small lamp at the bedside table. Julia placed her iPhone next to the lamp and enjoyed the warmth of her her sleeping son until she also closed her eyes and feel asleep.


The next morning Julia was rudely awakened by a loud fight of her children. The young mother took the iPhone and looked at the clock. It was just seven clock in the early morning. She rolled tiredly her eyes and sighed. Since the fight of the children became louder and audible more aggressive the mother was forced to get up. With bare feet she walked into the living room where the loud noises came from. And she arrived just in time as Samir wanted to hit the Playstation controller on his sister's head.

"Hey hey hey ...", Julia hissed and took the controller out off Samir's hand.

But before Julia could ask about the reason of the loud fight Viktoria beaten hardly with the fist against her brother's shoulder. The little boy began to cry and first tears shot out of his eyelids. Julia was very angry about that and included wordless her daughter's wrist and pulled her up from the sofa. She turned the little girl and looked deeply into her eyes.

"Viktoria Pavlovna Volkova!" Julia said in a loud and hard tone. The penetrating gaze of the mother intimidated the girl.

"You immediately apologize to your brother!" admonished the mother.

Viktoria swallowed, looking shameful to the ground and whispered a quiet 'sorry ...'.
But this wan't enough for the mother and she wanted to hear a honest apology.
Viktoria took a deep breath and took the hand of her brother. This time she apologized with a slightly louder tone. Julia walked around the sofa, knelt down and stroked gently over the shoulder of the still whimpering boy.

"And now I want to know the reason for this stupid fight!"

But the children were silent. Samir rubbed the last tears from his face with his whole arm.

"I wanted to play this Playstation game ..." the boy finally said, pointed with his index finger on a game that was laying on the floor right next to the console.

"I was here first ...", suddenly the big sister tried to justify hisself.

Julia took a deep breath and looked at her two offsprings.

"So you fought just because of a Playstation game?"

When the mother spoke out the truth the children were silent again.

"Well ..." Julia said in a harsh tone. She stood up, took the console including the controllers from the floor and put it in the wall cupboard. The children's eyes became bigger as the mother locked the doors with a key and sticked the key afterwards in the little breast pocket of her silky nightdress.

"You get the Playstation back until you stop to behave like some animals. And now you both will go and change your clothes. I'll prepare breakfast." Julia said in a harsh tone as before.

The children silently walked out of the living room and followed the mother's command.
Julia went into the kitchen and prepared the breakfast table. As she saw her almost empty cupboard she had to think about Vladim. In a partnership are parenting decisions much easier. The life as a single mother proved to be more difficult than expected. Since Julia is very busy with her job it was even harder for her to punish her children. She prefered to spend some time in harmony. But Viktoria and Samir were in a difficult age and they try to find out their limits.
Despite of all she was also aware that she couldn't escape of the unpleasant things as a responsible mother.
Suddenly there was a loud noise coming from the bathroom. Julia turned around and realized that only her daughter had come to the breakfast table. The mother ran hastily to the bathroom.
There she saw her son, surrounded by a dozen of beauty products, a brush, face, body and hand creams. Samir looked at his glued hair gel fingers and cleaned them finally on his bright jeans.
Then he looked innocently into the stunned face of his mother and put hesitantly the bottle of hair spray back on the floor. Samir literally waited for a response from the adult one. But Julia was just staring in disbelief at his sticky hairs.

"How do you look like?" giggled Vika, who was suddenly standing next to her mother and couldn't believe the chaos her little brother did in the bathroom.

"You're so stupid ..." insulted Vika and kept on giggling while her hand was over her mouth.

"Viktoria!  Stop with provoking!! I don't wanna hear something like this from you. Now go back to the kitchen and eat your cornflakes!" Julia hissed sternly and pointed to the kitchen table.

When Vika went back into the kitchen and sat down on the chair Julia turned back and crossed her arms over her chest.

"So...?!" she said and waited for a explanation from her son who was still completely overwhelmed. He shrugged. The almost helpless gaze with the dark brown eyes let mother's heart almost melt. She took a deep breath and started to pick up the things on the floor which fallen off the shelf. Samir helped his mother restrained with tidying.
He pressed a broken and expensive Make-up box into his mother's hand. As Julia looked at it she took a deep breathe and looked a little bitterly at her son. She knelt down to him and took his arm to pull him closer.

"Now tell me what you've done in here?!"

Samir looked guilty to the floor and pouted.

"You climbed on your stool, and then?"

Her son was so intimidated that he still didn't answer.

"... then you wanted to take the hair gel out off the shelf and thereby the rest fallen out of it?" 

 Samir looked at his mother and shook his head.

"I went to the stool. Then I took the hairgel and put it in my hairs but then I needed the hairspray..." he explained but didn't finish the sentence.

"... And as you took the hairspray THEN the stuff fell out off the shelf?" Julia asked again.

Samir nodded and looked guilty to the floor again. Julia watched precisely the glued and sticky hairs of her son and had to smile. But then she wanted to know why Samir wanted to use some hair gel.

"I want to have my hairs like Dima," the boy said and tried to go through the sticky hairs with his little finger.

After this sentence Julia stood up again and frowned.

"What..?..You ...?!" she stuttered in disbelief and wondered why her son wanted to do that.
It seems some styled hairs were new to her son now. And obviously because of Dima.
Since the haircut of his biological father was just as spectacular for the boy as the chronic shaved head of Vladim. But Julia wanted to know more about it.

"I was in the restaurant on the men toilette room with Dima. Remember? And Dima said that my hairs can look like his hairs ... he said... I only need some hair gel and hair spray for it ..."

According to this explanation Julia finally knew the reason why her son and Dima had resided in the men's toilette for ages last evening. In addition she realized that in future she won't leave her son alone with Dima once again. Just to prevent further chaos.
But inside Julia felt an unpleasant feeling. She knew that for her son was missing the role of a dad now. Due of what happened today with her children she got the feeling that a single mother role wasn't enough. And as if her personal potpourri of feelings for the male singer wouldn't be enough now her son obviously found a new father in Dima. Ironically, in Dima Bilan, which itself still had the character of a 13years old pubertal boy.

Julia took the last perfume bottles and eyeliners from the floor and put it back on the shelf. She gently took the hand of her son and on the way to the breakfast table she promised him that Dima will style his hairs very soon.

After breakfast Julia and her children visited a Zoo in Moscow. There stayed there till late afternoon and finished the day with a big cup of ice cream. Julia brought Samir and Viktoria back to her parents and went back home to prepare some stuff for her job.


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