Lubov Suka (Chapter 9)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 9

The fresh single spent the while day at a large lake far from Russia's capital. Julia loves the excitement of life in the cities but she was also bound to nature. The usually so lively and impulsive young woman always finds some relaxation from the typical everyday stress and can recharge her strength.

She was playing almost carefree with her Jack Russel dog at the water, lay down on a large blanket and was watching how the spring slowly spread over the city. It was the first sunny and warm day of the year and countless birds drowned each other with their incessant singing.
Late in the evening Julia drove back home. She went into the living room and sat down on her white colored sofa. Her dog sat down at her feet and looked up to the owner with some hopefull big brown eyes. Julia smiled and couldn't resist. She lifted her dog up and put Viva next to her lap.

"Well, Viva ... what we'll do now? Maybe watching some movies in TV?" 

The dog answered with a short licking over his black nose and continue looking with this faithful dog gaze.
Julia smiled about it and gently stroked the small brown-white head. The young woman sighed, took her iPhone to check if she received had some messages. Todaay she had deliberately left her phoneat home to be able to completely switch off. She was hoping secretly for a message from Dima. Although she knew that he will pull her emotionally out of balance. However Dima was probably the only one who could bring back a laughter on her face with his chronically good mood. The disappointment was big when she realized that no one had left her a message today.

She wandered slowly with her thumb over the screen and opened some old messages from Dima. The emtional messages brought a small smile on her face. In particular, the message which he had sent this morning. The singer smiled at his flattering words and she felt again the sense of secureness. When she put her iPhone back on the table and her mood changed again. Julia looked at the ticking clock in her living room an was again confronted with the reality that she was alone and lonely now.
Viva suddenly raised her head and at the same moment there was a loud knock at the door. Julia's heart beaten faster and wondered who was the late visitor. She stood up and walked quickly to the door. Julia couldn't believe her own eyes as she opened the door.

"Julitschkaaaa ..." a very squeaky voice pierced through Julia's ears and a pungent odor of an expensive Perfum followed.

"Ohw ... hey ... Olga ..." Julia said in a less delighted tone and promptly put on a fake smile.

"I thought I'm gonna visit my sweet glamor sister..." Olga said, still in a remarkably shrill voice.
The words 'Glamour sister' made Julia looking up at the ceiling for a brief moment and she took a deep breath.
As Olga gave her a quick kiss on the cheek Julia held her breath for a moment and breatghed out again as the unwanted guest entered the apartment. Julia rolled her eyes and looked down to her dog and shook her head. Olga's penentrante cloud of perfume was so strong, as if she was included in a perfume shop for a week. The Luxury woman with her natural fur turned suddenly around.

"Are you alone?"

"Yes ..?" Julia replied with a quiet almost awed voice, which was extremely unusual for her.

"Perfect Julitschka ... That's perfect ..." the unexpected guest turned around and sat on the white sofa in the living room. She placed her handbag on the table and crossed her thin long legs. Fir the first time of today Julia prefered beeing alone instead of hanging up with Olga now and wasting a evening of this grey day.
Olga always had this impulsive and clingy attitude. They had met some time ago at a fashion show by Chapurin and unfortunately Olga is his cousin.
Since that night, she appears again and again in Julia's life. And since Julia is a good friend of Chapurin she couldn't just ignore her. And it wasn't just Olga's awful voice or this disgusting perfume why Julia didn't like her so much. The two women simply don't play in the same league.
Olga married when she was very young.  There are those rumors over the years that her husband, who is 10 years older than her, has regular love affairs. Once you start to confront Olga with that rumors she starts to giggle everything down. Her husband is a successful businessman in Moscow and probably money plays a big role for them. You can simply just feel sorry for Olga's poor life. All people around her got professional jobs with success. Olga has no job, is dependent on her husband and prefers a live of cheatings and lies instead of getting up, to get divorce and start a new life as an independent woman. Least she has talent for creating designs for new clothing collections.
Moreover Julia tries to avoid any kind of meetings and had even canceled some invitation from interesting fashion shows. But clingy Olga used to take any chance to interfere in Julia's life. Maybe just for to divert from her own poor life.  And if she wouldn't be Igor's cousin, Julia even wouldn't let her in the apartment.

"I have created a new fashion design and thought to myself that I'll show it to you." said Olga showing her shiny white teeth with her almost immature teenager smile.
"You're the first., The first to get to see it ..." she explained in a playful serious tone and was giggling so loud that Julia was scared for her glass table.

Julia tried hardly to nod pleased about this 'wonderful gesture' and wondered if she should offer something to drink. A bottle of wine would mean that her so-called 'Glamour sister' will probably stay the half of the night. Just by this imagination Julia inwardly shook her head and simply stayed away from any kind of host-friendliness.

While Olga continuously presented her new fashion design in this still shrill voice , Julia's eyes were more focused on her dog. Viva moved several times the black nose and a loud sneeze followed. The expensive and penetrating perfume obviously don't just disturb Julia.

"Julitschka?? Are you listening to me? You look a little absent? Or do you think the collection isn't good enough?"

The singer was looking for the right answer or an excuse to be not completley unfriendly now.
"Do you think my new design of the collection is not good? I could change some small things. Maybe I could also shorten the sleeves on this model ... oh that's a very good idea. I'll make a note to that now  ... "

The singer didn't even have the chance to answer with a 'Yes' or 'No'. She shrugged completely overwhelmed with her shoulders and took a deep breath.
After felt six hours Olga put fortunately her portfolio back in the, as expected, luxurious dark snake skin handbag. As she started to ask about the children Julia thought she'll never get rid off her guest. The singer replied with very short sentence. But it was effective, as Olga decided after another half an hour to leave. Julia felt a great relief in each inch of her body. She briefly checked the time. Olga was there less than two hours. But the time was enough to rob the singers last nerve and fogging her entire apartment with the pungent perfume. Even the usual lively Jack Russel had holed up in bed under the sheets.

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