Lubov Suka (Chapter 25)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 25

After breakfast Julia drove to the Moscow district Krasnogorsk. There she would love to have a new haircut at her favourite hairdresser 'Celebrity Salon' in which the singer was customer for several years already. 
The salon was in the building Crocus City Mall. The ten years old shopping mall was constructed of natural stone and two-story building has styles of neo classical and oriental architectural. 

No sooner she entered the salon Alexey Demidov greeted her personally. No other man knew her hair as good as this world-class stylist. 

"Denom!" Julia squealed delighted and hugged the handsome built man. Since the first visit she titled Alexey with this nickname. 

"Julka, I'm very pleased to see you again. It's been along time you since your last visit. I thought you cheat on me ..." joked the hairdresser and wandered immediately with both hands through her ​​black hair. 

"Never!" Julia chuckled sheepishly. 

The stylist was flattered and smiled relieved. He was glad that he could continue to cut the hair of his favorite customer. 

"What can I do for you today?" Alexey asked curiously and obviously couldn't wait to fulfil another exclusive wish for the singer. 

The brunette pointed to her chest and a mischievous grin followed. The hairdresser knew immediately what she wanted to express with the hands. 

"Straight or curly?" He asked tersely while an eyebrow moved up a bit. 

"Straight ..." she said and chuckled because of his unpatient glance. 

"Before I will start with the care of some new wavy hairs I need to get used to long hairs first.." 

The hairdresser nodded in understanding, took the hand of the brunette and led her into the VIP area of the salon where all wishes came true in an exclusive privacy.
Some minutes later Julia got her tea, which she always drank during Alexey conjured a new attractive hairstyle. In addition, the star got served a large selection of biscuits and chocolate on fine tablet. The Luxurious atmosphere and the special formed team of experienced VIP stylists gift a satisfied and trusted feeling to each rich customers. 

Alexey has always showed great interest in the exciting life of his beloved singer. No sooner he begun with the hair extension he wanted to know some recent news about the woman. 
Julia loved to tell everything in details because the reactions of her hair stylist was always very lovable. His horrified, fascinating and curious facial expression with the combination of his humor was unique. Next to the events of the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest and her future plans for the solo career, she told of the recent; quite amusing Karaoke night with the close circle of her friends. 

The fashion queen also raved about the this year 'Volvo Fashion Week' where she has been with her mother to see the latest designs of her friend Igor Gulyaev. Julia was always completely smitten with the fascinating combination of the colors. 
She proudly presented her fingernails which still shone even after three weeks from the last visit of the beauty salon. Alexey looked closely at it and admired her delicate hands. Although he mentioned this so often Julia was stirred again and smiled sheepishly. 

While he washed her hair and gave a relaxing head massage Alexej told that he had also voted for her and Dima in the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest. Julia told how she had experienced that unique day. 
Since Easter was just passing by, the hairdresser wanted to know how she had spend the holidays. The young mother told proudly and happily about the small homemade gifts which her ​​children had given her. While telling this she remembered the secretley longing for Dima. Julia wished she could share these family moments with him. Unfortunately it was impossible because at this time Dima wasn't even in Russia. 

The visit with the family in an Orthodox church marveled Alexey. Due to her Muslim belief he wanted to know why the singer had attended such a church. The modern woman described this unique informal view of religious belief. She didn't want withheld different kinds of religions for her kids and admitted that she was impressed at an early age from the oriental culture. From some secret childhood dreams the topic came right to a romantic memorie which she had few days ago by virtue of the hard rain in Moscow. After the visit of a beauty salon the singer came in a heavy rain which let the singer remember to the first clip of t.A.T.u.. Instead to search for a dry accommodation and wait until the rain ceased she strolled soaked through the Moscow streets and enjoyed the moment. 

Alexey liked this setting. It was a special way to savor those moments of life and it clearly showed how much the young woman enjoyed her life as a superstar with pride. 
But as a public figure there were also dark side. Julia described how much her legs and feet were hurting after she had to walk recently on high heels for a whole day. The gay hairdresser had promptly a solution for this problem and mediated confident his advice to the singer. 

By late morning Alexei had finished his work. With pride he turned his customer in the chair and pointed with a hand mirror so Julia could see how the long hair fell over her shoulder. Julia was thrilled with the result.  Thus the singer became a noticeable new feminist look. 
She finished the last sip of her tea and put the remaining biscuit in her mouth before she paid the breathtaking change. 
Although Julia had already choosen the hair extension several times the hairdresser informed her about possible risks and the necessary care which is now required. Julia bought enclosed a conditioner specifically for curly hair because she knew that the straight hair will change very soon. Alexey took the young woman in his arms.

"What will you do with the started day?" he asked. 

Julia pressed her lips together and looked thoughtful for a moment through the large window. The sun gave the city a mild weather and she decided to walk in the park with her dog and the kids to enjoy the warm spring day.  In the evening the singer wanted to go into the studio to continue working on her new single. The subsequent meeting at a bar with her friend Mona and concert manager Katja will end the day to a relaxed conclusion.

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