Lubov Suka (Chapter 7)

Author: Dvizheniya
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama


Chapter 7 

"Wow! I didn't know that you own a Porsche??", Dima squeaked an octave higher as his duet partner  pushed the button on the key to open the car.Julia put her head slightly back and smiled. She lifted the key tempting in the air and was waving with it. Dimas eyes widened. 
"Really? Is that an invitation?"
he asked totally overhelmed.

Julia nodded and her smile became bigger as he saw his boyish happy eyes."Come on..."

 The young man jumped with small steps to his duet partner and took gratefully the car keys.

"Do you know the way to
northern highway crossing of Leningradsky Avenue from here?" Julia asked while she was walking to the other side of her car to take place in the passenger seat.  

"Of course, no problem."
Dima said in an agitated voice and started the engine of the car. 

 Just as he was about to drive off from the parking place the engine went off as he used the second gear of the car. Dima lifted up his hands horrified. Julia laughed and turned the key back of the ignition.

"Wooow ... your car has a lot more PS as my BMW."

Julia couldn't stop smiling about Dima's overhelmed facial expression.  

"You have to deal carefully with my baby. It is very sensitive."
 Julia put her hand on the gear shift to show him how he has to come the clutch with the circuit.
With it she touched
inadvertently his hand on the gearshift and they looked into each others eyes.Julia tried to keep the current topic, although she was captivated by his soft hands.
With the second hand she was about to turn the key of the car. She looked right in his deep brown eyes again. 

"And now with a little more...feeling ..." she said in low voice.

"The clutch or you?" Dima asked suddenly. His voice softly like hers.

"Maybe both?" whispered Julia with a
slight shakyvoice. 

Dima's face came closer and she could feel his breath on her lips. In this situation she lost almost the control of her mind.

"Maybe?" he whispered, his lips were opened.
Julia came also closer to his face and whispered back which was almost not
audible because her breathing stuck in her throat.
"Find it out."

Her body began
slightly to tremble as Dima's face got closer and closer. Then she felt his perfect lips. This perfect lips which she admired for so long slowly resting on her lips. Not only Julia began to breathe restless and wanted more. At the same time both opened their mouth and deepened the kiss passionately. As their tongues met up Dima included Julia's hand, which still rested on the gearshift. His fingers slid slowly between hers and the kiss became a bit more wild as their fingers were included. Julia felt that this kiss was with a different meaning this time. It was intense and full of passion. His tongue wandered along her upper lip. Julia opened her mouth a bit and moaned softly. After both were gasping they looked deep in each others eyes again.

"This sparkle in your eyes telling me that not only your car clutch need to be treaten with a bit more...feeling..." 

Julia smiled, leaned back and fell silent.
She bit lightly on her bottom lip and
still the warmth of the kiss on her lips and the tingling at every inch of her body. As he was looking at her Julia turned her head sideways to him.

"So...Am I *that*

Dima sat back and set on his boyish cheeky smile.
"I think so. Least I felt your gazes and the
interconnected longing desire with it."

"Longing desire?,"
repeated Julia
questionably and frown.

"I didn't notice not only your
secretly gazes, Julitschka." Dima grinned which looked like reaching victory.

The young woman paused again and looked out the window.
She wondered whether Dima knew all the time about her feelings. Maybe he had kissed her the previous day because he was sure that she won't push him back? And what is Dima feeling for her? Was it the same? Julia knew there was something mysterious about him. Maybe she need to lure him out of the reserve to find out the truth?
Suddenly Julia's stomach made noises and she turned reflexively to the young man.

"Ok, we should really go and eat something," laughed Dima and made his second attempt to start the car.


"Leningradsky Avenue, right?" Julia nodded and watched Dima as he started driving with her car. It seemed as if he had never drive another car. She had to smile about it inwardly. Was this starting problem just a 'reason' to get closer to her? Then his plan worked. Julia had involuntarily to imagine what would happen if they had kissed more longer. She felt a pleasant feeling in her abdomen by this imagination. Julia bit on her lower lip once again and was forcing herself not to think about this so much.

"Ok, we are going to the Leningradsky Avenue. Where exactly?" Dima asked

"Sadovaya Sukharevskaya
Street" Julia answered in a low voice, while her gaze was still out of the window.

"Ohw? You mean the Kurabie Restaurant?",
questioned the young man. Julia turned her head to him, nodded and frowned."So you know the Kurabie restaurant?"

"Of course I know it. Sometimes I'm there after the recordings of my songs. Very good taste, Julitschka."

He smiled, his gaze briefly down to Julia.

Then he put his hand on her thigh.
Julia swallowed as she felt his hand and took a deep breath.
She nervously bit her lower lip as he started stroking with his thumb slowly over thigh.
Julia felt how the blush rose in her face, briefly looked at him but Dima refocused back on the busy Moscow traffic. She looked at his hand again and finally covered it with her own hand. The tingling in her body became stronger and it was increasingly difficult for her to hold back all the feelings for Dima.

"Julitschka?"The girl was lost in her thoughts and winced as Dima suddenly spoke to her.


"Do you have some time and joy to accompany me on my Russiatour? I would like to introduce you to my fans in there, regarding the preliminary round of the Eurovision."
Julia had to smile by the imagination to spend undisturbed some time with him.

"When will it be?"

"In early March. I will have a press conference in Barnaul in 2nd March. The main theme will be the preliminary round. Then my concerts in Novosibirsk and Tomsk. I would be very glad if you could accompany me in there."Julia smiled happily. "I will accompany you."

Dima nodded pleased and explained her that his managment will organize the hotel rooms and 



Dima drove to the Sadovaya street and saw a free parking place just on the opposite of the restaurant. Julia took her purse and got out of the car. Just as she turned Dima was already behind her and smiling. He pressed the button on the car key and the Porsche was locked.

"I would be glad if I can drive your car once again. It's simply amazing!" Dima spoke with pride in his voice and handed the keys back to thee owner.
Julia took the key and put it back in her purse and nodded. They stood on the two-lane access road. But by the flowing traffic both had to wait on the sidewalk. Dima took Julia's hand carefully and they looked at each other briefly and smiled. The young woman felt again this tingling throughout her body. She immediately was lost in her thoughts again and forgot what was going on behind her. 

She startled when the young man suddenly pulled her across the street. Julia looked down at his fingers as they slid slowly out off her hand.

"Julitschka!! Stop dreaming!! Come on, hurry up!!" Dima screamed almost with a bit panic in his voice.

At  the same moment she could hear a loud horn and some flashing lights of a little truck. The young woman was standing in the middle of the road and was completely overhelmed with the situation. 
Suddenly Dima grabbed her hand
and pulled her to the other side of the street. 

Julia stumbled and lost the balance.
But Dima could catch her with one arm.

"Julitschka .. what are you doing? It's dangerous to wander around all dreamy in the mid of the Moscow traffic. You can't just stop in the middle of the street. What's wrong with you?" He asked worried and his voice trembled a little. 

Julia felt her soft limbs. She couldn't define if it was because of the adrenaline rush or because she was clung in Dima's arm.

"I ... I don't know ...,"
stuttered, searching for an answer. "I'm...I'm so sorry..."

The young woman didn't know what to say. Never before in her life she was so dreamy. She took a deep breathe.

"You've.... just saved ...."

"Yes ..." said Dima and turned Julia upright again and smiled with a little relief.

"That means you owe me dinner at the
Kurabie restaurant for my lifetime."
Julia was able to smile a bit about the situation.
He put his hand on Julia's cheek and stroke with his thumb down her cheek.

"Are you okay, my little one? Are you hurt?"
He asked anxiously.

She shook her head.
"No, everything is fine. I landed soft."

Dima winked at her with one eye and took her in his arms.

"You scared the hell out of me, Baby...."
Julia put her head on his shoulder and apologized for the unpleasant situation. However Dima reassured and took her hand, pulled the brunette closer and led her to the entrance of the restaurant.

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